5 Classic TV Shows To Introduce To Your Kids Today

5 Classic TV shows to introduce to your kids today.

Many kids are growing up on Nick Jr and Cartoon Network and think that classic TV shows and movies are boring. If you ask a teenager to name a movie that starred Cary Grant, John Wayne or Doris Day, many will probably look at you with a blank look and assume you are as ancient as the dinosaurs {a look I know all too well}. Try a show of hands to see what teenager or child has seen an episode of Gilligan’s Island, Hogan’s Heroes or Gomer Pyle. Kids just don’t understand that classic TV shows that are in black and white are still hilarious pieces of entertainment.
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Top 10 Mysterious And Unsolved Celebrity Deaths

Top 10 Mysterious and Unsolved Celebrity Deaths

There are several cases of celebrity deaths which could be considered mysterious. Many people have their own conspiracy theories about certain celebrities and the way that they passed on, but some raise more red flags than others. Here is a list of what I would consider ten of the top mysterious celebrity deaths.
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