Top 10 Athletes Who Had It All And Threw It Away: #9 Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong: Performance Enhancing Drugs~

In light of recent events in sports, I thought I would spend a few moments recalling some of the most memorable scandals in sports history. Scandals that turned our notable athletes into villains and made us say “shame on you!”

Mr. Livestrong – Lance Armstrong

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Summer Movies 2013: Theater Release Dates,Trailers and Reviews #summermovies2013

Summer Movies 2013 ~

Summer Movies 2013
From Memorial Day to Labor Day, movie companies spend mega dollars to provide the best summer movie entertainment. This helps to ensure that summer is always the best time to hit up your local cinema. But what movies should you see? To plan out your summer movie watching, we have provided a list for you of movie release dates to help you get the most bang for your movie buck!

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