What’s Next For The Marshall Tucker Band? – An Interview With Doug Gray

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With hits like, “Heard It In A Love Song,” “Can’t You See” and “Fire On The Mountain,” The Marshall Tucker Band has been a staple in any Southern Rock music collection since the early 70s. With a fanbase that has always supported at least 100 live shows a year across their 40+ year span as a group, there is no wonder that they have sold over 15 million records to date. I got a chance to chat with founding member and lead singer, Doug Gray, about what is next for the Marshall Tucker Band.

Rock: As a person who loves and collects vinyl records and knows how hard it can be to find them in great condition, I was impressed to see that you have new vinyl records for sell on your website.

Doug Gray: We know that there are a lot of audiophiles out there, what we call those who love vinyl records and turntables, and we know that there are people that want to get their old vinyl records autographed, so we released some of our albums on vinyl as limited editions. Most have sold out, but there are still a few left. I personally inspected them before they went to production to make sure that they were the best quality available.

Marshall Tucker Releases A New Live Album

Rock: You were inducted into the South Carolina Music Hall Of Fame in 1995, right? And The Marshall Tucker Band has just released the live show from that induction on album. Why now?

Doug Gray: We have lost a few of those people from then, and we performed with some great artists at that show like The Charlie Daniels Band and The Outlaws. So we thought it was time to release it.

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Rock: A reader asked what your favorite song to perform live is and why?

Doug Gray: Mine, personally? Hmmm…that’s a hard one. I would have the “Take The Highway” because that song is shared with a lot of singers. You can see that when you see us perform the song live.

Rock: Tell me a little about touring. Do you have a funny story from the road?

Doug Gray: People now bring their kids and sometimes even their grand kids to our shows. It’s great to see the young people now listening to our music. And one time we played in Iraq for the troops and a sargeant told me about how his grandfather always showed him a picture that he had of us on his mantle. He would tell us the same story about it every Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, the sargeant said that he wanted to get a picture with us and sit it on the mantle right next to the original from 30 years earlier. I thought that was a great story.

Rock: Who are some of your favorite people that you have toured with?

Doug Gray: B.B. King. I hate to use the word “idol,” but he is definitely an idol of mine. And Carlos Santana and The Doobie Brothers. But The Allman Brothers come first. Gregg Allman. He is one of my favorite singers. We have also toured with great acts like Kid Rock, Zac Brown and we have been invited to play at the Grand Ole Opry a couple times a year.

Doug Gray of the Marshall Tucker Band

History Of The Marshall Tucker Band

Rock: So, can I get a little history of the band, for those who might not be aware? How old were you guys when you started playing together?

Doug Gray: Some of us were still in high school. The Marshall Tucker Band has been in existence for 40+ years in some lineup or another. We lost some people along the way. One person died while he was a member of the band and we also had people leave the band {some who died after leaving the band} to spend more time with their families. But we never stopped playing. Why stop? Everybody has ups and downs in life, but you have to move on.

Rock: When did you start singing?

Doug Gray: I started singing when I was about 6. My parents would take me around to sing for others. I also played piano and guitar for a little while, but I realized there are people who are a lot better at both of those instruments than myself, like Carlos Santana. I don’t even keep guitars in my house now. I just stick to singing.

Rock: What do you like to do in your downtime?

Doug Gray: The Marshall Tucker Band is on the road 170 days out of the year. When I am off, I like to hang out with friends, ride my Harley Davidson Road King and go out to dinner at my favorite bars. My grandkids come first, though. And my kids. I have one daughter getting ready to graduate college and one that is 10 years older. They both are in the Psychology field.

Rock: I majored in Psychology, too. It’s a great field. I bet you are proud of your kids.

Doug Gray: I am. I love stepping back and looking at who they have become. I wasn’t always around when they were kids with touring, but when I was around, I liked to spend quality time with them. I think about what it would be like to go back and change things but my kids wouldn’t be who they are today if I wasn’t who I am.

On Owning Your Own Record Label

Rock: How do you like owning your own record label? Do you find it is a lot more work?

Doug Gray: We have Ramblin’ Records, distributed by Sony. We know that a lot of musicians would really love to be in our position. It’s great to have that much control. It really helps our band go forward. Everyone tries to be #1, but everyone can’t be #1. You just have to try to do your best. We have never had a Top 10, but we have still sold 15 million records. That is pretty nice.

Rock: You are right. Too many compete for the top and it is just too stressful. Everyone should just try to be happy. There are many levels of success. What’s next for The Marshall Tucker Band?

Doug Gray: We have 30-40 new pieces of product already lined up to come out as well as a couple of huge announcements coming out in the next couple of weeks. These will be on our website, so make sure you check it out.

Check Out The Marshall Tucker Band Live

The Marshall Tucker Band will be performing locally…
January 30th at 8pm at the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro, NC
January 31st at 8pm at the Fillmore Charlotte in Charlotte, NC.

Be sure to check out The Marshall Tucker Band’s complete tour schedule.

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