CMT’s Nashville’s Rayna And Deacon To Be Immortalized At Madame Tussauds #MadameTussaudsNashville

CMT's Nashville's Rayna And Deacon To Be Immortalized At Madame Tussauds #MadameTussaudsNashville

The TV show, Nashville, is one of my favorites. I was so upset when it got canceled but was pleased to find that CMT renewed it. I have watched it from the beginning and am excited to learn that Nashville’s Rayna Jaymes {Connie Britton} and Deacon Claybourne {Charles Esten} are being immortalized at Madame Tussauds Nashville.
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My New York City Adventure #NYC

New York City ~

New York City Top of the Rock

View from Top of the Rock in New York City

A couple weeks ago, I got the chance to travel to New York City and explore the city with my wonderful school friends. The first part of the trip was the torturous ten hour bus ride. Keep in mind that this bus was filled with other high school/college students busy yelling, talking, and playing their obnoxious music full blast {not me, of course}. So, my friends and I decided to stay the night before the trip together and stay up all night. This way, we could sleep the whole way there. This worked out pretty well and I slept probably eight out of the nine hours to New York City.

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