Justin Bieber: Rise Of A YouTube Phenomenon

Justin Bieber ~

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Seems like time has passed by quickly since five years ago when America fell in love with Justin Bieber. Bieber started off by posting videos of his talent all over YouTube for the duration of his life. His mother helped him by filming him singing, playing drums, guitar and much more. Anything to hopefully one day get noticed {hello, Usher, anyone?}. When he first released “Baby”, the girls went wild!

Justin Bieber: Living The Canadian Dream

Justin and Pattie

I believe that everyone fell in love with this Canadian sweetheart because he was able to relate to everyone by being so young and well, real. Justin was raised by his single mother Pattie (as pictured above), who helped him all through his journey to success. It is nice to see that he and his mother have such a strong relationship and it is widely known that she travels with him everywhere. She has always supported him and even decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia with him to help him pursue his dreams and aspirations. It’s nice to show America that a teenager and their parent can still have such a close relationship. Especially, a teen boy and his mother.

Justin Bieber Billboard Music Awards 2011-12

Since being first discovered, Justin Bieber has achieved many goals that many people never even come close to realizing. He has met Oprah (The Queen!), sang for Obama (twice), and has performed with many big names. On top of all that, he also has a face that is recognized around the globe. Vh1 named him the number one Greatest Kid Star in 2012. He was also Google’s most-searched person of 2011.


Personally, I love Justin Bieber! I have loved him from the very beginning (some might even call me addicted). I love how he is able to sing a variety of songs and still come out on top. For instance, he recently released the fast-paced song “As Long As You Love Me” then followed with a slow meaningful song (rumored to have been written for his ex Selena Gomez) “Nothing Like Us”. The songs are totally different, and yet he rocks both of them!

Oh, and being drop dead gorgeous doesn’t hurt either. ;)

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  1. I don’t know much about JB, but I read his mom’s book a few months ago and saw a whole new side of the Bieber family. It is amazing to see someone so young achieve such an influential platform and following!
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  2. I am probably one of the few that would not recognize him if his name were not next to his picture. All the things I have heard have impressed me though. He seems to be a great influence for kids today. How lucky he is to have such a great mom.
    Jennifer Williams recently posted…2013 Walk, Waddle and Wheel 5KMy Profile

  3. Have to say I loved the young Bieber – not so impressed by who he is now. But then again, performers need to reinvent themselves – change sells. And controversial change really sells. So here is hoping he wants to think a few extra cheeseburgers and pulling his pants up is cool next.
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  4. What a great post! My kids have Bieber Fever too!!! This site looks GREAT!!! LOVE IT!!!! The header is so cool!!! Make sure you add it to your SoFab account!!!
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    • Dawn McAlexander


      Oooh, I didn’t realize I could add it to my SoFab account? I don’t have to get it approved like I did the other?


  5. I had no idea he was Canadian – he now lives in the town next to me in CA :)
    Meghan recently posted…Happy Monday – Happy SpringMy Profile

  6. I have to say I never wanted to admit that I was a fan of his, but I love his music! I love him and Selena Gomez together. Oh and him mom is so hot, she looks so young. And he is a very good looking kid :D
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