2019 Louder Than Life Lineup + Win 4 GA Weekend Passes [US, Ends 7/3]

2019 Louder Than Life Lineup + Win 4 GA Weekend Passes

Louder Than Life is coming to Louisville, KY, September 27-29. This year’s acts include Guns N’ Roses, Slipknot, Ice Cube, Godsmack, Disturbed, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Breaking Benjamin, Stone Temple Pilots and so many more and here is your chance to WIN 4 GA weekend passes to the music festival!

2019 Louder Than Life Lineup + Win 4 GA Weekend Passes

Who is ready to rock? I don’t know about you, but I have not seen a lot of these bands yet, so I am ready to blow this popsicle stand and get to this music festival right now. But, alas, it’s not til September. What?! Oh well, that gives us plenty of time to plan, doesn’t it? 😉

And I am so ready to rock 80s Guns N’ Roses style. I might even tease my hair for this event. And you guys know I don’t fix my hair, so that’s saying something.

2019 Louder Than Life Lineup + Win 4 GA Weekend Passes

I gotta be honest. I am most excited about Guns ‘N Roses and Ice Cube. And Epicenter made me a new fan of Motionless In White, so they definitely are now on my priority list for Louder Than Life. Who are you most excited about seeing? Secure yourself some tickets today before this bad boy sells out or take your chances and try to win some below.

2019 Louder Than Life Lineup + Win 4 GA Weekend Passes

Win 4 Louder Than Life GA Weekend Passes

Here is your chance to win 4 General Admission Weekend Passes to Louder Than Life Music Festival. So enter now and maybe in September you will be packing up your favorite friends to check out this epic rock festival in Kentucky. Be sure to come back daily for the free entry. This giveaway is open to the US and ends on July 3. Eat Play Rock is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Prize delivery will be via Louder Than Life Music Festival. Best of luck!

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2019 Louder Than Life Lineup + Win 4 GA Weekend Passes

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6 Music Themed Restaurants In Myrtle Beach

6 Music Themed Restaurants In Myrtle Beach

On Thursday I am headed back to Myrtle Beach to go to Carolina Country Music Fest. Last year was my first time attending and I tried to keep the restaurants music related to make it a whole themed trip. Because I am cool like that. If you are like me, and I might be making your acquaintance at this year’s music festival, be sure to check out my favorite music themed restaurants in Myrtle Beach and plan your food festivities accordingly.

6 Music Themed Restaurants In Myrtle Beach

Hard Rock Cafe – If you haven’t been to Myrtle Beach in a few years, you might not know that Hard Rock Cafe changed locations. They used to be in the pyramid building but now they are at Broadway at the Beach. I asked why they moved and was told that they are trying to streamline the look of the Hard Rock Cafes, to make them more uniform, so that the focus can be more on the music. So RIP pyramid and hello brand new Hard Rock Cafe.

I always buy and/or trade souvenir pins when I go to Hard Rock Cafe and now have quite the collection. Unfortunately, I never got one at Gatlinburg before they closed down that location, so if any of you want to hook me up with one, I sure won’t be saying no. 😉

Wahlburgers – I remember when I went to Coney Island a few years ago and laid my eyes on my first Wahlburgers [a franchise co-owned by Paul, Donnie and Mark Wahlberg]. It wasn’t completed yet but I had been watching the show [still do] so I was at least familiar with the franchise. Fast forward to last year and I finally got to eat at one – in Myrtle Beach. If you are able to make it, be sure to order something with “government cheese.” Soooo good.

And for any of you who might not consider this restaurant to be “music themed” I beg to differ. Who can forget about New Kids On The Block and Marky Mark? In the restaurant, you’ll find tons of memorabilia from their music days [as well as their acting careers] hanging around for you to peruse.

House Of Blues – Some of my absolute favorite memories of Myrtle Beach include House of Blues. I remember one time, a few years ago, leaving for Myrtle Beach kind of late and being really exhausted when we finally got there. So, we headed over to House of Blues for the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater and then we hung around to listen to the Journey tribute band that was playing afterwards. It was the perfect way to relax after a 5 hour car ride.

