A Chat With The Hardest Working Man In Country Music: Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin Interview ~

Aaron Tippin

In the 90s, Aaron Tippin emerged as one of the biggest acts in country music with hits like There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With The Radio, Kiss This and That’s As Close As I’ll Get To Loving You. Known as “The Hardest Working Man In Country Music,” reading this interview will show you just why he earned that reputation.

Eat Play Rock: I just love Cracker Barrel, and seeing the great CD selection they offer. What’s it like partnering with them to promote your records?

Aaron Tippin: Back in May of 2008 I released a tribute album entitled “He Believed”, to my late Father. It was sold exclusively at Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores. I was honored to work with them on his project that was so near and dear to me.

Also, I assume it’s crazy hard work running your own record label, NIPPIT Records. Is it more than you expected?

Having my own label keeps things simple and straightforward. I find pure joy in doing all aspects of this business including the producing a record part. We have produced all of Thea’s albums in our own studio and being able to release it on NIPPIT records label is icing on the cake.

I read that you live on a 500 acre farm in the middle of Tennessee. That’s quite a change from the crowds at your concerts. Is it hard to wind down and adjust from that very public persona to the seclusion of your farm?

No time to wind down when I get home from being on the road I gotta get work done on the farm and the hanger. The “honey-do” list does not end.

Aaron Tippin Nutrition Tip N Shaker

Aaron Tippin On Staying In Shape

Will you tell me a little bit about Aaron Tippin Nutrition and Tip N Shaker Weight Loss Seasonings?

At every show my fans would come up to me and say,” how do you stay in shape?”, That is why Thea and I started our nutrition line. Our newest release is the Tip n Shaker. You can lose weight while eating the foods you love! This is not a diet! It’s a way to maintain your lifestyle while getting the weight loss results you desire! Simply Tip N Shake and watch the pounds disappear! It joins other products that make up Aaron Tippin Nutrition.

Staying fit is as much a part of my life as music is. It’s a daily requirement. Thea and I exercise each morning. We use products from our nutrition line. It’s a lifestyle for us and a family affair the boys are very active as well. I’m 55 years old so if I am going to run around on stage like a 25 year old I need to stay fit.

You seem to partner with your wife, Thea, in all of your projects. Do you find that helps keep a celebrity marriage stronger? Also, does she go on tour with you?

My family does a lot with me. Thea is not only my wife but business partner as well as a songwriter. My boys go everywhere Thea and I go when they are not in school – music business meetings, on tour on stage. Keeping them close keeps it balanced.

Do you have a personal favorite song of yours?

Its hard to pick a favorite when you have songs like Kiss This, You’ve Got to Stand for Something, Where The Stars and Stripes and Eagle Fly, Working Man’s PhD…I just can’t pick a favorite, I like them all.

Are there any other country singers that you are particularly close to or would love touring/performing with?

I’d like to perform with Hank Sr., Elvis and Darius Rucker because he is a South Carolina boy like me.

On Military Shows and Touring Overseas

I know that you have done a lot of shows for our military overseas. Care to share one of your favorite moments?

I’ve been Overseas for the past ten years performing for the troops. It’s not hard to sing to them, they deserve a song. The right words come when you see our guys and gals demonstrating that they are the best and most professional warriors on the face of the planet! Going to the Gulf twenty years ago was the most rewarding thing I’ve gotten to do so far. I was so thankful for the chance to give a little back to the guys and gals over there defending our country.

There’s not much that can top that feeling. I was honored when Bob Hope invited me to Saudi Arabia to entertain the troops. Being in that part of the world made me realize what an honor it is to be an American. This country is known as a friend to justice and human rights. That’s a good reason to be proud. Patriotism, is a badge I wear proudly and have carried with me throughout my career, a career where I sing about what I know.

Sometimes Lightning Does Strike Twice: Just Ask Aaron Tippin

Also, I heard that you have been struck by lightning a couple of times. Any truth to that? If so, do you take any extra precautions to prevent getting hurt in dangerous weather?

Trust me, you do not want to be standing anywhere near me when it is lightning, I have been struck two times. First time, I was 10 and my dad and Bud Turner were with me. We were working on Sunday, so I don’t think God liked that. Up came a thunderstorm and Dad, he wouldn’t stop for nothing. Dad and I were holding the wire to a tree and Bud was getting ready to strike the staple. That’s when it hit us. God’s got great timing, doesn’t he!

