Top 10 Athletes Who Had It All And Threw It Away: #10 Jeremy Mayfield

Jeremy Mayfield: Hero To Zero ~


In light of recent events in the world of sports, I am offering up my top ten list of athletes who spiraled out of control. For various reasons, these athletes, who once had it all, threw it all away in either a moment of unchecked emotions or for some bad habits that they picked up along the way. In either case, these athletes went from being some of the best known and well-liked and respected people in their respective sports to being some of the most notorious. In other words, they went from heroes to zeros.

Heroes to Zeros – Jeremy Mayfield

Jeremy Mayfield was considered to be one of NASCAR’s up-and-coming bright stars. He came from Kentucky, where he won the Kentucky Motor Speedway Rookie of the Year Award in 1987. When Jeremy Mayfield joined the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series full time, he won three total races in 1999-2000, and signed with legendary crew chief Ray Evernham and his new Evernham Motorsports team in 2002.

Top 10 athletes that went from champs to chumps. #10 Jeremy Mayfield

Jeremy Mayfield Mugshot {Image Credit : Catawba County Sheriff’s Department}

He seemed poised to make a run at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship, until a positive test for illegal drugs halted his run in May of 2009. Mayfield released a statement in which he blamed a combination of prescription and over-the-counter drugs for the positive test. However, just a few short months later, Mayfield tested positive for methamphetamine. He was immediately suspended by NASCAR indefinitely, although Mayfield claimed to have never used any illegal drugs. In 2011, he was arrested for a theft involving several thousands of dollars worth of electronics stolen from area businesses. A search of his home found not only the stolen equipment but also methamphetamine. Well there’s a shocker. He was also sued by a female postal worker that same year for a dog attack involving pit bulls owned by Mayfield.  He is currently still on indefinite suspension from NASCAR.

Be sure to come back next week to see who our #9 Chump is.

Do You Think Jeremy Mayfield Can Redeem His Career? Or Is It Over?

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  1. I don’t watch nascar, and have no idea who this guy is (sorry) but I do kinda feel bad for him and his poor decision making skills. Some folks just can’t learn from their mistakes and the drugs only makes it that much harder to try. That being said, I’m glad NASCAR suspended him.
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    • Dawn McAlexander

      Yeah, he totally could have killed somebody. Like you, I am glad he got suspended. I have a hard time feeling sorry for his suspension. Hopefully he can get his mess straightened up and pull his life back together before he does irreparable damage.

  2. I am always amazed at how these pop icons can get their whole life messed up by bad choices. Then I look closer at my own life and see how easy it is to do stupid stuff. Really hoping that the people in the public eye can pull it together!
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  3. Jeremy and Shana Mayfield are two of our best friends. You would do yourselves favors to actually read into all these cases more clearly. When you do you will find he has never legitimately tested positive for meth. He had an RX for Adderall then whole time and the results that came back are physically impossible to have and be alive. NASCAR has done it before to Tim Richmond. Show him some respect and dig. One day the truth will come out. Until then…we see him all the time and I know 100% who he is. You ask him and he will give the real story. Don’t read NASCAR paid reports….they will always tell it the way the bossman says to

    • Dawn McAlexander

      Though I respect you wanting to defend your friend {if in fact you do know Jeremy Mayfield} I feel I should point out a few things. The author did read into the situation further than going by NASCAR facts. If you will notice he used ABC News as a source for the incidents that Mayfield was allegedly involved in, not NASCAR. He only said that NASCAR suspended him – which they did. The Catawba police arrested Mayfield. He also has or had charges in Iredell and Caldwell Counties. I hardly think NASCAR officials control the Catawba, Iredell and Caldwell police, as well as ABC News.

      And for good measure, here is a link from an NBC affiliate:

      And here is CBS, too:$100k-in-stolen-goods/ – which states that Mayfield unsuccessfully challenged the results of the random drug test. Thus, legally, he failed the test.

      Also, where you say that he never “legitimately tested positive for meth,” you fail to even address the parts where $100,000 dollars worth of stolen items were found in his home, the felony breaking and entering as well as the felony larceny charges. Meth really isn’t the only concern here.

