“The Ten Commandments” [1956, Charlton Heston, Yul Brenner] #50FromThe50s

ten commandments

Six years ago I set out on an ambitious goal. I decided to review 50 movies from the 1950s. I wanted to expand my cinematic horizons and share that newfound wisdom with you guys. Three movies in and I scrapped the plan. Nice job, huh? So, here we are, six years later and in the midst of a pandemic. I think we could all use some movie inspiration. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can only binge watch so many sitcoms. So, I am giving it another go. For your viewing pleasure this week, I present to you “The Ten Commandments.”

“The Ten Commandments” [1956, Charlton Heston, Yul Brenner] #50FromThe50s

Enjoying a life of ease in the court of Egypt’s pharaoh, Moses (Charlton Heston) discovers his Hebrew heritage and, later, God’s expectations of him. He dedicates himself to liberating his people from captivity and — with the aid of plagues and divine intervention — manages to lead them out of Egypt and across the Red Sea. A greater challenge comes in the form of the golden calf idol, however, and it takes an unforgettable visitation by God on Mount Sinai for Moses’ mission to prevail.

ten commandments

My Thoughts On “The Ten Commandments”

I watched this movie because my friend Myndi was talking about how great it was on Facebook and how it was coming on TV that night. Having never seen the movie myself, I decided to watch and I am so glad that I did. “The Ten Commandments” is an AMAZING movie. Charlton Heston and Yul Brenner both give amazing performances and I feel like the story follows closely to that of the Bible. For all of you believers out there, I think that this movie will resonate with you on a deep spiritual level. For those of you who love CGI and action pictures of today, this movie has some pretty cool graphics given the time in which it was produced. I mean, it was made in the 50s! If you are looking for a movie that is safe to watch with the kids, I think you can all enjoy this as a family pretty safely. I highly recommend this movie. 🙂

ten commandments

Have you seen “The Ten Commandments?” If so, what did you think? Drop a comment below or on social media and let us know.

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