And last year during Carolina Country Music Fest, we tried out the Sunday Gospel Brunch for the first time. I know that many of you who are attending this year’s music festival will be looking for Sunday church. Why not go to House of Blues? There you will find amazing gospel music singers and a buffet full of fantastic southern food. If you really want to immerse yourself in southern culture, be sure to try chicken and waffles. It was a first for me [even though I am from the south] and I left a fan.

Margaritaville – Anytime I travel, I make it a point to stop by Margaritaville. And, after years of promising me they would soon have them available for purchase, they finally have souvenir pins. I believe I now have pins from both the Pigeon Forge and Myrtle Beach locations. But I will be checking my pin collection before I head out to make sure. Otherwise I will be picking up one on this trip.

Anyway, who doesn’t love Jimmy Buffett? Even if you don’t love his music, if you are headed to a beach, you are probably down with his vibe. Seriously though, if you don’t love “Come Monday” can we even be friends?

The Bowery – I mean, come on people! How can you go to the 5th annual Carolina Country Music Fest, where Alabama will be playing Thursday night by the way, without going to The Bowery? Did I mention it’s Alabama’s 50th year and they got their start at the legendary Bowery. Plus, it’s located right next to the music festival. So, if you aren’t driving, you don’t even have to worry about paying the Uber fare. Just walk on over. Convenience. I got you. 😉

I stopped in last year and you can trust that I will stop in again this year. Who knows? Alabama might even drop by The Bowery, too!

Dave and Buster’s – I am throwing Dave and Buster’s in, too, because they have music themed games and the TVs play music videos that you can watch while eating. So, even though it might not be predominately music themed, they offer enough that I think all of you music aficionados will still really enjoy the atmosphere there. Plus, they have really good food and offer money saving deals on food and game combos. I recommend joining their email list for specials.

And did I mention cocktails? Dave and Buster’s has some super fun drinks to choose from, too, many that come with fun monsters on the side! Yes, I am an overgrown child. 😉

These are just some of the music themed restaurants that I have tried out in Myrtle Beach and, of course, I haven’t been everywhere. Do you have a favorite to suggest that I missed? I’d love to hear about it if you do!h

Still don’t have your tickets for Carolina Country Music Fest? What the heck, people? Get on it already before they run out and you are left sitting at home, watching my Instagram for updates!

8 Things I Learned At Epicenter Music Festival

8 Things I Learned At Epicenter Music Festival

A couple of weekends ago, I went to the inaugural Epicenter Music Festival [RIP Carolina Rebellion] in Rockingham, NC. It was my first time camping at a music festival and I really enjoyed the chance to experience it. Even though much of the festival was shut down due to severe weather, I met all kinds of cool people and also some weirdos as one typically does at any public event. It was definitely the music festival where I learned the most and I wanted to share these things below for those of you who may be venturing out to your own festivals this summer.

8 Things I Learned At Epicenter Music Festival

I Really Dig Motionless In White – I had never heard of the band, “Motionless In White” before this festival. But they looked cool and I thought I would catch their show and see what I thought. When they started singing “Necessary Evil,” I was like what…. they totally sampled Lesley Gore’s “It’s My Party.” I really enjoy when acts do that and do it well. So, when I got home, I listened to that song a few more times and have to say, I really like it. Though I didn’t get to see many acts at Epicenter Music Festival, Motionless In White was definitely my favorite.

8 Things I Learned At Epicenter Music Festival
Rob Zombie [photo courtesy Darren Menius]

It’s Better To Bring Your Own Bathroom Facilities To A Festival – Porta potties are naaaaaaasty. And they are even nastier when people have been drinking. Waking up in the middle of the night having to pee is bad enough. But how many of you can guarantee you can walk like a mile away to the nasty porta potty before you have an accident? That doesn’t seem like a game I want to play. Also, showers at Epicenter Music Festival were $10 each. Mama don’t have that kind of dough. So solutions needed to be found.

I avoided all this drama by bringing my own way to bathe and use the restroom thanks to my friends at Bass Pro Shops! I had a really cool set up with the PUP [Portable Pop Up Tent] so the bathroom facilities weren’t in my tent. It was super easy to set up – I did it all by myself in just a few minutes. I staked it down and it held up great when the storm hit [more on that in a minute], receiving no damage at all.

