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Dawn has been a music lover her entire life. She went to college in Boone, NC, an area that is rich in music and culture. She also worked as a radio deejay for 8 years and grew up in Southeastern, Va, a melting pot of different musical styles and traditions. She has been to more concerts than she can count in every genre you can imagine. She resides in North Carolina with her furbabies and her massive collection of Disney memorabilia.

How Does A POS System Work, Anyway?

POS System

A point of sale system is where all aspects of your business come together: inventory, customer relationship management, and of course, overseeing transactions.

The POS System has evolved a great deal over the years. They were once simple cash registers that required employees to enter the price of every product manually—now, they can generate reports, keep track of inventory in real-time, apply customer-specific promotions, and so much more. You’ve undoubtedly heard of the various things they can do, but you still wonder: how do they actually work?

How Does A POS System Work, Anyway?

We don’t need to get into the minute details of the technology, because honestly, POS systems are diverse and flexible. People use them in a myriad of ways that make sense for their unique businesses. There are a few basics, though, here’s an overview of what POS systems are made of and what they do:

POS System: The Hardware Elements

Most POS systems include a few key components: a monitor, a credit card reader, and a cash drawer. The monitor displays your store’s database so that employees can interact with it. Some systems only need a tablet to function because they are cloud-based.

The credit card scanner is self-explanatory, and you should always have a cash drawer for customers who prefer this method of payment (it’s crucial not to shut them out by going card or electronic-only—some people have no choice).

Now, depending on your business, you can opt for a few other pieces of equipment, like a barcode scanner or receipt printer. Many systems enable email or text message receipts, so many choose not to use the latter.

Barcode scanners are useful for businesses that need to scan products quickly so that the system can total the cost and send customers on their way. Establishments that make their products on the spot, however—like beverages—will probably require manual entry, though POS software can create shortcuts.

POS System: The Software Components

Software is where POS systems differ significantly. Some can rely on on-site servers while others are cloud-based. If you opt for the former, then you install the software locally, but this may require professional assistance and regular maintenance. You’ll also need to purchase a software license (or multiple). However, it does not require internet access to work, so it has security benefits and works in the event of an internet outage.

With cloud-based platforms, your provider uses their servers to store data, and you can access it via the internet. Vend’s POS system, for instance, is cloud-based. You’ll most likely pay a monthly fee for this option, which can add up over time, but it updates automatically and requires no maintenance on your part.

POS systems include frontend and backend components. The frontend is what you and your staff members will use as an interface on the tablet or monitor screen. You can access the backend separately, which handles analytics and other behind-the-scenes functions your customers don’t interact with directly.

Together, the frontend and backend create a comprehensive system that provides you with an assortment of tools for managing your business instead of merely sticking to handling transactions.

What Can Different POS Applications Do?

POS systems are wide-ranging. Some are even industry-specific and include features that no one else would find useful, such as table layouts for restaurants that make it easier to track which orders go where. There are a few standard features every sound POS system has, though, such as:

Reporting: Creating sales reports is a tedious yet necessary task. You most likely review your business’s sales history on a monthly or quarterly basis and adjust your strategy according to what the numbers reveal.

Electronic POS systems can generate these reports for you. If you want insight into your business’s performance over the past month, week, or even day, most platforms can compile data that it collects in real-time and present it to you in a digestible format. This way, you are never clueless about how well business is going, and you can act quickly if things go wrong.

Customer relationship management: Instead of offering general promotions and hoping a few customers take advantage of them, POS software can create customized promotions on an individual level. Is there a customer that buys similar things fairly often, but they interact with a different employee every time? That’s fine—your system can remember who they are and apply relevant discounts.

Inventory management: Instead of using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of how much of every product you have, a POS system can keep track of this data for you. It updates itself in real-time, too, so it subtracts a product from the database whenever a customer purchases it. You and your employees won’t have to keep customers waiting to check the backroom if everything is searchable on a screen!

POS systems are capable of the basic functions that cash registers are, but they are capable of much more and work efficiently. Will you implement POS technology in your business?

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What’s In & What’s Out In Adventure Travel In 2020

Check out this fresh report from Global Rescue and it’s international team of crisis travel specialists, former military special forces, medical professionals, and security experts. They’re on the leading edge of what’s “in” for 2020 and what’s not.

What’s In & What’s Out In Adventure Travel In 2020


Adventure Travel in 2020

In: Chernobyl

Set-jetters, the travelers who visit the destinations of favorite TV shows or movies, are heading to Chernobyl, Ukraine, the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster and subject of the HBO miniseries by the same name. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the radioactive isotopes lingering in the atmosphere are at tolerable exposure levels for limited periods of time. Experts urge traveling with a licensed guide and visiting only for limited periods of time (maximum of two hours). It’s a trend, for sure, but not one we’d recommend visiting.

Out: Croatia

The Croatian metropolis was the featured location for the popular series, Game of Thrones, and quickly became a favorite destination among fans. Unfortunately, over tourism took its toll prompting local officials to stem the onslaught of visitors.


