Disney’s Moana Clips: “You’re Welcome” & “Moana Meets Maui” #Moana

Disney's Moana Clips: "You're Welcome" & "Moana Meets Maui"

The holidays! Can I get a “YES!” on that? I look forward to this time of the year, every single year. Then I whine that the year flew by too fast, so…. Anyway, why not let the gift giving start early? No, I don’t have The entire Moana movie for you today, nor do I have the soundtrack. Both the movie and the soundtrack will be hitting theaters in November. What I do have are some clips to hold you over until then. That’s pretty cool, right? You’re welcome. ;)
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Disney’s Moana Extended TV Spot #Moana

New Disney's Moana Extended TV Spot #Moana

I am so looking forward to the holiday season. Yes, I know it is just August, but fall is my favorite time of year. And with Disney’s Moana coming out on Thanksgiving, it looks like fall will be even better this year. I mean, who’s Thanksgiving wouldn’t be better with a little Disney magic? Check out this new Moana Extended TV Spot that will be airing during the games and let me know what you think.
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