Inside the pop up tent, I had a Cabela’s Camp Commode Camping Toilet. It just unfolds and you hook a bag under the bottom and go. I used the WAG Bag Kit. These bags are filled with something similar to kitty litter, I imagine, that turns whatever you do into a solid. When you are done, just throw the bag in the trash and that’s that. No getting lost in the middle of the night, trying to find a porta potty.

I highly recommend getting one of these set ups from Bass Pro Shops. Check out the rest of their camping gear and please let me know of other great camping supplies that this novice camper needs to pick up for my next music festival.

8 Things I Learned At Epicenter Music Festival
Photo courtesy Darren Menius

I Should Have Left My House Earlier – Epicenter Music Festival officially started on Friday [5/10] but you could get to the camp site on the Thursday before and take part in pre-festival fun [music, etc]. I fully intended to leave bright and early Thursday morning to head to Rockingham, but my neighbor was getting a roof put on her house and the noise was driving my dogs nuts so I didn’t want to leave them like that.

I finally left my house about noon on Friday. And this was a decision I would later regret. I stopped to pick up some things on the way and ended up making it to within 5 miles of the festival at 3:15pm, where traffic came to a complete stand still. By the time I got to Will Call to pick up my media passes and then to the camp site, it was 10:30 pm that night! I could have still seen Korn, but I was just too tired to bother at that point. I still had a fun day, though, as people seemed pretty chill in the stand still traffic. Several people were just walking around, chatting it up with others still in their cars. So I wasn’t “alone” for 7 hours. But it would have been better had I made better decisions. Though I have been to music festivals in the past, this was my first time camping, and this was a learning experience in better time management and decision making.

8 Things I Learned At Epicenter Music Festival
Killswitch Engage [photo courtesy Darren Menius]

There Is No Good Way Into Epicenter Music Festival – Having said that about my poor time management skills, I want to add that there is only one road into the festival grounds. One. So, of course, it wasn’t all my fault it took so long to get into the festival. I have seen many, many people talk about how Epicenter Music Festival should have planned for this traffic. I have to say though, this festival is at Rockingham Speedway. If they never worked on building better infrastructure when the race was still there, I am doubting they will now, so this may just be what we have to work with. So, again, it comes back to me leaving the house earlier.

Female Solo Travel Is Awesome – I set up my own tent [except for the top part – a kind gentleman in the tent next to mine got that for me]. It was my first time setting it up and I was making a simple mistake so I anticipate no more problems here forward. I packed my own car. I set up my own shower tent. I drove myself to the festival and took care of myself the entire weekend. All of this I did by myself, without having to wait on anyone else who might be late, without having to worry about what someone else wants to do, without having to think about anyone else at all. I have to admit, it was one of the most fun trips that I have ever taken because I could just do whatever I wanted without worrying about someone else and their needs the entire time. I just did me.

8 Things I Learned At Epicenter Music Festival
Photo courtesy Darren Menius

Always Strap Your Tent Down – When I set my tent up Saturday morning, it was beautiful and sunny. I am not an experienced camper [yet] so I consulted one of my neighbors asking if I should stake the tent down. He said that he didn’t feel that I needed to if I had heavy things inside weighing it down. So, I had a cooler in there a few other things and I thought that would be ok. It was not.

When the storm hit later that night, I almost lost my tent. Seriously, I caught it just as it was about to fly away. I then got out of my car [all this in the middle of the storm, of course] and tied the tent to my car door. Then I had to hang my arm outside of my car for like 10 minutes holding on to one of the tent rods to make sure it didn’t go adios. I have to say, my tent, given all of my idiocy [aka learning experience] held up like a beast! It suffered no damage at all! I highly recommend the Coleman 5-Person Instant Dome Tent for any of you inexperienced campers like me. You will make mistakes. You want the tent that can take it. Trust.

Frozen Apples Are The Bomb – I packed all of my own food for Epicenter Music Festival. Trying to keep in mind that things need to stay cold to last, I decided to freeze some apple slices before packing them in the cooler. I am not a huge apple fan, but I will definitely freeze some for my camping trips in the future. They are ridiculously tasty and refreshing on a hot day. Apples are WAY better frozen. Yum.

8 Things I Learned At Epicenter Music Festival
Foo Fighters [photo courtesy Darren Menius]

There Is No Safe Place When Severe Weather Strikes – Epicenter Music Festival was evacuated on Saturday night due to incoming severe weather. I have to admit, the sky didn’t look all that threatening when the warning came over the loud speakers, cutting off Black Label Society about 2 songs in. But I did as I was told, evacuating the festival and going back to my car as instructed.

