Top 10 Athletes Who Had It All And Threw It Away: #8 Tonya Harding

Tonya Harding Mug Shot

Tonya Harding had a promising career ahead of her as a member of the 1994 U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team. She won the U.S. Figure Skating Championship in 1991 and placed second in the World Championships. But, in January of 1994, just months before the Olympic Games in Lilehammer, Norway, Harding linked herself with infamy. During a practice session just prior to the 1994 U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Championships, Harding’s Olympic teammate, Nancy Kerrigan, was viciously attacked, her knee badly bruised by an assailant with a baton. As a result, Kerrigan would withdraw from the competition, leaving the door open for Harding, who won the competition. Days later, however, the attackers were captured and they implicated both Harding and her ex-husband Jeff Gilooly in the assault.
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