Are Legends Born Or Made? Heineken® Wants To Find Out #sponsored

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Heineken® Dropped ~
Are legends born, or are they made? Heineken® has decided to find out just that by testing what men are truly made of by taking them out of the known environments of their daily lives and dropping them into the great unknown of exotic locales around the world. Can you imagine what that must be like? One minute you are a successful, confident professional. The next minute, you find yourself in the wild outdoors of some far off land, miles upon miles away from civilization, with only an airplane ticket and your resourcefulness to get you home.


Introducing “Dropped” From Heineken®

Heineken® is taking different men from across the world and dropping them in remote global locations with nothing but the most basic of supplies and directions. And of course you get to see all of this play out from the comfort of your home. 😉 This is Heineken Dropped – where we, the viewing audience, get to see exactly what these men are made of.
‘Voyage’ is the fifth installment of the Heineken ‘Legends’ platform, which will allow viewers to truly experience what our “Dropped” heroes are going through via videos on the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel and diary entries. Viewers will be able to follow each voyage, access documentary-style content and also contribute their own video entries, which could also land the viewer in their very own legendary travel adventure!
“Dropped” is unscripted, so who knows what will happen! Will your hero make it home?
The Voyage TVC, set in a remote Indian outpost, was the inspiration for the Dropped travel experiment. It aired on TV on June 1st and launched on the internet via and YouTube on June 3rd. Each Dropped experience will encompass three episodes, as well as behind the scenes content.


Play Along At Home And Win!

When you buy special packs of Heineken, you will be able to redeem a code to play your own digital voyage game. A lucky few will win their own legendary travel experience, from adrenalin filled travel adventures all the way to space-training!


More About Heineken®

The Heineken brand, that bears the founder’s family name – Heineken – is available in almost every country across the globe and is the world’s most valuable international premium beer brand.


Get Social With Heineken®

Remember to always drink responsibly.


So, Do You Think Legends Are Born? Or Are They Made?


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  1. Whats better than a cold beer and adventure! Someday’s I would love nothing more than to dropped in the middle of nowhere, me, some supplies, and some cold beer…yup now that woud be an adventure!
    Julia Potvin recently posted…Wilsons Leather Odessa Handbag ReviewMy Profile

  2. I love watching real people figure out how they are going to survive in those situations. I’ve not heard of Dropped but it is definitely intrigued.
    Sharon recently posted…Food Scales for Smart Weight LossMy Profile

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