Then all hell broke loose. Some say we had a tornado nearby. I don’t know about all that, but I do know that we had one crazy thunderstorm. I spent 10 or so minutes holding onto my tent for dear life while many others weren’t so lucky. There are some people who are now blaming Epicenter Music Festival for their inability to see bands [i.e. Tool] later that night. Personally, I am not going to die to see anyone. I really, really, really wanted to see Bush, who was supposed to play in the time slot during the evacuation but that’s the way it goes. Perhaps I will get my chance some other time.

I feel like if you are at a music festival [or any huge gathering of people] you are choosing to take certain risks. That’s just the way it is. Epicenter Music Festival can’t control the weather anymore than I can. And, even if I were at home, I couldn’t guarantee my safety if a tornado struck. It’s just reality. If we can’t live with this, then perhaps a music festival isn’t the place for us.

Check out my interview with 311’s Nick Hexum here.

Check out more of Darren Menius’ pictures from Epicenter Music Festival here.

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311’s Nick Hexum Talks New Album “Voyager” & Epicenter Music Festival

311's Nick Hexum Talks New Album "Voyager" & Epicenter Music Festival

Epicenter Music Festival is next week and 311 will be there, bringing massive hits like “Down” and “All Mixed Up” and perhaps new material off of their upcoming album, “Voyager” (out June 28). Singer and guitarist, Nick Hexum, talks to us today about their new album, the origin of their name, Epicenter Music Festival and much more.

311’s Nick Hexum Talks New Album “Voyager” & Epicenter Music Festival

EPR: 311 got their name due to a streaking incident involving one of the then bandmembers, that got him arrested. Was it a dare? Did his buddies come to his rescue or just let him think about what he had done?

Nick Hexum: Well, only P-Nut was there but as I understand it, it was daytime shenanigans because there was no school that day.  It was spring and the pool was closed.  Someone was dared to jump the fence and skinny dip. He got caught and was brought home to mom, naked, cuffed, and given a “311” ticket!  (“311″ being Omaha police code for “indecent exposure”).

311's Nick Hexum Talks New Album "Voyager" & Epicenter Music Festival

EPR: 311 has been around for many years when the majority of bands that were coming up about the same time are long gone. What is your secret to not losing that artistry and creativeness that makes it still possible to perform and make quality music?

Nick Hexum: For me, I work hard to keep that sense of wonder about exploring new music. That means you keep exposing yourself to new stuff and not become the grumpy old guy that only likes the old stuff. We stay excited about music and that makes it exciting to listen to. Cannabis helps keep that youthful sense of wonder!

EPR: Early in your career, 311 lost all of their equipment in an RV fire. How did you not just say “forget this!” and pack it up then?

Nick Hexum: Because we had a gig the next night! And then like six more left on the tour. So, we just needed to borrow instruments and amps to get through it. We rented a car on my credit card and made it back home. Then, I found a guy to lend us money to buy a much safer RV and some new gear.  Our record company didn’t offer to help us so we had to do it ourselves.  That’s ok they got their comeuppance. But no, we never considered giving up. We were having way too much fun!

EPR: What can you tell us about your new album, “Voyager” coming out later this year?

Nick Hexum: I feel it is another exciting step forward. We boldly go into some new territory! I think the title “Voyager” is quite fitting because we see ourselves as musical explorers.

EPR: Do you hang around to watch the other bands at music festivals?

Nick Hexum: Yes, we’ve made so many great friends with other bands. I love to watch other bands to get inspired. There is some kick-ass heavy music on Epicenter Fest!

Catch 311 at Epicenter Music Festival [5/11] and check out the rest of their tour dates here.

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Hometown Rising Country Music & Bourbon Festival Lineup Announced #HometownRising

Hometown Rising Country Music & Bourbon Festival Lineup Announced #HometownRising

I had so much fun at the music festivals last summer and can’t wait to get the party started again this year. What about you? I plan on hitting up the usual suspects naturally, but I came along this new one and just had to share. With huge acts headlining like Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Little Big Town and Keith Urban, Hometown Rising is bound to become a notch on the summer roster. Oh, and did I mention there’s bourbon? [Read more…]

13 Things To Pack For A Music Festival

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias

This post is intended for an audience of adults age 18 and older.