Adventure Travel in 2020

In: Aconcagua & Kanchenjunga

Climbers are considering options to skip the steep costs and increasingly crowded conditions at Mt. Everest. Argentina’s Aconcagua is the second highest of the Seven Summits (after Everest), its popularity is rising, permits are inexpensive, and 60 percent of the 4,000 annual summit attempts succeed. On the other end of the scale is Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain on earth. It’s tough and dangerous, yet more people are climbing it than ever, according to the Himalayan Database.

Out: Everest

The highest point on earth, Mt. Everest continues to draw record numbers of climbers looking to summit the 29,035 ft. peak. So why is it “out”? Higher climbing permit fees, bad press, and new rules to reduce the number of inexperienced climbers are expected to reduce crowding. Climbing expert Alan Arnette said, “I have had people tell me they have no interest in climbing Everest due to those issues. I do believe that the number of people attempting Everest will decline. However, as the highest point on Earth, Everest will always have an irresistible draw, like bugs to a light bulb!”


Adventure Travel in 2020

In: Millenials

When it comes to travel, Global Rescue members receive medical or security services under all kinds of circumstances, not least of which include emergencies. In 2019, members born between 1981-1996 had the lowest per capita need for crisis support than any of their generational counterparts.

Out: GenXers

In a startling change, Global Rescue members born between 1965-1980 required emergency rescue in 2019 at a rate four times greater than in the year prior.


Adventure Travel in 2020

In: Portable Solar Panels

Outdoor enthusiasts stay charged using portable solar panels that pack small and light, eliminating the need to carry multiple, heavy power banks. While new tech is cool, experts from REI, EMS, and others say nothing replaces a map, compass, and strong nav skills.

Out: Cell Phone Power Banks

There’s still a huge market for power banks but the sales growth trend is several percentage points behind portable solar panels. Hikers, bikers, and campers are always on the hunt for lighter options and power banks may be losing their charge. Again, experts routinely urge continued reliance on traditional orienteering.


Adventure Travel in 2020

In: Self Care For TD

Traveler’s Diarrhea (TD) is the leading trip killer, effecting between 30-70 percent of travelers. Take charge of prevention by sanitizing your hands, filtering/purifying water, using factory-sealed bottled water and canned drinks, wiping off rims before drinking, and skipping buffets. If you get TD then drink plenty of water, avoid dehydrating caffeinated drinks, and follow a bland diet. You can take bismuth subsalicylate (Pepto-Bismol) and/or Imodium to help.

Out: Antibiotics For TD

Due to growing antibiotic resistance among returning travelers, the use of antibiotics for TD is not advised for mild or even most moderate cases. Consult your travel health professional to see if carrying antibiotics with you is the right call.


Adventure Travel in 2020

In: A Back-Up Plan

Whether you’re traveling for adventure or wellness, long-term stay or a minivacation, business or pleasure, you should have a back-up plan just in case you get sick or injured. A Global Rescue membership includes medical and security advisory services and field rescue from the point of illness or injury to the nearest appropriate health care facility.

Out: Paddle-Free

The phrase “up a river without a paddle” means you don’t have the resources to get where you’re going. No one plans to lose their passport, forget their prescription medicine, accidentally fracture a wrist, or get trapped during civil unrest. But it happens more often than most people realize. Going “paddle-free” is not the same as care-free, frankly it’s careless, costly, and potentially dangerous.

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Eli Young Band’s Mike Eli Talks About “Love Ain’t” & “Break It In”

eli young band
Photo Courtesy John Shearer

With megahits like “Love Ain’t,” “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” and “Crazy Girl,” the Eli Young Band is one of the best country acts out today. They have a long track record of producing tunes that are both catchy and relatable, thus garnering the band multiple awards and nominations including Song of the Year and Group of the Year. If you haven’t gotten to catch the Eli Young Band live, you have several chances locally this weekend. Read on to learn about their inspirational “Love Ain’t” video, new single, “Break It In,” and how that particular song applies to both their lives and careers.

Mike Eli Talks “Love Ain’t”

EPR: So first I’m going to ask you about the video for “Love Ain’t” and what was your inspiration? I mean what made you guys decide to cover that subject matter?

Mike Eli: We do a lot of work with the Wounded Warrior [and] we were brainstorming. We wanted to find kind of the ultimate love story because “Love Ain’t” is obviously a song about what love is. We wanted to find that ultimate love story, whatever it might be, whether or not it’s something that we create in a video format. And at the time we were working with the Wounded Warrior Project and talking about what we’re doing with the single and they said, “You know what? Let us let us look around because we may have something.”

So they started streaming us some of the footage of Taylor and Danielle Morris and we were incredibly moved by what we saw and what we were told about them and it kind of just started snowballing after that. It was such a huge opportunity to be able to be a part of telling their story to a lot of people who didn’t necessarily know…a lot of people don’t realize that a lot of these men and women, when they come home from serving their battles, a lot of relationships don’t survive. The Wounded Warrior Project and a lot of organizations out there do their best to help families and circles survive from the war.

EPR: Yeah, they do seem like such a wonderful and dedicated couple and it’s really amazing to see what they’ve been through and how they’re able to, you know, work through that together.