      The fact is, we did dig, and we found tons. However, we are fair. If Jeremy Mayfield would like to “give the real story,” he is welcome to contact us. There is a contact form to the side. We will gladly interview him to get his side.

  4. Ponder This says


    First, it’s laughable to suggest that NASCAR has no influence on a local level. Control – No, Influence – Yes!

    That’s like saying Google has no influence in silicon Valley. You’re telling me an organization that directly and indirectly employs tens of thousands, generates Billions of dollars annually, and is comprised entirely of corporate sponsors doesn’t have major influence on at the very least, local counties? But I digress.

    Ask yourself this; Why was Jeremy’s home raided in the first place? A “tipster” that claimed he had stolen property is the very guy that ended up being the one that sold Jeremy the items that were “stolen”. Isn’t that interesting? This same tipster is now deceased. Fact is, Jeremy has been a picker/collector for nearly 20 years. This “tipster” sold Jeremy items, like hundreds of others in that area have done over the years. There was no way for Jeremy to know, nor suspect these items were stolen. That’s like saying if you bought something from someone off of Craigslist, then the police came to your house and said you’re in possession of stolen property, that you’re a thief – are you a thief? Of course not, and neither is Jeremy.

    Further, why would Jeremy need to steal a bunch of scrap metal and miscellaneous furniture, etc… when he still had significant assets at his disposal? It’s also interesting that according to his arrest report, Catawba came to his property looking for stolen scrap metal, yet arrived with a drug-dog, broke into his house with more than 60+ swat members, trashed his house, zipped-tied his wife to a chair for 3 hours, then allegedly found a (1) bag of meth in a safe, yet to this day, have never produced even pictures of the drugs. The claim is they found a single bag, yet the weight of the bag was that of only the bag itself…where were the drugs?

    Also, let’s take a closer look at the $100k in stolen property he allegedly stole. You can’t lump the guns into that category, because they were proven to be his and were handed back to him that same day – did you know that? It can’t be the furniture, that was proven to be his, considering he was buying truckloads from a major furniture manufacturer in Hickory and reselling it. It can’t be the scrap metal, considering he was in the scrap metal business at the time and had $500K in copper on his property. So what were the stolen items? Track down the manifest Catawba used and you may have something, but they won’t reflect stolen items, it will show ambiguous items such as; 1.) Dewalt Generator 2.) Couch & loveseat 3.) Craftsman generator You get the idea? These items are in my garage/house, and virtually every other house in this Country.

    Additionally, let’s wrap our heads around NASCAR’s own admission; Jeremy initially tested positive for an amphetamine, yet was able to continue racing….that was awfully nice of them. (BTW – Adderall is an amphetamine) Then, only weeks later, somehow his results evolved into a methamphetamine – isn’t that interesting? Why? Because he didn’t play ball, he fought back, he claimed his innocence, then the fatal mistake – he hired an attorney. So what NASCAR wants us all to believe is that Jeremy failed a drug test for an amphetamine in his system (despite the fact that at that time, NASCAR did not have a list of banned substances) and what was his response? He then decided to start using Crystal Meth???? Come on!! It’s beyond absurd, and anyone that followed this case carefully or did their own digging would have seen this clearly. Have you ever seen before and after pictures of meth users? Exactly.

    It’s also interesting that most of the media never reported on that fact that Jeremy went to another drug-testing lab the same day as the NASCAR drug test was issued, and guess what the result was – negative. They also never reported that he later went to one of the foremost drug-testing facilities in the US for a 4 day, in-house session of drug screening. Guess what they found? Nothing, not even tobacco or alcohol was was detected, much less meth. And we’re talking about the latest and greatest testing methods, not urine samples – you know, like the ones that have been so effective with guys like Lance Armstrong and Chris Benoit.

