Furious 7 Review #Furious7 #FastFamily

Furious 7 Review #FastFamily #Furious7

This weekend the family and I went to the theater to check out Furious 7. Furious 7 is the latest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise. It stars Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto, the leader of a group of street racers that have gone from outlaws to heroes. It also stars Paul Walker in his final screen roll before his untimely death as Brian O’Conner, a former FBI agent turned street racer turned family man. Also starring in this installment are many of the other actors we have come to know and love in the Fast and Furious films of the past, including Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just to name a few.

Furious 7 Review: The Plot

The film starts off with O’Conner (Walker) and his wife, Mia (Brewster), living in a Los Angeles home with their first child, Jack. When a mysterious package arrives on their doorstep from Tokyo, their lives are forever changed.

The package comes from Deckard Shaw (played by Jason Statham), the brother of Owen Shaw that Torreto and his gang took down in the last Fast and Furious film. Deckard is also a former British Intelligence agent gone rogue, and he is out for revenge for his brother’s injuries. Deckard Shaw also manages to put Hobbs (Johnson) in the hospital and out of commission. Hobbs sends for Torreto and tells him to “unofficially” hunt down Deckard Shaw. When the hunt begins, the gang runs into Mr. Nobody (played by Kurt Russell), a mysterious government official who offers Torreto and his gang a deal. If they can rescue a hacker named Ramsey (played by Nathalie Emmanuel) away from a mercinary named Jakande (played by Djimon Hounsou), they can use a device she has created called the God’s Eye to track down Deckard Shaw. However, the rescue attempt won’t be easy. Of course, if you know these films, nothing is ever easy!

Furious 7 Review: Jay’s Thoughts

This movie is filled with action-packed racing and fight scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat! Also, there are several cliffhanger moments that you are not sure whether or not one of the gang will survive. It is an intense and emotional movie that will have your heart pumping. As far as the Fast and Furious franchise goes, it would have to rank up there pretty high as one of the best films in the series in my book. I absolutely loved it and would pay to see it again!

Furious 7 Review: Dawn’s Thoughts

I think that this is easily the best movie in the franchise. I was so worried that the movie might not do justice to Paul Walker. I was afraid that he might not be in it enough or that they would use some weird CGI technology to add him to scenes. There was none of that. The movie was beautiful and you they did a great tribute to him at the end.

SPOILER: We stayed until the end {after the credits} as the other films in the franchise have had hints at what’s to come. This one did not. I don’t know if that means the franchise is over or if they are just trying to think about how to go next. We shall see.

Furious 7 Review: Amber’s Thoughts

I thought it was very good and paid a good tribute to Paul Walker and his character in the previous movies. The adventure and action scenes met all of my expectations that I had based on the other movies, and in some parts they exceeded them. My favorite part was the ending, and I think Paul Walker would have enjoyed it as well.

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    My husband really wants to see this. I do because my boyfriend, the Rock is in it πŸ˜‰

  2. We are huge Fast and Furious fans. We have seen each and every one of the movies. It was so sad when Paul Walker passed away. I think it is great that Furious 7 is out now! We can’t wait to watch the movie!
    Allie D. recently posted…DIY Toy Box MakeoverMy Profile

  3. My husband is ALL about seeing this. He’s seen everyone of these movies.
    Jennifer recently posted…Top 20 Video Games of 2014 You Need in Your Library GiveawayMy Profile

    • Dawn McAlexander

      I have seen all of them except for Tokyo Drift. I wasn’t into them changing all the main characters out in that one. However, I have met the main characters in newer movies and like them, so I will definitely be watching it sooner or later.

  4. My hubby wants to go right away, and I’d like to see this too. Not usually my kind of movie, but it seems like everyone is seeing it.
    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos recently posted…Taco Night Made Easy – and Frugal! {Free Philly Offer}My Profile

  5. I went this weekend. I have not seen all of them and I really want to. Usually I am a Hallmark type girl but there is something very special about the bonds of family and friendship that make this movie steal a place in your heart. I was so touched by the tribute to Paul Walker and I will always remember him. RIP Paul Walker-
    Laura (Lauras Little House Tips) recently posted…Egg Shell Planting-Perfect for Starting PlantsMy Profile

    • Dawn McAlexander

      For Black Friday, they usually have at least one of these movies super cheap. We have a few of them and have purchased them this way. I think we have seen them all in the movie theater at least once, except for Tokyo Drift. We have seen a few of them multiple times and are considering going back to see this one again. πŸ™‚