Mike Eli: They are every bit as awesome as you think they are.

eli young band
Photo Courtesy Cal Quinn

Eli Young Band And Their College Days

EPR: Well, okay, so to switch subjects, you guys started as a college band, is that correct?

Mike Eli: That is right. We started the band in North Texas, back in the day. In the beginning we were, obviously this was a hobby and really an outlet for us to be able to make music while we were getting our degrees and it turned out that we were able to continue.

EPR: So did you all meet in college because I know that two of you did for sure but was that the case for all of the band members?

Mike Eli: Actually yes. So James and I ran into Jon and then Chris which is part of the story. The other three guys had met prior to that, and had kind of started jamming and making music together before we started the band. and I started college ’99 and they had been jamming together and I said, “Hey man, I sing. Maybe I can join in.”

So James and I had started writing music, a few songs, and so we started kind of playing acoustic at some of the local places in Denton [Texas] where we started the band and it was working until October of 2000 when the other two guys jumped on stage with us and they played about four songs, and it all snowballed from there. ‘

Mike Eli On “Break It In”

EPR: That’s really cool that kind of fate brought you guys together like that. A lot of groups can’t stay together that long because they just can’t get along. Being that y’all met in college and have been through a lot together, can you tell me how that applies to your single “Break It In?”

Mike Eli: Yeah, I mean, I think that “Break It In”, is one of those songs that is an incredibly appropriate song for where we’re at in our lives and our career. We feel like we’re kind of just drinking this thing in. You know, I think over time, we’ve figured things out and we’ve become better musicians, better performers and better entertainers and we kind of feel like we’re hitting our stride 20 years later. And there’s not an awful lot of bands that can can feel that way as far as being the same four dudes making making music together.

On The Road & Time Off For Christmas

EPR: Will you get to take any time off for Christmas?

Mike Eli: We will. Yeah. This is our last weekend and we’re ready to play our show in Charlotte and then we are off for about a month.

EPR: That’s great any big plans?

eli young band
Photo Courtesy Cal Quinn

Mike Eli: Yeah! A whole lotta Christmas and some traveling and family and those things that we’ve been neglecting too much over the first of the year. So we’ll be playing some catch up will be a lot of with that. That will be a lot of what that month is all about.

EPR: You already mentioned the show in Charlotte. But you also have a show in Greensboro this week. Do you want to tell me about your shows and what people can expect to see?

Mike Eli: Obviously, the show, will be revolved around the hits, but we play a lot of those old songs that maybe just the fans who have been with us a long time will know. will find that maybe you know. So, it won’t just be the radio hits. It will be a lot of the stuff that the hardcore fans that have been with us and supporting us for a long time will know.

It’s an old school rock’n’roll show. We’re a band that’s very rooted in old school rock and roll and I think that when people come to our show, that’s what they see. You know, we’re just getting up there and turning our amps up and having a good time. And we really feel like that we’ve hit our stride and the shows have just been a ton of fun and and hopefully people come out to just have a really good time.

Catch the Eli Young Band TONIGHT at Cone Denim Entertainment Complex in Greensboro, TOMORROW NIGHT at The Fillmore Charlotte and at House Of Blues in Myrtle Beach on SATURDAY. Check out the rest of their touring schedule here.

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2020 Electric Forest Lineup Revealed

Electric Forest Lineup

I am so tired of the cold and so ready for music festival season. Who is with me? I have not been to Electric Forest, but I saw this sweet lineup for the music festival taking place June 25-28 and just had to share. Taking place in Michigan, Electric Forest Music Festival celebrates Decade One of magic with The String Cheese Incident, BASSNECTAR, Flume, Major Lazer, Big Gigantic, Louis The Child, Diplo, and The Disco Biscuits Loyalty Tickets are on sale TODAY and tickets go on sale to the general public on December 6th.

2020 Electric Forest Lineup Revealed

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Electric Forest (EF) announces the highly-anticipated artist lineup for the annual music and camping festival in Rothbury, Michigan taking place June 25-28, 2020. Turning the page to Chapter 10, Electric Forest takes the opportunity to celebrate a decade of music, art, and community with over 100 artists – ranging from Electric Forest mainstays to those making their first trip to Sherwood Forest. Click here to view the complete lineup for Electric Forest 2020. 

Electric Forest Lineup

Marking this milestone are EF originals The String Cheese Incident (performing 3 Incidents), who have performed every year of the festival. Electric Forest 2020 also welcomes returning heavyweights BASSNECTAR, Flume, Major Lazer, Big Gigantic, Louis The Child, and The Disco Biscuits. New to The Forest this year include headliner Diplo, plus Big Boi, The Black Madonna, Boys Noize, Petit Biscuit, Princess Nokia, Rainbow Kitten SurpriseYBN Cordae, and more. EF fan favorites 12th Planet, Keller Williams, LotusEOTO, and SuperDre join The String Cheese Incident, BASSNECTAR, and Big Gigantic as artists who performed the inaugural event in 2011 and return in 2020 to celebrate a decade of magic. 

