Singing In The Shower: STORMp3 Shower MP3 Player #sponsored

May is for mamas giveaway hop #maymamasEat Play Rock

Welcome to the May Is For Mamas Giveaway Hop hosted by Cheap Is The New Classy. A ton of bloggers have come together to offer you the chance to win some great prized to give to mama, or to keep for yourself. 😉 Eat Play Rock has a very cool prize for you today. ToiletTree is offering one lucky reader a STORMp3 Water Resistant mp3 player – great for the shower!
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Music Listening Options Without Using Headphones



These days everyone likes to listen to their own mix of music and not listen to the radio. Sure, radio is still very popular, but the younger generation is becoming increasingly less and less dependent on radio stations for their music. It’s all about freedom of choice. Everyday you see more and more people jogging with headphones in their ears. But, what about when they get home? Do they still use those annoying headphones? That can be very rude to others around you, not to mention uncomfortable and dangerous to your hearing.

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