In my time, I have gone to hundreds of concerts. However, I have only attended the sporadic day at a couple of music festivals. I have never camped out or attended the entire festival until this year. A little over a week ago, I attended my first full music festival. I had so much fun that I will be attending at least 2 more this summer. With my first full music festival under my belt, I learned some things. So, all of you music festival newbies, today I am going to share with you what I feel you might want to pack for a music festival – starting with what type of sunscreen is allowed all the way to the Cue™ Vapor System. [Read more…]

Lewis Brice Interview: Can You Duet, Joey and Rory & Brotherly Love

Lewis Brice Interview: Can You Duet, Joey and Rory & Brotherly Love

Interviewing Lewis Brice at this year’s Carolina Country Music Fest was unlike any other artist interview that I had ever taken part in previously. I met up with some of his crew, caught the end of his set and watched as he did a meet and greet with a line of very eager fans. Then I got to go backstage as we preceded to walk through a crowd to the RV where the interview was to take place. Along the way, several fans stopped him to asked for autographs and pictures and such, to which he happily obliged. I even held his beer while he signed a few things. So ladies, I like to think I helped make this happen for you in a very tiny way, lol. He sang along to Morgan Wallen’s “Up Down” [Wallen was on stage as we were walking to the RV] so I feel like I even got my own little impromptu concert.

Lewis Brice Interview: Can You Duet, Joey and Rory & Brotherly Love

EPR: So you had two performances here this year?

Lewis Brice: I did.

EPR: Are you going to do anymore? Or where are you going next?

Lewis Brice: I think I am done for today. So I had 2:30 on the stage right there – it was awesome. I had a great time. And then I had the Blue Moon Tent, which was fantastic. I mean, it was packed in there.

EPR: And you did meet and greets.

Lewis Brice: Yeah, meet and greets at that. And so, I’ve been rock and rolling all day, since I got here.

EPR: Are meet and greets typical at your shows?

Lewis Brice: Yeah, we are getting more and more. Now I guess I am doing a little better and better so people are requesting meet and greets so yeah we are doing meet and greets at shows and stuff like that.

EPR: That’s cool. A lot of people really love that you know? How many shows do you usually do a year?

Lewis Brice: Weekend Warrior, if that puts it in perspective – about 4 days a week. It comes out to about 180 to almost 200 something like that.

Lewis Brice Interview: Can You Duet, Joey and Rory & Brotherly Love

EPR: So where are you going next?

Lewis Brice: Well, I am finally finishing up CMA Fest this week and Carolina Country Music Fest. I fly back tomorrow, actually, and I have one more CMA Fest show. So I’ve had like 3 shows this week and then today and then tomorrow I have one more show, acoustic. When I get done with that, I am done for at least one day. Then I’m back on the road – I think I have a show in Ohio on the 21st, back in Nashville the 23rd. From there I am off to the races. I know I am playing Maine, I’m thinking I’ll be in Minneapolis, Oregon.

EPR: So you are from South Carolina, right?

Lewis Brice: Just 2 hours down the road from Myrtle Beach, right down Myrtle Beach Highway in Sumter, SC.

EPR: So this is kind of like your stomping grounds. Do you get to come back to South Carolina a lot?

Lewis Brice: More holidays now. We are so busy. I live in Nashville. I mean my favorite times to come back are Thanksgiving and Christmas. And then we go camping right here at North Myrtle Beach, around the Little River area. So, we actually made the Myrtle Beach News a couple of years ago, I think we did. It said “Loud Explosions In The North Myrtle Beach Little River Area That Nobody Can See!” We go on a camping trip every year, in the middle of the swamp and just have a good time.

EPR: Obviously having a really good time. [laughs]

Lewis Brice: Yeah, we make noise. [laughs]

EPR: So people who are on the outside who didn’t get invited get to know? That’s kind of messed up isn’t it? [laughs]

Lewis Brice: [laughs] Well, you know, that’s a very personal trip. It’s like 6 of us at the most. And we just sit in the woods for 3 days and that’s our 3 days to not worry about our cell phones or anything. It’s our 3 days a year off.

