Liquor Easter Eggs – What Your Adult Friends Really Want This Year

Liquor Easter Eggs

We all know that Easter is going to look a little different this year. Ok, a lot different. But that doesn’t mean that we still can’t have a good time. After you have dyed all the eggs to hide for the kiddos and filled all the plastic eggs with chocolate goodies, now it’s time to think about a little something for yourself. You deserve something after all of that hard work. I have something that I think you and your buddies are really going to like – Liquor Easter Eggs.

Liquor Easter Eggs – What Your Adult Friends Really Want This Year

With lots of places currently closed, it might be hard to come up with a really good gift for your adult friends for Easter. That’s ok, we have done the thinking for you. And it’s a super simple crowd pleaser.


  • Medium Sized Plastic Eggs (you can find these at Dollar Tree, among other places)
  • Easter Grass
  • Mini Liquor Bottles 
Liquor Easter Eggs
Liquor Easter Eggs

This is going to be the easiest thing that you do for Easter this year unless you nap all day. First, add Easter grass to each plastic egg.

Liquor Easter Eggs

Next, add a small liquor bottle to each egg. Liquor stores are still open so you should be able to come across these pretty easy.

Liquor Easter Eggs

After that, close the egg and you are all done. I told you it would be easy! Now give this beautiful Easter Egg to one of your best friends or keep it for yourself! You know you deserve it. Be sure to sit back and enjoy the prize inside.

Liquor Easter Eggs

And try not to stress too much when you count the found portion of the kids’ Easter Eggs later and discover that 2 are missing. When those bad boys start smelling a couple days later, don’t call me. I can’t help you with that. That’s all you. 😉

What kind of liquor or candy would you like to find in your Easter Egg this year? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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