Is Tim Tebow The Next Kordell Stewart?

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Does anyone remember Kordell Stewart, the former Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback/Wide Receiver/Kick Returner who became known as “Slash” for his varying roles in the Steelers’ offense and special teams? Does anyone think that Tim Tebow could end up just like him?

Tim Tebow: Is He The Next Kordell Stewart?

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Tim Tebow, the most famous unemployed man in America, was recently released by the New York Jets, where he had struggled to gain any recognition for his abilities under head coach Rex Ryan. Now there are rumors floating around that Tim Tebow could be used as a tight end in someone’s offense, if he is willing to accept that role.

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The key phrase here being if he is willing to accept that role. According to,  Tim Tebow doesn’t have any interest in switching positions. Back in the mid-1990s there was another player with similar talents who did practically the same thing. That was Kordell Stewart. He was used in various positions during the early part of his career, but he informed then-Steelers coach Bill Cowher that he was no longer interested in playing the role of “Slash.” He wanted to be an NFL quarterback, and that’s all. He would no longer move from position to position. In the end, Stewart wound up breaking down and crying like a big baby on the Steelers’ sidelines, a scene that was captured on television cameras and broadcast nationwide. That display hurt Stewart’s playing career. He wasn’t a bad quarterback, but he certainly wasn’t Hall of Fame material either.

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Tebow in his Denver Broncos days

Comparing Tim Tebow to Kordell Stewart

Tim Tebow has not been used in a multiple player role like Stewart, however there have been hints that that would be the road that teams would take with Tim Tebow if they were to have him on their team. Again, however, this doesn’t appear to be Tebow’s interest.

Tim Tebow is a gifted athlete, there is no doubt about that. However, teams feel reluctant to use him as a quarterback because he doesn’t have the greatest arm strength, and he has run basically only college-style offenses during the course of his career. This is very similar to the situation with Kordell Stewart, and Stewart struggled at the quarterback position.

Kordell Slash Stewart

Kordell Stewart

I have already mentioned how Kordell Stewart’s career began to backslide. I am not saying that Stewart was a bad player, but that image of him crying did hurt his playing career. I am also not saying that Tim Tebow will not be successful in the NFL, however, he isn’t getting any younger, and if he doesn’t accept a role soon, he may never find his niche in the NFL.

Do You Think Tim Tebow Will Be The Next Kordell Stewart?

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  1. I hope not – I think he is an inspiration for a younger generation and it would be sad to see his talent and his name recognition wasted!
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    • Jay Crawford says

      That’s very true! But the offers are on the table. It’s up to him to decide…thanks for commenting!

  2. Who really knows what will happen till it happens. Him crying may have hurt him , he probably was under stress. Let him be who he comfortable wants to be

    • Jay Crawford says

      I don’t know if Tim Tebow has actually cried on the sidelines, but Kordell Stewart certainly did. Tebow has finally caught on, signed with the New England Patriots. If anyone can turn him into a pro quarterback, it’s Pats head coach Bill Belichick. We shall see.

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