    Speaking of Chris Benoit and the WWE, can you guess which Drug testing company was in charge of their program? Aegis, headed up by Dr. David Black, the same guy and organization that is now in charge of NASCAR’s drug program. Incidentally, did you know that many drivers have failed drug tests over the years? So why weren’t they treated the way Jeremy was? Because it’s discretionary how to proceed from that point. Who’s discretion? The same guy that said “I can do whatever I want, I’m going to do it, and I just did.” Isn’t that interesting? You do know that if Jeremy had the amount of drugs in his system that Aegis claimed, he would have been dead….right? Dr. Harold Schueler of the Broward County (Fla.) Medical Examiner’s Office, filed an affidavit on behalf of Mayfield that claimed the levels of methamphetamine in NASCAR’s test are “astronomical” and “could not be remotely accurate, unless Mr. Mayfield was deceased or a chronic abuser.”

    Had Jeremy played ball like he was supposed to do, allowed NASCAR to make an example out of him and show the world how great their new “Road to Recovery” program was, this would have been over with 4 years ago. The fact that he was unwilling to admit to something that he didn’t do and just play along, emboldened the shot-callers and inevitably caused the wreckage to date.

    As for Mairney’s comment above, she is 100% spot-on with her assessment regarding your “digging.” Regurgitating stories that originated from NASCAR writers/press does not constitute journalism (which is what ABC and all the others have done) If any reputable news outlet/reporter had the courage and tenacity to truly investigate the entire story of Jeremy Mayfield, what they would find would likely devastate most race fans and galvanize corporate sponsors to take a much closer look at the sport they’ve invested in. I can assure you, if 20/20 or Dateline or Oprah were to interview Jeremy and Shana, then do their own investigation, you would have an entirely different perception of what really happened. What we’re talking about here is a pro athlete being singled out and his career devastated by falsifying his drug test, exactly the same way they did with Tim Richmond. Remember, NASCAR is privately owned, there is no players union, there is no board to answer to.

    They can make the rules, and they can break the rules – and they just did.

    • Dawn McAlexander

      Hi “Ponder This,”

      I started reading your novella but when I got to “Further, why would Jeremy need to steal a bunch of scrap metal and miscellaneous furniture, etc… when he still had significant assets at his disposal?” I started zoning out. Sorry, it’s hard to take someone seriously who doesn’t realize that people steal for more than just need. Many people steal simply for the high. Winona Ryder didn’t have much “need” either, probably far less “need” than Mr. Mayfield.

      It’s also hard to take someone seriously who uses a fake name on a comment board when trying to share the “truth,” as they see it.

      At any rate, thanks for this filibustering. I am sure it took a lot of time to write. Because of your name, I almost deleted it as spam at first.

  5. Ponder This says

    Hi “Dawn,”

    It’s no surprise you started zoning out, that would explain the lack of research before publishing your article on Jeremy. I notice you didn’t attempt to dispute a single point I made, rather, you took the juvenile approach of using sarcasm to supplement any substantive response.

    The more respectable response would have been an acknowledgement that you, like most, lumped Jeremy into a category that he doesn’t belong. Were we debating, or were there a bill on the floor I didn’t want passed, I suppose a filibuster would be in order. In this instance, I merely provided you with information that you were clearly lacking. But hey, these days, who needs facts? (they can be so inconvenient towards the narrative that fits your agenda)

    I’ll stop here, I’m encroaching on the 4 paragraph limit. Dawn, seriously, my comment/novella wasn’t meant to be adversarial, just factual. Oh well, very soon, the real story will come out in its entirety and at the very least, demonstrate he’s neither a thief nor a drug addict. Until then, best of luck and continued success.

    • Dawn McAlexander

      Hi “Ponder This,”

      I didn’t write the article. Perhaps you need to pay more attention yourself. However, I do stand behind it.

      And I will admit that the article you submitted was interesting, yet it is also from a news outlet – precisely those that you say can be persuaded or influenced or whatever. It seems you have no problem using them as sources in a self-serving nature. I also notice that the rest of the article you submitted {that you conveniently don’t talk about} is spent arguing about the time the test was taken {since Mayfield seemed to be trying to allude that it was taken much earlier than it actually was with the “40 minutes later” comment, yet the only proof that a test was taken was at 9pm – several hours later} and Mayfield denying accusations from a former relative who says she saw him using drugs MANY times – even before at least one major race. Also, the test results and the testimony of Dr. Black did not say that the NASCAR test was wrong, it says that he could be dead or left the possibility of Mayfield being a “chronic abuser.”