EPR: You need more than 3 days, but hey, 3 days is 3 days.

Lewis Brice: Awww, if I’m awake, I’m working.

Lewis Brice Interview: Can You Duet, Joey and Rory & Brotherly Love

EPR: Alright. Alright. So tell me about your partnership with the Disabled American Vets.

Lewis Brice: It’s really awesome. I met Mike – he got in a pretty bad spot. He couldn’t find a job, this, that and the other and I met him today for the first time. I talked to him a couple of days ago. And the service he gave, just what he did for our country. Now, he has his own organization, or he’s working with the organization. He’s just an inspiring person, you know? I can’t even imagine being in his position, when the bullets are flying at you. Somewhere else in the world where the people around you, they aren’t fans of you. It’s crazy what he put up with.

He’s just a good dude. I’ll hang out with him after the show today. I think he’s still around. I think he’s back in the room. I told him to come back a little later, we’ll have a couple of cold ones.

EPR: That sounds like a good day. So you were on “Can You Duet?”

Lewis Brice: I was. I moved to Nashville over 10 years ago. A couple of years in, I was able to go on a show called “Can You Duet?” through CMT. And we did well, I got the Top 8. It was a great, great experience, it really was. I learned a lot about the business, in the TV sense, I guess. A lot of it was like hurry up and wait, but the talented people I was fortunate enough to meet on that show, my buddies Brownell & Richey, Nick Brownell and Jeremiah Richey.

I met a couple other people – some of my favorite people I met on the season were Joey and Rory. They were on my season, God bless her soul. They were the sweetest people in the world and I was able to become friends with them. But everything that happened with her… their base on faith, it’s awesome. It’s an amazing, beautiful thing. Man, Rory, he’s just a great dude. Joey, she was a beautiful soul.

EPR: They seemed like they genuinely cared for each other.

Lewis Brice: 110,000%. When I met them, that’s exactly – you saw them, wherever you saw them, that’s exactly who they were. They were some of my favorite people. They loved each other, they loved life. They were just beautiful human beings. I think out of that season, I was just fortunate to meet them.

EPR: Yeah, and like 1000s of people try to get on that show.

Lewis Brice: I think they said the number was like 3 or 4 or 5,000 or something like that. I was able to make the Top 8, so…

Lewis Brice Interview: Can You Duet, Joey and Rory & Brotherly Love

EPR: Were you nervous? Was that a nerve wracking show for you?

Lewis Brice: It was kind of nerve wracking because there’s a differene between playing on TV and playing in front of an audience. In front of audiences, you can be a little more live and a little more loose, but on TV they hear every word and every inflection in your voice. Yeah, I was a little nervous. I don’t get nervous that often, but for that I did.

EPR: Do you have to sing differently [on TV]? I know you were talking about every inflection or whatever, but is it a different style entirely – how you use your voice?

Lewis Brice: You really have to hear your voice. It’s not really – you gotta sing how you are going to sing. I would have to learn a lot more about singing, like I would have to scream to sing I guess if I were trying to sing sing. But when you are in the studio or on TV and it’s right there, you hear everything, so it’s more singing than it is the former, I guess.

Lewis Brice Interview: Can You Duet, Joey and Rory & Brotherly Love

EPR: So, you and your brother [country singer Lee Brice] have both been able to make it in the music industry. Is it odd at family reunions and get togethers that so many people are doing well? Any fun rivalries?

Lewis Brice: Actually it’s really awesome. Honestly, it’s a cool thing. I mean, 2 brothers working it out in country music. So, it works out well. Him and I work very well together. We are best friends and he helped me produce my last album and I helped him produce the new album. I tell you, he’s a work horse. I’ve learned a lot from him and when we get together he believes in that music just as much as I believe in it. I’m very blessed to have a good brother like him. We’ve done a really good job to keep separate I guess.

EPR: So, you have made a lot of lists like, “New Country Artists To Know,” and “Ten Artists To Watch.” How do feel about that? On such big label magazines.

Lewis Brice: When it comes to musicians, Rolling Stone, Rolling Stone Magazine – when I woke up and I saw that I had that article in Rolling Stone Magazine, I was like “Geez, that’s crazy!” I was also in Billboard this past year. I’m going to try and prove them right. I’m going to keep on working and I have new music coming out.

