Music. Food. What’s Not To Love? Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach #sponsored @hardrock

Good food, good music and good fun at the Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach South Carolina #sponsored

While on our family vacation a few weeks ago, we decided to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach. Hard Rock Cafe is an ideal place to eat for just about anyone. Adults will appreciate the band memorabilia, and the kids will appreciate just how cool it looks. Not only that, but your whole family will enjoy how delicious the food is – without making your wallet too angry.

Good food, good music and good fun at the Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach South Carolina #sponsored

Hard Rock Cafe has a long and affordable menu that everyone is sure to love. On the menu, you will find things such as burgers, plated entrees, salads, and a variety of beverages. My mom ordered a club sandwich that she said was really good. It had a ton of meat on it. My dad ordered one of the plates {he loves barbecue of any variety} and Mackenzie ordered a burger. We also chose an appetizer. My mom and I like any type of spinach dip and this was no exception.

Good food, good music and good fun at the Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach South Carolina #sponsored

I also ended up ordering a burger – the Mushroom and Swiss Burger. Usually, I’m not a huge fan of burgers at restaurants, but this was probably the best burger I have ever had. The Mushroom and Swiss Burger is “Smothered with sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese, topped with crisp lettuce, vine-ripened tomato and red onion.” The burger was HUGE and came with fries that were also pretty delightful. Perhaps most importantly, the service was amazing and the people were very friendly and helpful.

Good food, good music and good fun at the Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach South Carolina - pharoah #sponsored

Perhaps The Coolest Hard Rock Cafe: Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach

Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach is shaped like a pyramid with Egyptian type statues on the outside. When you walk in, you are shocked by all the rock and roll memorabilia. It’s seriously like a museum. At Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach, you will find famous items from people such as Elvis, Johnny Cash, Axl Rose, Paul McCartney, and The Who. The things you will see range from clothing items to instruments, and everything in between. Not only that, but while you are eating you will hear and see the legendary artists playing on TVs that can be found all around the inside of the room. The music is on, sure, much it’s not too loud for you to enjoy a nice conversation over lunch.

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac at the Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach South Carolina #sponsored

Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach Has A Heart

Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach even has a really cool gift shop. Here you find many wicked T-Shirts designed by bands such as KISS {my dad LOVES KISS and so does the cook – they were introduced and got along nicely} and Linkin Park. The profit made from these shirts are donated to a charity of the band’s choice. I thought that was really cool. The store sells things such as clothing, shot glasses, coffee mugs, jewelry, and buttons.

Elvis Presley and Lynyrd Skynyrd memorabilia at the Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach #sponsored

What Did We Think Of The Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach?

To be fair, we have been here a couple times before, so we already knew we loved it. I mean, consider paying for lunch and to go to a music themed museum and how much that might all cost. We find that it’s really worth it to visit Hard Rock Cafe. We have been to a few other Hard Rock Cafes and our collective opinion is that Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach looks the coolest on the outside. I mean, it’s a pyramid! What rocks more than a pyramid?

We had a blast, and we think your family will love Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach too.

Good food, good music and good fun at the Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach South Carolina #sponsored

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  1. That doesn’t look like the typical Hard Rock. If we ever make it back to Myrtle Beach we’ll make a point of stopping there!
    Scott recently posted…Be Quick or Be SquashedMy Profile

  2. I love the Egyptian theme. I usually try to buy a lapel pin from every hard rock I visit.
    Lindsey @ Redhead Baby Mama recently posted…WW: Little Repair ManMy Profile

    • Dawn McAlexander

      I buy a shot glass or a mug when I go usually. I forgot to get one at the one in Washington DC, so I guess I should visit again to get one. 😉

  3. I haven’t been to a Hard Rock in quite a while, but now I kind of want to go back. I think the last one I ate at was in NYC about 2 years ago.
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted…Foxhole to Cubicle (by Chris)My Profile

  4. Now that is a cool Hard Rock Cafe… Our in SA is not so cool but these one is really neat.

  5. My SIL collects the Hard Rock bears from every location she goes to – so whenever we travel, we always look for a Hard Rock to visit. That photo of Fleetwood Mac just cracks me up!
    Debra recently posted…When Are the Stories of My Children No Longer Mine to Tell?My Profile

  6. Hard Rock’s are fun to go to on vacation. I’ve done the Key West one before. YUM!
    krystal recently posted…Host an Easter Tea Party With Bigelow Tea #TrendTea #shopMy Profile

  7. I love how every Hardrock Cafe seems to have a different look and feel to it. We have a Hardrock Hotel & Casino not too far away and we are always there on the weekends. We love the food ,live music, and casino!

