“Rebel Without A Cause” {1955, Starring James Dean & Natalie Wood} #50FromThe50s

Rebel Without A Cause starring James Dean and Natalie Wood {1955} #50FromThe50s

James Dean and Natalie Wood star in 1955’s “Rebel Without A Cause.” Jim {played by James Dean} is a new kid in town who can’t seem to fit in. The troubled past that he and his family packed up to move away from seems to follow him wherever he goes.

What Did We Think About “Rebel Without A Cause”

Amber, Jay and I all watched this movie together and we were all excited to see James Dean in a movie as none of us had before. I was also excited to see Natalie Wood. Regardless of the excitement, none of us loved “Rebel Without A Cause.” Personally, I thought it was really overacted and poorly timed {by several of the actors} and didn’t seem to have much of a point. The characters made really stupid decisions and generally acted like life just sort of happened to them and their poor decision making had nothing do with any of it.

Rebel Without A Cause starring James Dean and Natalie Wood {1955} #50FromThe50s

Also, a main character gets killed and no one seems to care – even his girl friend {played by Natalie Wood}, who tells Jim that she loves him very shortly afterwards. So, I don’t think this would fall into one of those “coming of age” movie categories that you learn something and grow from. All of the teens in the movie seem to have major problems with their parents, society, life, whatever and you never really find out why, so it’s really hard to empathize with them. I think this movie is something you would definitely want to see for nostalgia’s sake, but I don’t think it is a “must have” for your movie collection.

Rebel Without A Cause starring James Dean and Natalie Wood {1955} #50FromThe50s

If you want to see a movie that is based on a similar theme {popular kids versus misunderstood loners}, I recommend “The Outsiders.” I thought it was much better. Or maybe even “Grease.” I used to love Beverly Hills 90210 and I always heard people talking about how Dylan McKay {Luke Perry} reminded them of James Dean. I definitely see that. I hope to catch “East of Eden,” also starring James Dean later this year.

Rebel Without A Cause starring James Dean and Natalie Wood {1955} #50FromThe50s

Tragedy Surrounding The Stars Of “Rebel Without A Cause”

James Dean died in a car accident the same year this movie was released and it was one of only a very few starring roles he performed. “Rebel Without A Cause” is widely considered his most memorable role. Sadly, he was only 24 years old at the time of his death.

Natalie Wood drowned in the early 80s while on a boat with husband Robert Wagner and fellow actor Christopher Walken. The death was ruled as an accident for many years but has been recently reopened and ruled as “undetermined.”

Dennis Hopper also had a very minor role as Goon in “Rebel Without A Cause.” He passed away in 2010 due to prostate cancer that had metastasized. He was 74.

Have You Seen “Rebel Without A Cause?” Do You Agree With My Rating? Why Or Why Not?

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  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve never seen this movie. A classic like this and I’m in the dark. Guess I need to check it out this year!!!
    Sharon recently posted…Taekwondo for the FamilyMy Profile

  2. Everyone always talks about this film that I think I must be the only one who hasn’t yet watched it but it is certainly something I think I would enjoy.
    sharon martin recently posted…Which is your favourite reading Chair?My Profile

  3. Honestly, I’ve seen Grease and The Outsiders, but not this one. It’s on my list now!
    Lisa Weidknecht recently posted…Wednesday Wealth Giveaway Link Up (Jan 8-14)My Profile

  4. Oh of my all time favorite classics. Great movie.
    Ellen Christian recently posted…How to Make Celery PowderMy Profile

  5. you know I have never seen this movie before. I heard he was a good actor, I should check it out!
    Mama to 5 BLessings recently posted…DIY Homemade Oven CleanerMy Profile

  6. I’ve honestly never seen the movie either. I heard similar things about other movies, how the cast and crew seemed cursed during or after.
    I’m not sure that I would want my boys watching it at such a young age.
    Tara Funair recently posted…Super Simple Breakfast recipe from Pinterest, Pancake BitesMy Profile

  7. haven’t seen this. my dad always LOVED james dean tho i need to see it!
    brett recently posted…Cupid’s Arrow Non Candy ValentineMy Profile

  8. 24 is reallllly young to die! 🙁 I’ve never seen this movie. I do love grease, though! So maybe I would like this one too.
    Janel recently posted…Build a $1000 Emergency Fund in (less than) a year!My Profile

  9. I haven’t seen Rebel without a cause. But I definitely love the older movies. IT would be fun to have a “old movie night” party and check this one out.
    Amber Edwards recently posted…Zombie Dice Review, Top Dice game from Steve Jackson GamesMy Profile

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen Rebel Without a Cause. I have a hard time sitting down to watch whole movies!
    Pam recently posted…Five Things To Consider When Choosing a Shelter PetMy Profile

  11. While I have heard about this movie, I’ve never seen it. I didn’t realize James Dean died so young. I did really like The Outsiders though.

  12. I haven’t seen this movie in forever, but recall that I enjoyed it pretty much. I’ll have to be sure to catch this again.
    Angela recently posted…Chicken, Rice and Green Bean Casserole RecipeMy Profile

  13. I have never heard of this movie. I will need to look it up though.
    Debi recently posted…Ham and Cabbage StewMy Profile

  14. I have never seen this movie, I will have to check it out.

  15. I willl have to look up this movie. The post is very good. Thnkayo
    Debi recently posted…Ham and Cabbage StewMy Profile

  16. I’ve never seen this movie and after your comments, I think I’ll spend my free time watching something more fun…I see a “Grease” party happening in my future!
    Megan recently posted…Chicco Naturalfit Bottle ReviewMy Profile

  17. I have never seen this movie either but it sounds like I am not missing much.

  18. I’d love to see this! Maybe a classics weekend with the girls!
    Kristin Wheeler (@MamaLuvsBooks) recently posted…Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant……Take the Journey!My Profile

  19. Sadly I have never seen this movie! Looks like a great one to add to my must see list. Thanks!
    Kristy – Savvy and Sassy recently posted…My Top 10 MUST HAVE Kitchen GadgetsMy Profile

  20. I have never seen this movie, which really surprises me. it seems I have seen most of the older classics! I think I would still really like to see it at some point, but really appreciate your thoughts on the movie. So sad the tragedies surrounding the deaths of Natalie Wood and James Dean. 🙁
    Jodi @ A Mom Having Fun recently posted…Setting Achievable Goals for the New YearMy Profile

  21. I’ve never seen it but sounds great
    Betzy Carmona recently posted…Ageless Derma 2 in 1 ReviewMy Profile

  22. Jennifer Speed says:

    I have never seen this movie but I have heard people like my grandma talk about it. It seems like it was interesting especially since it stars James Dean who is so well known.

  23. Haven’t seen it, YET! I have to admit, I’m totally behind on watching oldies, although they’re typically much better than what’s new today!

  24. James Dean was such a sex symbol…….I haven’t seen this movie but James Dean was a sexy symbol. Wait did I say that already lol
    Pamela @ Still Dating My Spouse recently posted…Parents Guide to Dating with ChildrenMy Profile


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