Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse In Myrtle Beach, SC #sponsored @RiozBrazilianSt

For a fun and tasty dining experience, try Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse. They offer a 30+ item salad bar, a variety of meats brought to your table on skewers on cooked to order and decadent desserts #sponsoredEat Play Rock

Put the word “steakhouse” out there when you are asking me where I want to eat, and I will pick it ten times out of ten. However, a Brazilian steakhouse seems even more intriguing. Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, did not disappoint. In a word, it was delicious. I could think of several other adjectives to describe our experience at Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse as well; fabulous, fun, exciting and tasty come to mind right off the bat.
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