Special sets and unique collaborations have contributed to the magic of Electric Forest over the past 10 years, and this year’s event does not disappoint. EF2020 highlights include Turkuaz with Jerry Harrison & Adrian Belew of Talking Heads who will perform Remain in Light in honor of the album turning 40; SVDDEN DEATH PRESENTS: VOYD, Noisia hitting the EF stage on their last tour together, and many more enchanting musical moments. 

Continuing the tradition of revealing the lineup in clever and engaging ways, over the past month EF HQ dropped hints of the EF2020 lineup for the Forest Family to discover. Sharing old social media posts from returning headliners and posting riddles and limericks on social media, creating chatter, speculation, and excitement among the Forest Family. The clues culminated in an EF2020 Lineup Teaser video. The video features pianist Jason Leech­­––who is well known by festivalgoers for his captivating impromptu sets at the Ocular Organ in EF’s Sherwood Forest–– performing a medley that, when listened to closely, nods to artists confirmed for EF2020. Watch the video here

Ticket Info: Info on Wristband and Lodging Packages, including 2020 Good Life Camping and Lodging options, can be found here. 

Loyalty On Sale begins Wednesday, December 4th at 10 am Eastern at www.electricforestfestival.com

Read more about EF Loyalty —including Six In The Forest Loyalty, Four In The Forest Loyalty, Good Life Loyalty and GA Loyalty—here.

EF General On Sale begins Friday, December 6th at 10 AM Eastern at www.electricforestfestival.com

Information on Layaway Payment Plans for all Wristband and Lodging Packages can be found here.

2020 DelFest Initial Lineup Announced

Delfest Initial Lineup

Are you planning on attending 2020 DelFest May 21-24 in beautiful Cumberland, MD? If so, check out the DelFest initial lineup that was just released. Be sure to let us know if your favorites are in the lineup in the comments below or on social media.

2020 DelFest Initial Lineup Announced

DelFest, the festival brainchild of Del McCoury and his extended McCoury family now in its 13th year, in partnership with High Sierra Music, announced an initial star-studded lineup today. Held at the Allegany County Fairgrounds in beautiful Cumberland, MD, DelFest originated from the desire to create a family-friendly music festival celebrating the rich legacy of McCoury music while creating a forum for world-class musical collaborations and to showcase fresh new talent.

Delfest Initial Lineup

On May 21-24, 2020—Memorial Day Weekend—DelFest will stay true to their original mission statement with musical performances from The Del McCoury Band, The Travelin’ McCourys, Old Crow Medicine Show, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Béla Fleck & The Flecktones, Punch Brothers, Sam Bush, Billy Strings, Mandolin Orange, The Infamous Stringdusters, Sierra Hull, and emcee, Joe Craven with many more to be announced. 

Fans are encouraged to take advantage of discounted Advance 4-Day passes which are available now at DelFest.com. All other passes including DELuxe VIP packages, on-site RV passes with and without hookups, and parking will go on-sale Dec. 3rd at 12p EST.

Once again, DelFest Academy will serve as a prelude to the festival, taking place May 17-20 at the Allegany County Fairgrounds, with registration also opening on Dec. 3rd. The Academy is a 4-day instrument-specific deep dive led by The Travelin’ McCourys and other star players, and students of all ages and skill levels, from children to adults, are welcome. 

Stay tuned for more artists and ticket information to be announced in the coming weeks. Relive the magic from DelFest 2019 with Osiris’ Brokedown Podcast who was on-site recording exclusive interviews with last year’s artists. Please visit DelFest.com for more information or to purchase discounted Advance 4-Day passes. 

About DelFest

Produced in association with High Sierra Music, the 13th Annual DelFest will again offer a quality festival experience stamped with the unique McCoury touch. Personally chosen by Del McCoury, the Allegany County Fairgrounds in Cumberland, MD serves as the perfect location for DelFest–nestled along the Potomac River in the scenic Appalachian Mountains, the Fairgrounds are convenient to four major airports and easily reached by rail or road. The city of Cumberland is also a great host, offering multiple hotel options, a charming downtown and great amenities including biking, a steam train engine and museum, and top-notch dining.

In addition to traditional stage sets by these world-class artists, attendees can again expect to see one-of-a-kind collaborations, special guest sit-ins, various tributes to Del McCoury and his musical legacy, intimate appearances, both at unique “playshops”—informal workshops where the emphasis will be on performance rather than instruction—and in late-night indoor performances and picking sessions.

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Check Out The New Emma Teaser Trailer

emma teaser trailer

Listen up, Jane Austen fans and book lovers! On February 21st, 2020, Focus Features will release EMMA in select theaters! And we have the first look at the Emma teaser trailer for you today! So if you haven’t ready the book, you have plenty of time to do so before this classic hits theaters early next year. Who’s down for curling up next to the nice, cozy fire and reading this book in preparation for the upcoming release?

Check Out The New Emma Teaser Trailer

Story: Jane Austen’s beloved comedy about finding your equal and earning your happy ending, is reimagined in this delicious new film adaptation of EMMA. Handsome, clever, and rich, Emma Woodhouse is a restless queen bee without rivals in her sleepy little town. In this glittering satire of social class and the pain of growing up, Emma must adventure through misguided matches and romantic missteps to find the love that has been there all along.