The second time was in my twenties working on a dump truck with my work partner, Tim Perry. We were both under the truck trying to pry an axle out from under it. The lightning hit the truck and it knocked the hell out of me and him. That time, it really hurt — left me paralyzed for a few minutes.

Aaron Tippin GeekBox Speaker

Check Out Aaron Tippin’s New Geekbox

Oh my gosh! Anything else that you want to talk about or promote?

My Geekbox. Back in April of this year I ventured with CompuGeek in Sparta,TN by releasing a new kind of portable speaker. I have partnered with Charles Bell and CompuGeeks for a new Mini Geek Box. The device is a mini jukebox that also interfaces with your cell phone. It fits in your car cup holder and sounds amazin . The portable Bluetooth speaker is Capable of handling up to a 32-gig storage card and some Models come preloaded with Aaron Tippin hits and live concert tracks.

Since the reveal of this product more country artist have come on board such as Joe Diffie, Hank Williams Sr., Rodney Atkins, and the upcoming reality show Hazzard Life.


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About Dawn McAlexander

Dawn has been a music lover her entire life. She went to college in Boone, NC, an area that is rich in music and culture. She also worked as a radio deejay for 8 years and grew up in Southeastern, Va, a melting pot of different musical styles and traditions. She has been to more concerts than she can count in every genre you can imagine. She resides in North Carolina with her furbabies and her massive collection of Disney memorabilia.


  1. I love Aaron Tippin! So awesome you were able to interview him!!! Jealous!
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  2. What a blast from the past, I remember listening to Aaron Tippin as a little girl. I think it’s neat that he has his own label now, so he can control things from the back end and delve more in depth with music production.

  3. I had no idea he was so multi-talented. Very interesting. He is super fit! My late grandmother was a big fan of his.

    • Dawn McAlexander

      My aunt loves him! When I used to work in radio, she used to call the station all the time to request his music. 🙂 She likes You’ve Got To Stand For Something best, but I liked That’s As Close As I’ll Get To Loving You Best and Kiss This, so they got played pretty often. 😉

      Incidentally, we went to see him in concert one time and we got to meet him and she almost died.

  4. I did not know much about this singer. Great tips on his health and fitness in particular.
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  5. What more info about The GEEKBOX call me at CompuGeeks in Sparta,TN # (931) 837-4546

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  9. Melissa Williamson says

    Been a fan for years I have attended many concerts he never disappoints me my mom even went to one with me she really enjoyed it but its getting g harder for me to attend recently went to a show in New martinsville wv and over did it a little bit but I got to stay and see the show .he’s very entertaining .I love watching him

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  11. I LOVE that he lives on a 500 acre farm…my personal dream. And talk about crazy getting hit by lightening not once but twice!!! That is insane!

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  14. Wow he looks great! I haven’t seen or heard about/from him in years, its good to know he is still out there and doing things to make himself better.

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  17. Sherry Compton says

    I love his down-to-earth, family attitude. He seems very pleased with where he is in life. His family means a lot to him and it shows in his work.

  18. He is a very hard working country singer, thanks for the great interview

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  20. It’ a very good interview. I’m afraid that I have no idea who he is. I’m not into country music.

  21. Rebecca Parsons says

    How cool is this. I love Aaron Tippin and have for many years now. He is a family man and just a real person.

  22. He seems like he has a balanced life and a faith that keeps him humble!

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    I’ve never heard of him, but I’m sure my husband has (loves country music). How cool that he gets to live on a farm, too. That’s always been my fantasy.

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  31. I wasn’t familiar with his work, but then again, I grew up in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. 🙂 I listened to the youtube’s you placed here and I have to say, he really is something! He has great lyrics – very meaningful & true.

  32. that’s an awesome experience, interviewing aaron! i had no idea he’d been struck by lightning- twice!

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    It looks like those jeans are working pretty hard too.

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  50. Sylvia Ortiz says

    Aaron Tippin has led a very interesting and successful life – especially like that he has performed for the military overseas, providing our troops with entertainment.

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    i’d love to live on a 500 acre farm in tennessee too. that’s where my husband is from. he seems like a really down to earth person and a real family man not letting fame take over.

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    I have loved Aaron Tippin for years and years!!!! So glad to hear he is doing well and staying in shape

  54. i want that body!

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    How interesting and varied life Aaron Tippin lives, and how he has his many varied products that he supports. I like that he takes his family with him when touring and the like if they are not in school, a real family man. Neat to read about so many sides of this country western star and his life. thank you

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