  8. Love going to the Hard Rock Cafe!! Good food and so entertaining!
    Shop with Me Mama (Kim) recently posted…Getting Organized with See Jane Work (Giveaway!)My Profile

  9. I have such fond memories of this place! I’m taken back to high school again as I look at your pictures. Can’t wait to take my boys there this summer.
    Susanna Barbee (Zealous Mom) recently posted…5 Ways to Burn More Fat When RunningMy Profile

  10. This looks like a really cool Hard Rock. I’ve been to a few and I would love to visit this one if we get to Myrtle Beach!
    Karen recently posted…Easter Egg Decorating IdeasMy Profile

  11. Ooh this looks like an awesome Hard Rock Cafe, I haven’t been to one in ages.. but we’ve always loved it too. Such great food! I could eat all of that right now!
    Dawn Lopez recently posted…Girls’ Night In: Lightened Up Raspberry Acai Cream Soda with Trop50 #GirlsNightInMy Profile

  12. We have a Hard Rock Cafe and Casino here in Tampa. It’s a cool place to hang out and listen to music.

  13. I’ve never been to Myrtle Beach. That club ws enormous and looked delicious!
    valmg @ Mom Knows It All recently posted…Three Great Egypt Tourist AttractionsMy Profile

    • Dawn McAlexander

      For real! It was really great and I was able to take half of it home with me for another meal.

      So, that’s a great way to save money on vacation. 😉

  14. I love the Egyptian pyramid and decor. Hard Rock menu doesn’t disappoint!
    Jenn @ The Rebel Chick recently posted… Easter Deals Hunt GiveawayMy Profile

  15. I have never been to a Hard Rock Cafe. This one sounds like a great one to visit
    Veronica recently posted…Wellness Wednesday: doTERRA And ADHDMy Profile

  16. it’s got the coolest building for a hard rock i have seen that’s for sure.

    and now i rEALLY want some hard rock fries.

  17. Judging by the photos, I think this is not just a cafe but it can actually serve as a tourist attraction! When I get to Myrtle Beach, I would surely love to make sure that I visit Hard Rock. 🙂

  18. First of all, I just really want to visit Myrtle Beach in general for some reason. I’ll just add this to the list of places I’ll go when I eventually get there, yum!

  19. The food looks so good! I have never been to a hard rock cafe, I will have to check this out
    Mommy2Jam recently posted…Irvine Park Railroad Easter Eggstravaganza 2014My Profile

  20. That one is certainly different and exciting! Not anything like ours in Orlando!
    Christie recently posted…Fresh from Florida Blueberries Are HERE + RecipeMy Profile

  21. Those fries look delish!
    Marina recently posted…50 Ideas for Non-Candy Easter Egg fillersMy Profile

  22. I live in Tampa and so I visit our Hard Rock Casino pretty often! I love the food and of course, the slots haha
    Jennifer B. recently posted…National Cinnamon Crescent Day | Cinnamon CrescentsMy Profile

  23. All of the Hard Rock Cafe food looks delicious! I will definitely visit this one whenever I make it to Florida!
    Erica recently posted…Apparoo App of the Week: Blinkbuggy #MomApps #blinkbuggy #apparooappsMy Profile

  24. teresa mccluskey says

    I love the Hard Rock Café! Such yummy goodness!

  25. We like to find the Hard Rocks wherever we are traveling and give them a visit. There’s a hotel in Chicago we’d like to stay at once too!
    Rosey recently posted…Dying to Be Heard: Facts You Should Know About Mesothelioma and Asbestos ExposureMy Profile

  26. I love the pyramid building of the Hard Rock in Myrtle Beach! There’s one in Chicago and I love their food.
    Amanda Her recently posted…Save Some Time and Make it a HoneyBaked Easter!My Profile

  27. My son has just started coming into his own personality and one of those things is he loves ‘rock’ music. I bet a trip here would make him so excited!
    Amanda recently posted…Pei Wei Asian Diner’s New reFresh in the New Year!My Profile

  28. Wow, that looks awesome! I have never been to Myrtle Beach, but I love going to the Hard Rock Cafe. The food is always crazy good, but I admit, I go for the memorabilia. I’ll have to check out this location when I’m lucky enough to visit Myrtle Beach!
    Katy Rawson recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Gateway ArchMy Profile

  29. I want to go to Myrtle Beach and who doesn’t love Hard Rock Cafe? I do!

  30. Well that looks like a good time! A good dinner and some Rock n Roll…you can’t beat that!
    StacieinAtlanta recently posted…Six Flags Over Georgia Adds More Thrills in 2014 with Hurricane Harbor Water Park #SFOG #HurricaneHarbor #ATL @sfovergeorgiaMy Profile

  31. Hmm. Myrtle Beach isn’t too far away! This looks like a great place and I really want to take a trip now.
    Amber K recently posted…Five Finger Tees ReviewMy Profile

  32. I love the Hard Rock Cafe! Whenever I am in Myrtle Beach I’m definitely checking that one out. Who can resist that pyramid shape!
    Mina Slater recently posted…My Daily Escape + Free Herbal Essences Body Wash Sample #HerbalEssences4BodyMy Profile

  33. Dorothy Boucher says

    it looks like a wonderful place to eat and visit but I don’t think it would be on the top of my list only because I don’t think it would be playing any christian music.. but thanks for share and great review 🙂 @tisonlyme143

  34. This place looks fun!! I live in Oregon and we have some nice casinos here with great food. If I was in this area I am sure I would want to go here. It is nice to know about other places for sure!!

  35. Robin Wilson says

    Wow ~ I haven’t been to Myrtle Beach in years (live on the South side of Charlotte) though it’s not that far. But never went there! We seem to have always been during the high tourist season so it made some places just crazy busy so we stayed outside of those places. But I have been to others and they are fun. Everyone should go at least once.

  36. You have me craving some Jim Morrison and a Reuben now haha! Gonna have to stop by my local Hard Rock!

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