Director: Autumn de Wilde
Writers: Eleanor Catton
Producers: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Graham Broadbent, Pete Czernin

Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Johnny Flynn, Bill Nighy, Mia Goth, Miranda Hart, Josh O’Connor, Callum Turner, Rupert Graves, Gemma Whelan, Amber Anderson, Tanya Reynolds, Connor Swindells

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Check Out The Epicenter 2020 Full Lineup [5/1-5/3]

Epicenter 2020 Full Lineup

The full lineup for Epicenter 2020 has finally been announced. The music festival will be taking place from their new home at Rock City Campgrounds at Charlotte Motor Speedway! Metallica will be headlining for TWO nights and one of my favorite bands ever, Lynyrd Skynyrd, will also be there in what will be their exclusive 2020 North Carolina performance! Weekend and Single Day Tickets and Camping are currently on sale. Read on to check out the rest of the lineup!

Check Out The Epicenter 2020 Full Lineup

The music lineup has been announced for Epicenter 2020May 1, 2 and at Rock City Campgrounds at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC. As previously announced, rock icons Metallica will headline Friday, May 1 and Sunday, May 3, performing two different headlining sets. Multi-platinum band Disturbed will headline Saturday, May 2. The diverse and massive music lineup for Epicenter also includes Lynyrd Skynyrd (in an exclusive 2020 North Carolina performance), Deftones, Godsmack, Volbeat, Staind, Papa Roach, David Lee Roth, Gojira, Chevelle, Cypress Hill, Rancid, Royal Blood, Anthrax, Dropkick Murphys, I Prevail, Alter Bridge and many more.

As previously announced, Metallica–recently named the world’s biggest all-time touring act by Pollstar–will exclusively headline all five Danny Wimmer Presents hard rock festivals in 2020 in a unique collaboration unprecedented for any American festival promoter or band. Epicenter is the first performance in this festival series.

Metallica isn’t just another headliner. When Metallica takes the stage, it’s an event. It’s an experience. That’s the same standard we’ve set for every DWP festival – from the first band to the last band, and everything that happens in between. I can’t wait to bring the biggest band in the world to the biggest rock festivals in America,” says Danny Wimmer, founder of Danny Wimmer Presents, the largest independent festival producer in the U.S. “Metallica paved this road that we travel. How many artists on the bill at these five festivals first picked up an instrument, or first started a band, because of Metallica?”

Epicenter moves to its new home at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 2020. “We’re pleased to announce that Epicenter is moving to Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Rock City Campgrounds,” says Danny Wimmer Presents CEO Danny Hayes. “The new location offers plenty of nearby lodging, increased camping, and convenient travel options. The number one request we received from the fans was to move the festival to Charlotte…and we listened.”

The 3-day destination music experience will feature a massive lineup of top rock acts performing on four stages, along with a wide variety of food and beverage offerings, and various camping options and amenities, with General Admission, VIP tickets, and camping available for purchase now at https://EpicenterFestival.com.

The current music lineup for Epicenter is as follows (subject to change):

Epicenter 2020 Full Lineup

Friday, May 1: MetallicaGodsmack, Papa Roach, David Lee Roth, Royal Blood, I Prevail, Ghostemane, Ice Nine Kills, The Darkness, Starset, Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, ??? ??, New Years Day, Bones UK, Fire From The Gods, 3Teeth, NASCAR Aloe, Joyous Wolf, Killstation, Stitched Up Heart, Hero The Band, Through Fire

Saturday, May 2: Disturbed, Lynyrd Skynyrd (one of the band’s final appearances ever, as part of their Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour), Staind, Chevelle, Cypress Hill, Anthrax, Alter Bridge, Code Orange, Of Mice & Men, Saint Asonia, Jinjer, Crown The Empire, Anti-Flag, City Morgue, The Chats, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Clint Lowery, Brkn Love, Brutus, Toothgrinder, Brass Against, Selfish Things, Zero 9:36, Like Machines

Sunday, May 3: Metallica, Deftones, Volbeat, Gojira, Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Hellyeah, Bad Wolves, Hollywood Undead, Sleeping With Sirens, Power Trip, The Amity Affliction, Des Rocs, Goodbye June, Airbourne, Stray From The Path, Plague Vendor, Ego Kill Talent, Higher Power, Skynd, and more

Festival entry begins at 11:30 AM each day.

At EpicenterDanny Wimmer Presents is proud to offer a collaboration with Metallica’s Blackened American Whiskey and Enter Night PilsnerBlackened is a super-premium American whiskey blend, crafted by the late Master Distiller Dave Pickerell and finished in the earth shattering music of Metallica. The finest bourbons, ryes and whiskeys were hand selected to create something revolutionary—finished in black brandy casks and pummeled by sound. Enter Night Pilsner is Metallica’s collaboration with the rock stars of craft brewing, Stone BrewingBlackened and Enter Night will come together under one roof to offer guests a one-of-kind musical festival experience. The massive Boilermaker pop-up will feature a Blackened & Enter Night Pilsner Boilermaker, as well as craft cocktails and ice-cold Enter Night Pilsner. This exciting collaboration marks the latest in a long line of amplified guest experiences only available through Danny Wimmer Presents music festivals. Learn more at http://BlackenedWhiskey.com.

