Parmalee’s Matt Thomas Talks RV Living, Working With Nikki Sixx & Hotdamalama


When I interview a group or artist, I always listen to all the music that I can find by them to really familiarize myself or re-familiarize myself with their music before doing the actual interview. And I have to admit it. I have a brand new favorite song, and that song is “Think You Oughta Know That,” by Parmalee. I just can’t stop listening to that song. I get to see Parmalee for the first time live tomorrow night and here’s hoping they do that song. *Fingers crossed* I got the chance to talk to Matt Thomas, the lead singer of Parmalee yesterday. Surviving a tragic, violent incident, living in an RV and scraping by on the money they earned from odd jobs, Parmalee managed to make it in Nashville and score several Top 10 hits. Here’s a little piece of their remarkable story.
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Dominic McManus: On Stopping To Smell The Roses

Dominic McManus Talks Life On The Road And The Perks Of Life In A Small Town

Dominic McManus On Stage {Image Credit: Dominic McManus}

I admit, it’s really cool to say you know someone that has made it big. It’s also really cool just to know a nice person. Put it all together and you have Dominic McManus.
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Fishing Songs Roundup {Videos} #RockYourBlog

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Fishing Songs ~

Fishing pier, Ocean Grove, N. J. fishing songs and piers

Summertime and fishing. They just go together, don’t they? I still remember the days of fishing on the bank at my grandmother’s pond as a child. Her cat would always be my best friend for a while, especially when I awarded her a catch. Those were the days. Well, any good fishing trip just can’t be great until you have the proper music to listen to. So, before you gather up your poles and go hunting for night crawlers, let’s get the mood right with a roundup of awesome fishing songs and some cool songs that just have fishy titles.

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