Black Sabbath’s Founding Drummer Bill Ward Talks Art @billwarddrums

Bill Ward from Black Sabbath ~

Bill Ward Talks Art Collection and Black Sabbath | Eat Play Rock

Even if you are not a heavy metal fan, you’ve heard of Black Sabbath. Their iconic song, “Iron Man”, can be heard blasting at just about every high school and college football game in the country. With metal standards such as “War Pigs”, “Changes” and “Paranoid”, Black Sabbath is without a doubt the kings of heavy metal and have been doing there thing for over 40 years now. For the majority of those years, one man has been the back beat and rhythm of the band, drummer Bill Ward. Ward was the Black Sabbath’s original drummer and has been with the band for the majority of their recording career. Even after Ozzy Osbourne’s departure and Ronnie James Dio’s initial hiring, Bill Ward was still there.

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Iron Man 3: Air Force One Rescue {Official Clip} #IronMan3

Iron Man 3 Trailer ~

Iron Man 3 Clip and Trailer

I know that many of you are excited about the new Iron Man movie coming out on May 3rd. I know that I am. And I know that Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow are the main acts in this show, but I have to tell you, I love Don Cheadle and Ben Kingsley. I have never seen either of these men play bad parts. Personally, even without the cool suit or Downey’s refreshing sarcasm, I would be be seeing this movie simply for Cheadle and Kingsley. I would like to thank the casting director. :)

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