      I wish we still have the drive in theater. πŸ™

  6. We have not seen this installment in the movie series, but I plan on seeing it. I just cannot get over the loss of Paul Walker.
    Kelly Hutchinson recently posted…Spring Cleaning Hacks: Homemade Dishwasher TabsMy Profile

  7. This is a bittersweet release, I think. I cannot wait to get to theaters to see it!
    Chelley @ AisForAdelaide recently posted…5 Days of Spring Break with Kids in Daytona Beach, FL *guest post*My Profile

  8. Oh my goodness, you know… I haven’t decided how I feel about going to see this yet. Ha. I am a really sensitive person and am so touched by Paul’s passing. But a part of me wants to see it… to remember how awesome he was. I know Hubby wants to see it, so we will probably go

    • Dawn McAlexander

      The tribute to him had my daughter and I teary eyed. And I am a tough one to crack with movies. It is so good, though. But if you are sensitive, just know that the end might be hard for you to watch.

  9. This is on my son’s must-see list of movies. I’ve never been into the whole Fast & Furious thing but I do love fast cars!

  10. I really liked the fifth movie in the series but I missed the sixth. From your reviews it sounds pretty awesome!
    Liz Mays recently posted…It’s All About Fizz and Flavor!My Profile

  11. I’ve heard soo many great things about this movie. My husband and I are both dying to see it. This will be our next date night for sure.
    Sarah @ Must Have Mom recently posted…Easy DIY Nautical Dish Soap BottlesMy Profile

  12. I was wondering if this movie would be any good. It sounds like it was awesome. I’m going to have to go see it now.

  13. I am planning on surprising my Hubs and taking him to see this. I might do it on our anniversary.
    Terry recently posted…MD Fitness The Doctors Workout ~ The Prescription For Transforming Your LifeMy Profile

  14. My husband loves these movies. I am sure he cannot wait to see this one!

  15. Catherine S says

    What a great review. I want to go see it this weekend. I loved all the other movies.

  16. Believe it or not, I have not seen any of these movies yet. When I do catch up, I am gonna have a hard time with the fact that Paul Walker is no longer here with us. I think his two brothers did an amazing things by stepping up to fill in for him.

  17. I am dying to see this movie with my family. We are waiting until the weekend when my husband is off so we can all go.
    toughcookiemommy recently posted…7 Health Benefits Of HoneyMy Profile

  18. I cant say enough about this movie. As the biggest Paul Walker fan around I am so proud of what they did, and he would he too. It was amazing, and I’m still speechless.

  19. I’ve never seen any of these movies, not really my style but I know lots of people looking forward to it
    Maureen Campaiola recently posted…Appliances Last How Long? {Not As Long As You’d Think}My Profile

  20. They are in talks for an eighth installment, maybe they felt the after credit thing was played out. I want to see this movie, but I’d love to start with a movie marathon starting with the first (skipping the third).
    April Grant recently posted…Losing Your Beauty with these 10 BehaviorsMy Profile

    • Dawn McAlexander

      Thanks for the info. I was wondering. They did at least leave it open at the end in a scene with The Rock and Jason Statham’s characters before the credits.

  21. I’ve heard really good things about this movie. I’m glad it did justice to Paul Walker.

  22. Ann Bacciaglia says

    We are really looking forward to seeing this movie. I have been hearing great reviews for it.

  23. Good Lord, another Furius movie ? I guess they are big money makers!
    Heather D. (@GirlGoneMom) recently posted…Cinco de Mango QuesadillaMy Profile

  24. I want to see it really badly. It is so sad about Paul.

  25. I am going to see this tomorrow I am so looking forward to it!

  26. I have to say, that I haven’t actually seen any of these, but I have been saying since the first one that wanted to see them. I think I need a movie marathon to catch up, then to go to the theater.
    Our Family World recently posted…What Free Resources Are There for Coping with a Toddler Speech Delay?My Profile

  27. Hi Jay – so wanted to see this – but I wasn’t ready, too soon after Paul Walker’s death – thank you for sharing the vids – enjoyed the tribute especially

  28. I haven’t watched this one yet. I do love the F&F series though πŸ™‚
    Annie M recently posted…Share Pocky, Share Happiness!My Profile

  29. thelesleyshow says

    I really liked the other ones… Cant wait to see this one!

  30. I hear it’s the best one yet. I just don’t know if I can do it though. I loved Paul Walker and I’m just not ready to accept he’s gone.
    Lnda Carmical recently posted…Culinary Local Hosts Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society for Launch Party at 1KeptMy Profile

  31. I still haven’t seen this, but I can’t wait to!
    Amber Nelson recently posted…COUPON ALERT: $3 Off Luvs DiapersMy Profile

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