2013 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Predictions #NFLPlayoffs

NFL Playoffs Divisional Round

The 2013 NFL playoffs continue this weekend with the Divisional Playoffs round. We are down to eight teams and here is a preview of the four games this weekend and how we got to this point.
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2013 NFL Playoff Preview #NFLPlayoffs

2013 NFL Playoffs Preview ~

NFL Playoffs Wildcard Weekend

Super Bowl XLVIII is just a few weeks away, but in order to get there, twelve NFL teams will battle it out in the coming weeks to determine who will be the participants in Super Bowl XLVIII. The 2013 NFL Playoffs begin today, Saturday, January 4th with the Wild Card Round. In order to keep you informed of what is going on in the Playoffs, I offer to you my 2013 NFL Playoffs Preview.
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Top 10 Athletes Who Had It All And Threw It Away: #9 Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong: Performance Enhancing Drugs~

In light of recent events in sports, I thought I would spend a few moments recalling some of the most memorable scandals in sports history. Scandals that turned our notable athletes into villains and made us say “shame on you!”

Mr. Livestrong – Lance Armstrong

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Top 10 Athletes Who Had It All And Threw It Away: #10 Jeremy Mayfield

Jeremy Mayfield: Hero To Zero ~


In light of recent events in the world of sports, I am offering up my top ten list of athletes who spiraled out of control. For various reasons, these athletes, who once had it all, threw it all away in either a moment of unchecked emotions or for some bad habits that they picked up along the way. In either case, these athletes went from being some of the best known and well-liked and respected people in their respective sports to being some of the most notorious. In other words, they went from heroes to zeros.

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Things To Do In Virginia: Virginia International Raceway @VIRnow

Virginia International Raceway~

Virginia International Raceway http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3A05LegacyGT_VIR.jpg

Hey, race fans, if you are unfamiliar with the historic Virginia International Raceway, located just outside of Danville, Virginia, then you should brush up on your racing history. This track has hosted legendary racers like Carroll Shelby (creator of the legendary Shelby Cobra cars), Richard Petty and even Paul Newman! It is one of the premier road racing courses in the world, and I have included a little about the history of the Virginia International Raceway below.

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Basketball Playing Tips From A Former Coach

Basketball Playing Tips~

Basketball Playing Tips

Several years back I used to be a youth basketball coach at our local community center. I enjoyed it for the few years that I did it. I even led one of my teams to a regular season championship and the first ever undefeated season in league history! So I am here to offer my advice on how to improve your or your child’s game. I hope you enjoy my section of basketball playing tips!

Basketball Playing Tips: Practice

2011 Murray State University Men's Basketball - Basketball Playing Tips

I cannot stress enough the importance of practice. No amount of basketball playing tips will help you if you don’t practice on a regular basis! Especially during the offseason. This is the time to really hone your skills. I don’t mean just standing around shooting hoops, either. Sure, scoring is important, but so are defense, stamina, free throws and ball handling. Incorporate them all into a daily routine, and practice a good two hours everyday on all of them. If you are looking for an NBA contract, you should practice even more. Way more.


Jacksonville University vs University of North Florida basketball game - Basketball Playing Tips

In my opinion, defense is the most important part of the game. You can score 100 points in every game, and that is great, but if the other team scores 101, you still lose. You must be able to shut down your opponent. Footwork is the key to good defense as well as good offense. This should be the first thing you work on improving. Use footwork drills to learn to slide your feet, run backwards and side to side without tripping over your own two feet. Also work on standing tall and straight with your hands up when close to the goal. One tip to remember: when close to the baseline, put your near foot on the baseline. This forces the opponent to go back inside the paint, into the teeth of the defense where you have help. Don’t give them the baseline.

Free Throws

Silent Night Men's Basketball 12.6.12 - Basketball Playing Tips

One of the most important basketball playing tips I can give is to end your practice session with at least 20 consecutive free throws. Many basketball games are won and lost on the free throw line, and so many players tend to put free throw shooting on the back burner. Don’t do that! Practice good technique, with shoulders square to the basket, a nice, wide, comfortable stance, take about 3-4 dribbles, rise up on your toes when you shoot and remain on your toes until the ball goes in the basket. This little trick gets you a little closer to the goal, and gives you a bit of a lean inwards in case you miss and have to go for the rebound.

Listen To The Coaches

Dick Vitale Court at Calihan Hall - Basketball Playing Tips

I know that Dick Vitale can be annoying sometimes, and Digger Phelps can put you to sleep, but they offer some really good basketball playing tips to help you if you just listen to them. I learned a lot about how to shoot free throws (and I am an 88% free throw shooter) from listening to the late Al McGuire during the course of a game. Although they don’t always offer advice, they do many times, and heeding this advice can help improve your game. So, listen to guys like Dan Bonner and Jay Bilas. They have played the game and have good, solid fundamental skills that will help you.

I would love to go into more detail, but this post would drag on for days if I did. I will close for now by saying that the best basketball players in the world didn’t get that way by sitting in front of the television all day eating potato chips. Get out there and make the most of your opportunity!

Do You Think These Basketball Playing Tips Will Help Your Game?


Dale Jarrett To Be Inducted Into The NASCAR Hall Of Fame In 2014

Dale Jarrett~

Dale Jarrett to be inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2014

Very few drivers on the NASCAR circuit can boast the career accomplishments that Dale Jarrett can. He is a 3-time Daytona 500 Champion, ranks 21st on the career wins list with 32 victories, and was the 1999 Sprint Cup Champion. We here at Eat Play Rock celebrate his career and recent addition to the NASCAR Hall of Fame with a look back at his life and career.

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Is Tim Tebow The Next Kordell Stewart?

Tim Tebow ~

Tim Tebow New York Jets Jersey

Does anyone remember Kordell Stewart, the former Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback/Wide Receiver/Kick Returner who became known as “Slash” for his varying roles in the Steelers’ offense and special teams? Does anyone think that Tim Tebow could end up just like him?

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2013 NFL Draft Preview

NFL Draft ~

 photo 2b24cba5-e0cf-4882-8802-603d155ccae2_zpscd226e28.jpg

The National Football League’s Annual College Draft will take place April 25-27 in New York and it will air in its entirety on the NFL Network. To better prepare you for the upcoming NFL Draft, I offer my own insights as to which direction the top ten teams will go in the First Round.

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Denny Hamlin Suffers Spinal Fracture After NASCAR Fontana Crash

Denny Hamlin ~

Gatorade Duel #2 winner Denny Hamlin

Joe Gibbs racing reported Monday that Denny Hamlin, the driver of the #11 FedEx Toyota, suffered a spinal compression fracture as the result of his last lap crash in the Auto Club 400 in Fontana, California.

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