Camping at Epicenter will let patrons keep the rock n’ roll party going all weekend long, with campgrounds open from Thursday, April 30 through Monday, May 4. All tent and RV campers will have access to showers, portable restrooms, food and drink vendors, charging stations, information, and medical services.

VIP tickets include dedicated entrance lanes into the venue, access to the VIP hang area, VIP-only viewing area of the two main stages, access to the VIP tent, a commemorative Epicenter VIP-only laminate, and RFID wristband. The VIP tent is a shaded hang space with dedicated premium bars and comfortable furniture, featuring live audio/video streams of the two main stages, air conditioned flushable restrooms, dedicated merch stand for convenient shopping, dedicated food and beverage offerings (for purchase), and private locker rentals (for purchase).

At Epicenter, fans 21+ can enjoy multiple specialty curated beverage experiences. Varietals from Caduceus Cellars & Merkin Vineyards (owned by Maynard James Keenan, co-founder of international recording acts Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer) will be available at the Caduceus Wine Garden, and the Heavy Tiki Bar will provide a shaded tropical oasis filled with killer cocktails.

Rock City Campgrounds at Charlotte Motor Speedway is located at 7301 Bruton Smith Blvd. in Concord, NC, just outside Charlotte, and less than two hours from Raleigh/Durham, Columbia and Greensboro. Visit www.CharlotteMotorSpeedway.com for directions and additional venue information.

Get tickets to Epicenter Music Festival here. And be sure to check out my recap of Epicenter 2019 here.

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Howard Bellamy Interview: Blake Shelton Tour & Advice For Newbies

Howard Bellamy Interview

As one of the most successful duos in music history, the Bellamy Brothers are still touring and going strong after 40+ years on the road. Today, in this exclusive Howard Bellamy interview, he talks with us about the brothers’ upcoming tour with Blake Shelton, their successful show on The Cowboy Channel that lets you take a peak into what life is like on their ranch and advice that they would give to anyone just entering the music business.

Howard Bellamy Interview

Howard Bellamy Interview: Blake Shelton Tour & Advice For Newbies

EPR: Tell me about your upcoming tour with Blake Shelton.

Howard Bellamy: It starts this February. We did it last year actually, same tour, and it went quite well. So Blake decided that he wanted to do the same tour over again. So, it’s our second year together. This year we are going to the west coast and touring there. Last year we were mainly East Coast and Midwest. We are looking forward to it. It was a whole lot of fun and a very successful tour. Blake’s been a long time friend and he got these old dudes, he kind of liked our music growing up, so he decided to take us on tour with him. It was a good stroke for us and he enjoys it as well.

EPR: Between your music and his as well, that’s a lot of good music. How long do you guys play? Or how long does each show last?

Howard Bellamy: We kind of come back and forth during the shows. It’s laid out so that we make an appearance for a few songs, we go away, and then we come back and do a few more and then, at the end of the show, we all get together in a circle and do an acoustic thing, a sing-along, with the audience. We do some of the bigger hits and we do a little contest to see who can get the most people singing. It gets to be fun. And you know, Blake is Blake. He always exaggerates things [laughs]…so it’s laid out pretty well and, so far, it’s probably the same show that we will be doing this year.

Howard Bellamy Interview

EPR: You guys have been touring since like the 70s. How do you keep from getting burned out?

Howard Bellamy: Well, that’s a really good question that I don’t have an answer for because I have burned out [laughs]. As you get older, at our age, of course we pace ourselves a whole lot different than we ever did. I mean, we don’t do the crazy things that we used to do. You just learn to pace yourself. We still do like 150 shows a year, which is a lot for a younger act. Somehow we have been able to maintain and at times I wonder what we are trying to prove. But we are still doing it. So it’s just what we have done all these years and it gets to be in gets to be in your system. I guess we are adrenaline junkies or something. You just get used to doing it and you don’t know any different. You just keep doing the same old thing.

EPR: I was talking to Doug Gray from the Marshall Tucker Band one time and he said that he wouldn’t know anything else to do. Is that kind of the way that you feel?

Howard Bellamy: Well, we wouldn’t know anything else to do and we are not good for anything else! So, it gets to be what you do. It’s like a habit you can’t kick. As long as the people come and enjoy the show…you get used to having fun with the crowds and the fact that you’ve made somebody feel better that day, coming to the show and leaving feeling good. It’s a great feeling to do that.

See What Their Life Is Like On Honky Tonk Ranch

EPR: On the days that you are off, when you actually have downtime, what do you do to relax and unwind? What kind of hobbies do you have?

Howard Bellamy: We live on our old family ranch in Florida. We kick around on the ranch and enjoy, really, just doing nothing, just whatever comes to mind…You’re on a schedule so much, if you can have a few days where there is just no schedule, you can sleep in and have no plans, just kind of [do] spontaneous stuff, that seems to be my favorite things to do. That’s how I come off of it best.

