KISS And Def Leppard Setlist Summer 2014 + Concert Review #Kiss40Tour #DefLeppard

KISS and Def Leppard Setlist Summer 2014

If you are looking for a concert that is basically two for the price of one then check this out. KISS and Def Leppard are on tour for a few more months together this year with both bands doing long sets. Jay and I saw the concert in Charlotte this past weekend have the KISS and Def Leppard setlist for those of you who would like to know what you might expect to hear at a show on this tour. Keep in mind that they might change it up a little between shows, but this should give you a general idea.

KISS And Def Leppard Setlist Summer 2014

Def Leppard went on stage first {after an opening act that none of us were familiar with}. They performed 14 songs and their set list was crammed full of songs that anyone who knows Def Leppard will know. For the most part, they performed them the way that you are used to hearing, so I loved that. You can sing along without worrying about Joe Elliott making too many changes that may or may not ruin it.

KISS And Def Leppard Setlist: Def Leppard

Let It Rock
Love Bites
Let’s Get Rocked
Two Steps Behind
Bringing On The Heartbreak
Switch 625
Armageddon It
Pour Some Sugar On Me
Rock Of Ages

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KISS went on stage last and performed 14 songs, as well. KISS is my husband’s favorite band and we have seen them in concert once before. My husband loved this concert because he knew all of the songs. However, if you are not a hardcore fan like he is, you might find that you don’t know many of the songs {perhaps less than half}. I found that a little discouraging, as I was hoping they would play songs like “Forever,” “Beth” and “Calling Dr. Love.” They did none of these. So here is the set list for you to judge for yourself as to whether you will like their half of the show.

KISS And Def Leppard Setlist: KISS

Psycho Circus
Shout It Out Loud
War Machine
Hotter Than Hell
I Love It Loud
Lick It Up
God Of Thunder
Hide Your Heart
Cold Gin
Love Gun
Black Diamond
Detroit Rock City
Rock And Roll All Night

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What are your thoughts on the KISS and Def Leppard Setlist for Summer 2014?
Do you love it just as it is? Is there anything that you would have liked to hear that they aren’t playing this year? Did you see them in a different city where the setlist was different?

Final Thoughts On The KISS And Def Leppard Setlist

All in all, I thought the concert was good. I thought both bands did better {performance-wise} in concerts that I had seen them in previously but I still can’t say that I have ever seen either of them do a bad show. I loved Def Leppard’s setlist. The only song I really would have liked to have heard that was not included is “Torn To Shreds,” but that was not a hit, so I understand it being left out. It’s just a personal fave. However, this was my 4th time seeing Def Leppard in concert and I have always been pleased when I have seen them live.

As far as KISS goes, for a celebration of their 40th anniversary and induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t do more of the hits that helped them reach these milestones. If you only know the really popular songs by KISS, I advise you to bone up on your KISS music knowledge before you see them in concert if you want to sing along. KISS is not all about the music, though. It’s about the entire experience. Having said that, the pyrotechnics are awesome and the band looks crazy cool on stage so it’s still worth paying for.

See KISS And Def Leppard On Tour

Like the KISS and Def Leppard setlist? You can check out Def Leppard’s site for the rest of the tour dates to see if KISS and Def Leppard are coming to a town near you.

Have You Seen KISS Or Def Leppard In Concert? Planning To Catch This Tour?

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  1. Yyyyeeeesssss! Kiss is awesome. Def Leppard is awesome. Kiss plus Def Leppard? Please hold. My brain just blew a fuse.
    Dawn recently posted…5 Summer Must Haves for Outdoor WorkoutsMy Profile

    • Dawn McAlexander

      Hahahaha! That was mine and my husband’s reaction when we found out they would be touring together and doing a show close enough for us to see.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I have seen both bands numerous times and I have to say that Kiss puts on one of the best live show that I have ever seen. They are sssooooo good.

