Suicide Squad Movie Review {Starring Will Smith & Margot Robbie} #SuicideSquad

Suicide Squad Movie Review {Starring Will Smith & Margot Robbie}

One thing that you might know about the two of us, Dawn and myself, if you read this blog, is that we are avid fans of comic book movies. We have seen just about all of them as soon as they came out in the theaters. And, needless to say, we were really excited to see Suicide Squad when it came out this past week. Me, personally, I had a critical eye towards this film since the past couple of DC Comics films have not performed up to standard in the theaters. Also, there is a rant here that I felt must be included, so if you dislike, please skip to the end following the plot summary.
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Top 10 Mysterious And Unsolved Celebrity Deaths

Top 10 Mysterious and Unsolved Celebrity Deaths

There are several cases of celebrity deaths which could be considered mysterious. Many people have their own conspiracy theories about certain celebrities and the way that they passed on, but some raise more red flags than others. Here is a list of what I would consider ten of the top mysterious celebrity deaths.
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Man of Steel Movie Review #ManOfSteel

Man of Steel ~

Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill and Amy Adams

Fans have been waiting a long time for the re-telling of the beginning of America’s greatest superhero, Superman. Now it is finally here, and here is my review of this most recent DC Comics offering, Man of Steel.

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