A Chat With Sister Hazel’s Mark Trojanowski

Sister Hazel ~

Sister Hazel talks to Eat Play Rock about Hazelnut Hang, Rock Boat XIV, touring and more

With catchy and meaningful tunes like “All For You,” “Change Your Mind” and my personal favorites, “Champagne High,” “Your Winter” and “Thank You,” Sister Hazel has been cranking out tunes to a very receptive fan base {with diehards known as the Hazelnuts}. You should see how many Twitter followers they have! Their unique blend of pop, folk, Americana and country sounds and accessibility to fans has helped to secure Sister Hazel’s longevity in a changing musical landscape that has lasted since the mid 90s. Eat Play Rock got the change to talk to Mark Trojanowski, the band’s drummer, to see what Sister Hazel has been up to.

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