Howard Bellamy Interview

EPR: Someone could easily see a little bit of what life is like on your ranch because you guys have a show on the “Cowboy Channel.” Tell me about “Honky Tonk Ranch.”

Howard Bellamy: We just started our 3rd season filming. So we will be, quite a few weeks in the winter, filming that show. And it’s doing quite well. This season we have some bigger things happening and it’s been streaming into like 67 countries. So, it’s got to be quite successful and it’s going to be expanding this year. Yeah, we’ve got that going on, too.

Howard Bellamy On Touring 72 Countries

EPR: You do have a lot going on! And you guys have toured pretty much everywhere, lots of countries that other acts won’t go to. Is there any place that you want to tour that you haven’t had the opportunity to yet?

Howard Bellamy: Well, we have been to 72 countries and toured. There are a few places left – we haven’t been to Argentina or Brazil – [places] I would like to go. I like ranches a lot and we recorded with Brazilian artists and had hit records down there but never toured there. And we haven’t toured China, which I don’t really know if I want to go there or not. I can’t make up my mind. There are few left that [I] am curious about. 72 countries, that’s a lot of countries, and we have certainly seen a big part of the world, and played to lots of crowds. It makes you realize that music truly is a common language. You don’t have to speak the same language for people to have fun. And whether they can speak your language or not, they know the words, they know the melodies, and sing-along with you. That’s a really great thing that we have been fortunate enough to witness throughout the years, going to new places and breaking new ground.

EPR: You guys had a book come out last year [“Let Your Love Flow: The Life and Times of The Bellamy Brothers“] that shares a little about your time in the music industry. What is something that you talk about in your book that people might not expect?

Howard Bellamy: If you read the book, you are going to learn the real truth. You never really know what people think of you, they have their own opinions. But we laid it out pretty much the way it happened in the book. There’s a lot of truth in there, a lot of things went down that people never had any idea went down. There’s a lot of corruption in this business and we’ve survived. And the wild, crazy days of the 60s and 70s that we were fortunate enough to live through. Hopefully, at this point, we have a little more common sense than we used to have. It’s a story of survival, really. We had a lot up against us. It starts in Florida as kids coming up on the ranch, a little bit about what went down there, how rural it really was, and how far in the country we really lived. To go from that to having [now] toured 72 countries, it’s pretty amazing that can happen to someone. But as they say, “Only in America,” right?

Howard Bellamy Interview

Advice For Music Industry Newbies

EPR: Since you have been in the music industry so long and have seen so many things and know so much about it, what is one piece of advice that you would give someone just starting out in the industry today?

Howard Bellamy: You know, advice is the hardest thing to give. I think different people have different careers and they take different paths. It’s never really the same. We used to say, “Go to law school first, because the record labels will take you for a ride.” Historically, especially in the old days – I think now they still do it. But we used to always say to go to law school first and then become an entertainer because you are going to need it. If you are going to get a lawyer, they are going to take you for a ride, so somebody’s going to take you for a ride. [laughs]

EPR: Either way you’re in trouble, right? [laughs]

Howard Bellamy: But, you know, if it’s your passion, you’re head set that’s what you are going to do, stick with it. I’ve seen people who are very talented who never made it, more talented than some who did make it. So, it’s not total justice in that way it comes down either. It’s like life itself, some people get a good break and some people who deserve it never get the break.

EPR: And my last question for you: what is your song that people request the most, that people never get tired of hearing?

Howard Bellamy: It’s between 2 or 3 songs. I think the song most requested, and of course depending on what area you are in, is “Let Your Love Flow,” “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body” and “Redneck Girl.” It’s between those songs and if you are in rural Texas, you’re going to have to play “Redneck Girl” to even get out of there. And, oddly enough, in a lot of parts of the world, that song, it’s the same way. It’s one of the more mindless songs that we ever wrote…

EPR: But it’s fun…

Howard Bellamy: It is fun. I think that’s it. People want to have fun. And that’s what you forget. I remember being younger in a band. You always took everything so technical. It comes down to having fun with the people, that’s what you realize later one.

Catch The Bellamy Brothers live locally at the Liberty Showcase Theater on this Friday night and check out the rest of their tour dates here.

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Raelyn Nelson Discusses Her Music, Puns & Her Famous Grandfather

Raelyn Nelson

Though you might not have have heard of Raelyn Nelson yet you are about to. She is the granddaughter of Willie Nelson, yes that Willie Nelson, and music runs through that family’s blood. Starting out on a guitar gifted to her by her famous grandfather, she has now been playing and learning a variety of instruments for years. Read on to learn more about the Raelyn Nelson Band and be sure to check out their music today.

Raelyn Nelson Discusses Her Music, Puns & Her Famous Grandfather

EPR: So tell me about your band. What kind of music do you play? Who provides inspiration?

Raelyn Nelson: Okay, so my band is like punk garage rock with a country girl frontin the band. So I met Jonathan Bright through a mutual friend and I was trying to find a place to record some songs that I’d written, and he had studio in his back of his house and he was like “Oh come over. I won’t charge you much to do some demos.” This was a few years ago and my kids had just gotten old enough where I could get out a bit more. I had gotten done nursing them and I was able to get out a little bit more.