Check out Lewis Brice’s tour dates here.

Lewis Brice Interview: Can You Duet, Joey and Rory & Brotherly Love

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Stephanie Quayle Chats About Being ‘Selfish’, Reba, Her Nationwide Tour With KOA & Performing For The Presidents

.Stephanie Quayle Chats About Being 'Selfish', Reba, Her Nationwide Tour With KOA & Performing For The Presidents

This week, we have been enjoying all of the great country music that Myrtle Beach, SC has to offer at Carolina Country Music Fest. And let me tell you, it is hot. I got a chance to sit in a nice air conditioned RV and chat with rising country star Stephanie Quayle about her new single, “Selfish” and her very cool nationwide tour with KOA. I am not sure what was cooler, the lovely and engaging Mrs Quayle or the AC. 😉

Stephanie Quayle Chats About Being ‘Selfish’, Reba, Her Nationwide Tour With KOA & Performing For The Presidents

EPR: So, we are on this cool RV. I was reading that you did a tour in a RV. Is that correct?

Stephanie Quayle: So we had a song out that is on our album, “Love The Way You See Me,” and it was our 2nd single called, “Winnebago.” This song, it’s just a feel good, roll your windows down and go have the adventure of your life. So, as I was thinking about the song, I was like, “I haven’t been to a lot of these places. We need to go live the lyrics. We need to go live this song.” So my team was like, “OK.”

How am I going to do that, though? How am I going to end up at the Empire State Building? Hoover Dam and some of these places we could get to but it was just one of those things, you know? I didn’t give them a ton of time to plan.

So, we ended up teaming up with Winnebago and RV Loft and KOA [Kampgrounds of America] and we just kind of created this wild, musical tour experience while we went to all of these other places. So, we would stay at KOA campgrounds across the country instead of hotels. We would wake up either in our Winnebago or these tiny, little cabins that are just incredible.

EPR: They are so nice looking.

Stephanie Quayle: So nice! Like I grew up thinking of KOA tents and I mean, they know what they are doing. So, we went to go see the world in the coolest ways. It was such an amazing experience and, honestly, there is just something about your home being wherever you are and getting to live that to the fullest extent. Yeah, we showed up in New York, with our Winnebago and sang on the Empire State Building on the 86th floor. It was just crazy! I was like, “What are we doing and how are we doing this?” You just keep saying yes, and it works out.

EPR: So how long did you tour like that?

Stephanie Quayle: We did 9,000 miles criss crossing the country. We kicked it off in June at CMA Festival last year and we went throughout the summer. And then we started up with KOA again in January in Florida and then we will be doing that again this year. So we are just going wherever the music leads us.

Stephanie Quayle Chats About Being 'Selfish', Reba, Her Nationwide Tour With KOA & Performing For The Presidents

EPR: Are you doing CMA Fest again this year?

Stephanie Quayle: Yes, so we played yesterday. We go to New York tomorrow and open for LOCASH and then we fly back to Nashville Sunday morning and we play the Radio Disney stage. It’s bonkers, it’s amazing. We also got to perform for the presidents!

EPR: Tell us about that!

Stephanie Quayle: Just the 5 former Presidents of the United States of America! Real low key stuff here [laughs]. So that was wild. When we got that phone call, I didn’t even really know how to absorb what was about to happen. There was a process of the clearances that have to happen and picking of the songs that really is surreal. And we got to perform at Texas A&M.

So, when we got there, we were told that we were going to be able to meet the presidents prior to the performance. It’s so weird to say this out loud [laughs]. My husband and I, we got to go take a photograph and meet the presidents. And there are Secret Service everywhere and you are like minding your Ps and Qs so much. You don’t want to do anything to get kicked out, because I hadn’t performed yet, you know? We go in and it’s so surreal and President Clinton was the first to say hello to us and then President Bush and we just went down the line and everyone was so gracious, so kind and it was unbelievable. So unbelievable. I felt like we were all friends.

So, I get on stage. I’ve got my ears in. I’ve got my wireless mic and I just head out there and I did not realize that they would be front row.

EPR: No pressure, right?