      And, the rest of your “proof” is based on hearsay. I find it interesting that someone was treated so badly by NASCAR {by your testimony, of course, as that is what you gave us to go on, oh anonymous poster} – ziptying a wife to a chair for three hours? I know if my husband was treated that way I definitely would no longer want to be part of that organization. Yet, as I understand it, Mayfield still does. If this is in fact true, I have no idea how to wrap my head around that.

      The writer {once again, not me, in case you missed that} and I have both cited reputable sources for the information included. You do not have to agree. But facts are facts {and reputable sources are reputable sources, unless we use them I guess?} If you don’t like it, feel free to write your own article. But we will no longer be accepting your Jason Bourne-esque fantasy laiden hearsay comments on this site. Unless you provide proof and a real name. Then have at it.

      Furthermore, we have already issued the invitation for Jeremy Mayfield to submit his side of the story if he feels the need to share. I invite the chance to have a totally different perspective. However your hearsay alone is not enough to persuade me. It is not our intention to drag Jeremy Mayfield under a bus. We are just going by facts.

      Have a good day.


  6. That is so sad. I understand that there are two sides to every story and hope that he somehow comes out on top of all of this!

  7. This is really a sad story. I hope he is able to put his life back together.

  8. This is sad to hear and I do hope that at some point he can come back to his career and leave the drugs behind!
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  9. To be honest I have never heard of this guy until you mentioned him.
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  10. Wow. I had no idea about any of this. I do feel bad (sort of) for people who put themselves in these situations. It seems like it gets so out of control so quickly.

  11. This is the first I have heard of this story. Hopefully he can bounce back from this.

  12. Very sad to hear how people go down hill like this due to addiction. I doubt he can save his career though.

  13. I am not a fan of Nascar, so I have never heard of this before. I find it very sad that people go to drugs no matter if their lives are good or bad.
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  14. I’ve not heard this either. It’s curious that people choose to so strongly support Jeremy and Remain anonymous. There are two sides to each story of course. Interesting there’s so much controversy!

  15. I find this disgusting. I don’t care who he is or was or what he did (drove a car, what an athlete) but anyone who uses needs to be shut down till they can get back online. We coddle addicts and try to leave no one to blame. He’s to blame. I don’t care if he has a come back to NASCAR. How about just a come back to sobriety? Good luck who ever you are.
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    • Dawn McAlexander

      You are right. People are accountable for their own actions. As long as society allows people to blame everyone else for their decisions, they will.

  16. I have never heard of him, but it sounds like he has made lots of poor choices! It’s too bad because it sounds like he could have done good with his career.
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  17. While I have never heard of Jeremy Mayfield, I think it is incredibly sad when anyone makes poor life choices that wreak havoc on themselves and others.
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  18. It’s so sad to see anyone with so much potential throw it all away. 🙁
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  19. Wow! It’s heartbreaking to hear about anybody in a situation like this. I hope that he can get his life back on track.

  20. Chuck Allen says

    This story is one sided. Jeremy had a 17 year career. I guess to say he was an up and coming driver would be a huge reach. There are a lot of facts that will come out in due time. He did not serve a single day in jail for all of the alleged felonies. The charges are all gone, which the media didn’t really report on. The fact that he was able to convince a Federal judge that the test was very flawed is what started this mess. NASCAR got mad, and he “failed” another test immediately. That one had levels high enough to kill and elephant, as one scientist stated. He is the only one to ever stand up to them, and his legal victory pissed them off. He will have his day to tell his story very soon. I understand that not everyone is a fan of the sport, and that some of the facts have never come out. I don’t blame the author for penning this article, but feel like the story is incomplete.

