Focus Features 2018 Movie Release Schedule

Check Out The New Thoroughbreds Teaser Trailer #Thoroughbreds

Are you planning out what you are going to see at the movie theater this year? Focus Features has lots of great options coming up for you to choose from. From Tully, to Won’t You By My Neighbor? to Mary, Queen Of Scots, I am sure there is something that you are going to love! Check out the Focus Features 2018 movie release schedule and let us know what you will be watching this year.
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First Look At Upcoming Mary, Queen Of Scots

First Look At Mary, Queen Of Scots

Photo credit: John Mathieson

Saoirse Ronan will be starring in Mary, Queen Of Scots, along with Margot Robbie who will be portraying Elizabeth I. And we have all the available info for you today. Check out the first look at Mary, Queen of Scots and let us know if you will be going to see this movie. [Read more…]