John Berry’s New TV Show Launching Nationwide In July

John Berry's New TV Show Launching Nationwide In July

Guess what! All of you John Berry fans should be really excited. You will get to see a lot more of him very soon since John Berry’s new TV show will start airing nationwide this summer. Taping begins next month and you even have a chance to check it out live before air date by attending one of the live shows in person. We have all of the details and the taping schedule for you below.
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Could You Survive “Naked And Afraid?” #NakedAndAfraid

Could You Survive Naked And Afraid? | Eat Play Rock

Have you seen the reality show on the Discovery Channel called Naked & Afraid? The premise of the show is two strangers meet in a rugged environment, strip down to their naked self, take a document camera and prove that they can survive for 21 days with no help, no food…and no clothes. It’s an intriguing look at a human’s resourcefulness, survival skills and the ability to adapt.
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