Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review #IntoDarkness

Star Trek Into Darkness Review ~

Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review

I must admit that I am a bit of  a Trekkie. I don’t go around wearing Spock ears or a comm badge on my shirt or anything like that, but I do like the entire atmosphere that Star Trek promotes. However, I will admit that many of the Star Trek films have been a bit lame. Therefore, I hope you will find this review honest and straightforward.

Star Trek Into Darkness Plot

Star Trek Into Darkness is directed by the legendary science fiction filmmaker, J.J. Abrams. It features Chris Pine as Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock, as well as Benedict Cumberbatch as the ruthless yet highly intelligent villain, Khan, and Zoe Saldana as Lt. Uhura. The film is loosely based on the 1982 film Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. In this film, the crew of the Enterprise must hunt down Khan, who is wanted for the murder of a Starfleet Admiral. However, they discover that Starfleet has been keeping secrets while in the process, and they must choose between their orders and doing what Captain Kirk feels is morally right.

My Thoughts On Star Trek Into Darkness

I thought this film was spectacular! If you are a fan of action films, then you will love it because it is full of action! I thought the story line was strong, and the acting was superb. There won’t be any Academy Award winners here, but it is good enough to make the film believable. I have to say that I can’t find much wrong with this movie. I have gone back over it in my head, but I cannot think of anything that didn’t seem to fit or was not accurate. Nothing. I thought The Avengers was a great film, but I may like this one just a little bit more. It may wind up on my list of top films of all-time!

Have You Seen Star Trek Into Darkness? If So, What Did You Think?


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  1. I cannot wait to see this. We are all HUGE Star Trek fans!
    Ellen Christian recently posted…Onion Recipe: Baked Pearl Onions Au Gratin RecipeMy Profile

  2. Will you still be my friend if I tell you that I didn’t even know there was a new Star Trek movie out? I feel like hiding in shame. My husband LOVES Star Trek and often has to explain the references on Big Bang Theory to me. I know he’ll be thrilled to see this movie.
    Dede recently posted…Innovation starts with the kidsMy Profile

  3. I think this is a great film for scifi fans who are not too familiar with the series. We have watched every Star Trek Episode form the gory (and painfully slow) beginning (thanks Hulu and Netflix). Some of the continuity was a bit off, but the writers always explain that with alternate timelines….Nonetheless, it was worth the ticket!

  4. rebeccabasset says

    I , have not seen this Movie yet but I am really looking forward to it. I think that I will buy this now after your review!

    Thanks for the review!

  5. amanda whitley says

    i havent seen it but i know my husband would love to see it especially since you say its good..suppose ill be renting

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