First Look At Upcoming Mary, Queen Of Scots

First Look At Mary, Queen Of Scots

Photo credit: John Mathieson

Saoirse Ronan will be starring in Mary, Queen Of Scots, along with Margot Robbie who will be portraying Elizabeth I. And we have all the available info for you today. Check out the first look at Mary, Queen of Scots and let us know if you will be going to see this movie. [Read more…]

Suicide Squad Movie Review {Starring Will Smith & Margot Robbie} #SuicideSquad

Suicide Squad Movie Review {Starring Will Smith & Margot Robbie}

One thing that you might know about the two of us, Dawn and myself, if you read this blog, is that we are avid fans of comic book movies. We have seen just about all of them as soon as they came out in the theaters. And, needless to say, we were really excited to see Suicide Squad when it came out this past week. Me, personally, I had a critical eye towards this film since the past couple of DC Comics films have not performed up to standard in the theaters. Also, there is a rant here that I felt must be included, so if you dislike, please skip to the end following the plot summary.
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The Legend of Tarzan {Starring Alexander Skarsgard} Movie Review #TheLegendOfTarzan

The Legend of Tarzan Starring Alexander Skarsgard} Movie Review #TheLegendOfTarzan

If you are headed out to the theater and are looking for a movie to watch, well, I have already been there and previewed the movies for you. So, hopefully this will help you make a decision as to what kind of movie you want to see. But, then again, you may decide on what kind of movie you don’t want to see. Either way, here’s my review of the new movie The Legend of Tarzan.
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