Stephanie Quayle: I know! I didn’t even really know what I had done until I watched the video back and I’m like, “Hello.” It was so amazing though, so special. And the next morning we were actually on a flight and we saw the Secret Service, they have the pins and such, and we saw someone that looked familiar, thinking maybe he was a Congressman or someone like that. It was President Carter. And he’s truly one of the most precious human beings I have ever, ever encountered in my life.

And we are just sitting there waiting and [wondering] “What’s going to happen?” And once everyone got seated, he went and said hello to every, single person on the flight. And that precious human gets to our end and I’m like, “Hello.” And he was like, “Hey, I saw you when you came on the flight but I didn’t want to bother you.” And I’m like, “But you’re you.” It was amazing and he was very kind about the show. And to be able to have that experience and for such an incredible cause…

EPR: And to be so humble…

Stephanie Quayle: I just love it when people come together for their fellow American, their fellow person. And that was what was so obvious, that this had nothing to do with politics and it had everything to do with people. To see that brought me so much joy knowing that when America rallies it’s unlike anything that I have ever seen. I think they raised close to $50 million. Just to be able to help so many that have been affected by the Hurricane, it was really something.

Just when you ask me, I’m like Forrest Gump. I mean, we work our tails off, and we’re striving and keeping our heads down and working so hard but to be able to have moments like that, it was historic.

EPR: Do you mind if I ask how old you are?

Stephanie Quayle: You can totally ask how old I am. I am actually 38.

EPR: No, you’re not! I thought early 20s.

Stephanie Quayle: I love you so much. I think it’s good living and country music.

Stephanie Quayle Chats About Being 'Selfish', Reba, Her Nationwide Tour With KOA & Performing For The Presidents

EPR: Exactly! So who are your inspirations?

Stephanie Quayle: Oh man! Well, are we talking music or in life?

EPR: Everything. Anyone who is just a big inspiration.

Stephanie Quayle: Well, I gotta start with music because I recently got to meet this woman and she blew me away: Reba McEntire. I got to meet her 2 days before the Opry debut. I mean, imagine getting a pep talk from Reba… Forrest Gump. [laughs] You know, you have all these ideas of people and she’s such an icon. I don’t know about you but it’s always a nerve wracking thing because what if they are not who you made them out to be in your mind. And she blew what I thought of her out of the water. She was so exquisite and kind and she gets it from her mama, her parents. I mean, she’s just incredibly genuine and authentic and it’s awesome. So, she is even more so an inspiration and an influence in my life now.

And, of course, Dolly Parton. I have not yet met her but she is just extraordinary. And when you think of Dolly Parton, you smiled. I watched it just happen.

EPR: Right!

Stephanie Quayle: And that I think for me, as an artist and entertainer, that’s one of my goals. You know, there is only one Dolly. It’s not about being Dolly. But having that kind of impact, where, when you think of Garth Brooks, when you think of Reba, that it makes you feel good. I think that’s what I really live for.

When it comes to inspirational people, I think I just look at anyone whose had that story of, you know, we learn the most from our failures. And I love that. And I love reading everyone’s “why” and “how” and what made them keep going. I think it’s like anything in life. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. If it’s in your guts and your heart and you have to have it, whatever it is, you’ll find a way.

EPR: Tell us about your current single.

Stephanie Quayle: Oooh, “Selfish.” [she hums a little at the man sitting near her in the RV and laughs] So that’s my husband. How awkward would that have been if it was just some random… so there’s a guy sitting there and we’ll just use him as the muse. [laughs]

So this song, I was feeling the words and the lyrics and I went into that writing session with Andy Wills and Tori Tullier and I was feeling selfish and just wanting more time with the one I live and not wanting to share him with his work and life and all the things, we get pulled in 1,000 different directions. And Tori started playing the keys and it just started happening. And then Andy on the guitar. It was one of those songwriting moments that you live for because it’s usually… it’s not pure magic every time. You gotta work and you gotta edit. You gotta change things. This was magic.

And we took it to the fans and immediately we started playing it at shows. That’s where we could see that, “Ok, there’s something here.” And we played it in every form, from full band to acoustic. It’s on the album, “Love The Way You See Me.” And then taking it to radio and watching it resonate like it has is just…the fans know. So what the fans say goes.

Check out Stephanie Quayle’s tour schedule here. And be sure to stay at Myrtle Beach KOA Resort next time you are in town for Carolina Country Music Fest.

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