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Amusement Park Rides~

Stinger at Dorney Park amusement park rides

Before I launch into this spill about my favorite amusement park rides, let me first tell you a little about my experience with amusement parks. Growing up I was scared to death to ride a roller coaster. It wasn’t until I was 16 that I conquered this fear and rode my first roller coaster. I am pretty sure that it was the Carolina Cyclone at Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina (well, technically this park sits on the border of both North and South Carolina, so I guess it could have been either one). Since that time I have become a roller coaster enthusiast!

Amusement Park Rides: Drachen Fire

I have ridden many rides at many different parks, including Carowinds, Six Flags over Georgia in Atlanta, Emerald Pointe in Greensboro, NC, and Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. However, my favorite ride of all time was at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia. Yes, I did enjoy The Loch Ness Monster, which is their signature coaster and has been for several years, but my favorite was Drachen Fire. At the time that I rode it, it was the newest attraction at Busch Gardens and had 6 total inversions! It was super fast and wonderfully scary! Apparently, however, very few people agreed with me. It was torn down and scrapped after just six years of operation 🙁 . I can still remember having to lean my head to the side to keep my hat from blowing off my head! I finally got my arm up to hold it, but then my arm had to remain trapped between the shoulder harness and the side of the car until the ride was over! I got off the ride laughing hysterically about almost losing my hat. Yes this was without a doubt my favorite amusement park ride of all-time!

Little Dipper Roller Coaster

Other Really Cool Amusement Park Rides

I would also like to make honorable mentions to a couple of other rides that I enjoy immensely. First there is After Burn (formerly known as Top Gun) at Carowinds, also Ninja at Six Flags over Georgia, and Mystery Mine at Dollywood (super scary!) Hope you get the chance to check out some of these super rides as well as some of the other great ones around the world!

What Are Your Favorite Amusement Park Rides?

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  1. I think it is great that you conquered your fear and now love roller coasters. I also love roller coasters they are certainly my favorite ride.
    Melinda Dunne recently posted…Camping #RockYourBlog Day 3My Profile

  2. My hubby would love that roller coaster. Me, I haven’t conquered my fear so it’s a no go for me. ha!
    Gena recently posted…Comment on Top 5 Ways to Kick Off Father’s Day Weekend… Starting with the “Man of Steel” by DawnMy Profile

  3. natalie parvis says:

    I loved riding coasters at Paramounts Kings Dominion when I was growing up.

  4. Kate F. says:

    My favorite amusement park rides are Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain.

  5. I am willing to have a ride on the large roller coaster, but I am a little afraid. So till now, I just riding on the smaller amusement park rides.
    Allen Smith recently posted…Amusement Park Rides for Sale in CanadaMy Profile

  6. Great post!
    Thanks for introducing these amusement park rides you like and your riding experience, Jay Crawford!
    And I like different types of rides, including kiddie rides and thrill rides! 🙂
    Catherine recently posted…Tajikistan Customer Buy Le Bar Cars from Beston AmusementMy Profile

  7. I am sorry to admit I have never been a large amusement park yet. Such a pity! I tempt to try one!

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