  21. Ask Terry Labonte how your NASCAR career goes when you say something they don’t like, pull his stats and look from 1998 on. NASCAR controls everyone and Mayfield got in the way…. Allmendinger was an example…

  22. I’ve watched the movie recently (with Will Smith about brain injury in football players). They are the real athletes who threw it all away – a very sad story though

  23. Who are the next nine sportsmen? I expect to see Lance Armstrong here

  24. And we see why NASCAR’s story and influence prevailed. Becauss everyone that read that article and the commdnts posted boo hoo I hope he gets his act together statements with no research or critical,independent thinking.
    It is sad that all u have to do to discredit someone is slap the drug addict label on them and …POOF! They are instantly discredited and villified by all simpleton sheep watching from the sidelines. This has been done to many people not willing to “play the game” and sadly even more is it has been used to cover up the murders of innocent people because who is the easiest segment of our society to murder? Blacks, latinos, or poor immigrants? NO it is drug addicts! All that is required to murder a drug addict is fix a hot shot and leave the needle in their arm. Hell, I bet u could murder damn near anyone this way. Why? Because the sheeple will go along even if they knew the person did not use drugs and convince themselves there were signs and they wished they had seen it coming and whatnot and there will be no investigation of anyone that dies with a needle in their arm. Is that right? Think about it, that crazy ex-husband could do that to u to get “his” kids back. They lady stalker you had that hates u know could do it to u for revenge and get away with it. I know women that have planted drugs on their exes and called the police on them for revenge and you know what? It worked!! Much like Jeremy Mayfield and anyone who gets entangled in the legal system. They had to plea too lesser chargesand pay the piper to get ouut of the legal system. So yes Dawn that waz Jeremy being found innocent of the charges against him. That IS how our system really works.
    I had no idea of any of this and decided to do some research instead of just saying this is sad, poor junkie Jeremy should get his shit together. I looked into this and even talked to team owner that is a legend in NASCAR that lives in my area part of the year and the fact is Jeremy Mayfield was railroaded and everyone in the business knows it but are powerless to take on NASCAR. What they did to this young man was criminal and all because he came in from the outside and was not part of their good ole boy network. The failed test was their price of admission and Jeremy bad already paid his dues and wasn’t willing to bend over take it. Unlike many he had earned his place felt he deserved it and probably didn’t realize what he was actually risking by fighting the failed test. Or maybe he was too stubborn to admit to something he didn’t do. Iwould bet the former but only he knows for sure. I am a KY boy myself (which is a clue to the owner I spoke with cuz only one around these parts) and remember Jeremy Mayfield but had no idea any of this had taken place.
    Point is do some independent thinking and evaluation before labeling someone as a drug addict over one or two incidents. If there is one there will always be a second incident when someone is getting smeared and usually a 3rd to remove any doubt. However if u look at the life of a real addict there will be dozens of incidents if they are truly addicts. An addict is someone totally out of control and it will become apparent quickly that they cannot function as a normal person. Look at Robert Downey Jr in his heyday. People have used this tactic to tear familys apart and take cbildren away from loving,but poor parrents and it needs to stop. An addiction if someone does bave one is a medical problem not a moral failing.
    And on a final note the “relative” that saw Jefemy using drugs many times and at least before one major race. Well .y god how stupid do u have to be to not recognize that as a NASCAR planted masterpeice. She saw him use all the time but omnly once before or leading up to a race? Come on if she was around that much she would have seen him use before many races if he was as bad as she claims. But in a planted paid for peice they have to coach her and tell her what they want to hear and they need her to corroborate that he was using while racing so they need her to say she saw him before one major race so they look like they stopped this guy out there racing on meth and are heroes. Come on?? If u are from KY you have at least 20 distant relatives that are jealous as hell if u have any success because they draw a check and that check is their peak defining moment in their whole mserable lives. That 900$ a month is all they are and all they will ever be and they cant stand someone in the family doing better for themselves. They think working people are stupid and well off people are evil and would sell out anyone for $1000. Probably $100 actually.. Hell I got several close family members that wuld tell anything you wanted to hear about me for $100. Just tell them what to say and they would say it. The sad part is the price Jeremy had to pay for doing what he should have done

    • Dawn McAlexander

      Since you addressed me in your post, I will read this and get back with you as soon as I have a chance, but you might want to address the author. He has more knowledge of this situation than I do and can more thoroughly answer your questions [assuming there are some].

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