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How Does A POS System Work, Anyway?

A point of sale system is where all aspects of your business come together: inventory, customer relationship management, and of course, overseeing transactions. The POS System has evolved a great deal over the years. They were once simple cash … [Read More...]

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What’s In & What’s Out In Adventure Travel In 2020

Check out this fresh report from Global Rescue and it’s international team of crisis travel specialists, former military special forces, medical professionals, and security experts. They’re on the leading edge of what’s “in” for 2020 and what’s not. … [Read More...]

2020 Carolina Country Music Fest Lineup So Far + 2019 Recap

This year was my 2nd attending Carolina Country Music Fest and the music was amazing this year just like it was last year. Last year the headliners were Toby Keith, Luke Bryan, Zac Brown Band and Cole Swindell. This year the headliners were Alabama, … [Read More...]

6 Non-Music Things To Do In Nashville

Music City isn’t just all about the music Nashville – the home of all things country music. In fact, just try mentioning the place without someone saying Dolly Parton or Kenny Rogers and see how far you get. It’s the Mecca of country music and for … [Read More...]

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Eli Young Band’s Mike Eli Talks About “Love Ain’t” & “Break It In”

Photo Courtesy John Shearer With megahits like "Love Ain't," "Even If It Breaks Your Heart" and "Crazy Girl," the Eli Young Band is one of the best country acts out today. They have a long track record of producing tunes that are both catchy and … [Read More...]

Howard Bellamy Interview: Blake Shelton Tour & Advice For Newbies

As one of the most successful duos in music history, the Bellamy Brothers are still touring and going strong after 40+ years on the road. Today, in this exclusive Howard Bellamy interview, he talks with us about the brothers' upcoming tour with Blake … [Read More...]

Raelyn Nelson Discusses Her Music, Puns & Her Famous Grandfather

Though you might not have have heard of Raelyn Nelson yet you are about to. She is the granddaughter of Willie Nelson, yes that Willie Nelson, and music runs through that family's blood. Starting out on a guitar gifted to her by her famous … [Read More...]

311’s Nick Hexum Talks New Album “Voyager” & Epicenter Music Festival

Epicenter Music Festival is next week and 311 will be there, bringing massive hits like “Down” and “All Mixed Up” and perhaps new material off of their upcoming album, “Voyager” (out June 28). Singer and guitarist, Nick Hexum, talks to us today about … [Read More...]

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The Latest In Music

2020 Electric Forest Lineup Revealed

I am so tired of the cold and so ready for music festival season. Who is with me? I have not been to Electric Forest, but I saw this sweet lineup for the music festival taking place June 25-28 and just had to share. Taking place in Michigan, Electric … [Read More...]

2020 DelFest Initial Lineup Announced

Are you planning on attending 2020 DelFest May 21-24 in beautiful Cumberland, MD? If so, check out the DelFest initial lineup that was just released. Be sure to let us know if your favorites are in the lineup in the comments below or on social … [Read More...]

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5 Of The Best Fitness Apps

Mobile apps can be a great way to take advantage of your ever-present mobile phone to increase your fitness Photo by Stocksnap / Pixabay License Making fitness a part of your life is mostly … [Read More...]

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