  3. We had friends who went to this concert! Sounds like you had a great time!
    Shannon Gosney recently posted…Enjoy Dining Out with Denny’s New Fit Fare MenuMy Profile

  4. I love both of these bands but I have never been to see either,I am not the concert type really.
    Kay Adeola recently posted…Commonwealth Games 2014.My Profile

  5. That is so cool that KISS and Def Leppard are touring together! I would love to see them both.
    Carly Anderson recently posted…Welcome to our Home with ClosetmaidMy Profile

  6. How awesome to experience this! I remember when these bands started and I could barely get the money together to go, thankfully times have changed in that regard!
    Mitch recently posted…@Popsicle: Rules for Being A Kid Guidebook! Ours is in a Binder! #PopsicleRules #sponMy Profile

  7. Oh the memories! I would love to see Def Leppard and hear “Pour Some Sugar on Me!”
    Chrystal @ YUM eating recently posted…Greek -ed Out Bananas and HoneyMy Profile

  8. This tour was just in my town! Looks like a great set list.
    Krystal recently posted…Pineapple Feta BitesMy Profile

  9. That sounds like it would be an amazing time! I husband would love to go to one of their concerts!

  10. I used to love Def Leppard, and I did like Kiss. I’d go see this for the nostalgia value. It’s funny how music from our youth can take us back 20 years with just a (music) note.
    Rosey recently posted…#Sponsored Cottonelle CleanCare: Defying Bathroom RoutineMy Profile

  11. This is probably an awesome concert. That is a lot of great songs on this set list!
    Janell Poulette recently posted…Change Your Bathroom Routine + Save $1.50 On CottonelleMy Profile

  12. I would love to go! So many classics between the 2 bands!

  13. I have seen Def Leppard in concert but not Kiss. That would be a great tour. I will have to look to see if they are coming to Kansas City.
    Beth@FrugalFroggie recently posted…Pencoyd/Freight House Pedestrian Bridge Kansas CityMy Profile

  14. This would be an awesome concert to attend. All the songs they played would have me rocking out.
    Tracey recently posted…Cat’s Adventures in Dating: Finding Love on the Lido DeckMy Profile

  15. What a great opportunity! It sounds like a great concert.

  16. Thanks for the KISS tip. I will totally bone up on the rest of their playlist before seeing them!
    Laura recently posted…My Camera and Must Have Accessories – This is what I use.My Profile

  17. I had no idea they were touring… but now I’m headed upstairs to find my white leather fringe outfit, pray that it still fits, tease me hair and throw on some blue eye shadow. I’m ready to ROCK!
    Jessica (Savory Experiments) recently posted…Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches- Throwback ThursdayMy Profile

  18. This is the kind of concert I’d love to go with my husband to! It looks pretty epic!
    Emily recently posted…Bluum Subscription Box | 19 Month Old BoyMy Profile

  19. Wow! How fun was that?! Such a classic rock group – I’d love to see them!
    Lori recently posted…Cheesy Chicken and Hashbrown CasseroleMy Profile

  20. I have never seen either group in concert. I am not a huge fan of Kiss, but Def Leppard, I love. Hysteria and Love Bites are my two favourites.
    Tami recently posted…My weight loss journey (Update #2)My Profile

  21. Well this is my kind of concert. I love 80’s rock and still listen to the music and go to concerts every..Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet…
    Barbie’s Beauty Bits recently posted…e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer; A Bargain Shopper Primer and DUPE!My Profile

  22. My husband likes their music. A great concert to go to.
    Tess recently posted…Natural is best: DIY Coconut Oil DeodorantMy Profile

  23. Love Ki
    Debbie Denny recently posted…Homemade Coffee Creamer! Vanilla Cafe, Blackberry, and MORE!My Profile

  24. OMG! You just blew my mind. I would love to go to this. I’m sure it’s going to be an epic event.
    Marina @ Mommy Snippets recently posted…The Hundred-Foot Journey Inspired Recipes {#GourmetGetaway Sweeps}My Profile

  25. Angela S says:

    My brother and nephew would love to see these bands live. I’m glad to see these bands still touring.

  26. Great review! I love Def Leppard! I have only seen them live once and hope they come back to Edmonton again soon! KISS would have been awesome to see as well.
    Tasha recently posted…TD turns ATMs into Automated Thanking Machines #TDThanksYouMy Profile

  27. Meant to say I love Kiss and really would love to see this. Looks like a great tour!
    Debbie Denny recently posted…NEW clip & poster for THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR! Plus #SDCC pics!My Profile

  28. Toronto Rocker says:

    I have seen Def Leppard 4 times before and Kiss twice. The show in Toronto last night was pure magic. While I am more of a Def Leppard fan, Kiss put on a very professional show. Wish it was last night again!! Loved it!!

  29. I wish my husband could have gone to this. He would love it!
    Dede recently posted…Bloominous is a budget friendly way to fill your event with flowersMy Profile

  30. I remember going to see them…. I was a huge fan. Love Bites and Pour Some Sugar On Me are my favorites of theirs

    • Dawn McAlexander

      Those are definitely some great songs. For me, their songs have stood the test of time. I am not sure that I will ever tire of hearing their music.

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