So I started going over there and recording some demos and by the end of the first session, he was like, let’s put a combo together and and write more songs and I was like, “Okay!” I was so ready to jump in and his background has always been rock, garage rock, underground in the independent underground rock music scene. His stuff is like Cheap Trick, Ramones, The Clash, a mixture of all kind of that stuff and then when you add a country twang melody on top of it is basically a hybrid of what it is. It’s like men and me singing my melodies on top of it.

And we’ve kind of stayed around here for two or three years and then over the past couple of years we’ve been able to get out and about. We’re still an independent band. We’re not signed by anyone or anything like that, not that we’re against it. We just haven’t been approached and, you know, we’re just trying to get out and share with everyone. My grandpa’s always been real supportive. My whole family makes music and are all making our own different kinds, different sounds. But, what else is there? We were doing singles for a long term and then just packaging it as an EP, and we were given the advice, “Ya’ll just need to put together a full album and do it.”

Raelyn Nelson Band Debut “Weed And Whiskey”

So over the past year, that’s what we’ve been doing – putting together this album and it’s just come out November 8. And our first single was “Weed and Whiskey,” which is like a protest to the opioid crisis, because my little sister went through – one of her boyfriend, last year, he ODed died, and it’s been a huge impact on my little sister and our family and his family, of course.

So, all of us have someone in our life who has been affected by the opioid crisis, and my thoughts are, we don’t need to. All we need is a little bit of weed, a little bit of whiskey. And so I wrote the song. And it was kind of like a protest to the opioid crisis but it sounds like a party anthem song.

Turns Out Raelyn Nelson Is Quite Punny

EPR: Tell me about “Pun with Raelyn Nelson.” I saw it on your Facebook page.

Raelyn Nelson: Okay, so before we had any anything really ready we were just writing songs and getting things going. We we like, “We need something to put out to start the Raelyn Nelson brand or whatever.” And I’ve always loved puns, and we thought of the first one, and then thought of a second one and just kept going and it’s completely ridiculous and stupid but we love it so much. I actually get people like, “We need another pun,” you know, so it was kind of part of the thing and I feel like I’m minor in comedy so…

EPR: You have to entertain them any way you can right?

Raelyn Nelson: Yeah! You know, back in the day when country music was first starting, people would tell jokes on stage. It was like a Dolly and Porter, Loretta and everything. They would tell jokes and I just want to bring that back and lose all the seriousness. Just don’t take it so serious.

Raelyn Nelson On Her Love Of The Ukulele

EPR: So, a ukulele – that is an unusual instrument to choose to play. Tell me what you love about playing the ukulele.

Raelyn Nelson: Okay, so when I first went to J. B.’s place, Jonathan Bright’s place, he had just finished an all ukulele album – that was replacement cover songs. It was done in all ukulele and it was with Tom Littlefield, the album is called “Treatment Bound,” by Bright Little Field.

There were like six different ukuleles around the studio, and I picked one up while he was engineering stuff on our music and I was like hey, I was like, “Can you teach me how to play this ukulele?” And it turns out if you play guitar, you can pick up the ukulele pretty quickly. It’s not a hard instrument to play, and I was playing it a lot in the studio and I was like, “You know what? I want to play this and it’s easy and I can move around and I didn’t have to think about it too much.” And let’s be fair, like you said, it’s an interesting instrument to choose and you just kind of stand out a little more.

But also, if you plug it in to an amp, it kind of sounds like a really high guitar. Not high necessarily, but like the high end of the music is is pinging in on top of all the grungy guitars and I think it sounds great. And my voice is soprano so it kind of melds in with my voice better. And I play it a little better than I play acoustic guitar, and I’ve just fallen in love with it. I can move around more on stage so I don’t have to think about what I’m playing as much, like I said, it’s really easy to play the ukulele.

So, you know, it’s just like I can, I can focus on entertaining and singing, and still be able to play because I like when artists are playing something rather than just getting up and singing. I respect all artists, but I like the look of it better. The shows that I like to watch are ones when everyone’s playing an instrument.

Raelyn Nelson

Raelyn Nelson On Her Famous Grandfather

EPR: Okay, so you are the granddaughter of Willie Nelson. Do you feel that that has helped open more doors for you in the music industry, or do you think that instead, it’s out more pressure on you to live up to, you know, someone else’s legacy.

Raelyn Nelson: I think a little bit of both. I think there’s a good part because they’re like “Oh, you’re Willie Nelson’s granddaughter!” So I know everybody’s probably going to take a listen to the song, you know songs I’ve written. But that doesn’t mean that they’re going to like it because my music is not my grandpa’s music, but I will say he did inspire me to become a songwriter, and I’ve always had these melodies floating around in my head which, that’s really what I bring to the table – my opinion or lyrics and melody. I feel like it comes from the same spot where he writes his songs because he’s always been a huge amazing person, and always working.

I was like, four or five years old when I realized, that first moment of, “Oh he’s a big deal,” because we were all at a restaurant and all of these people start swarming him. And my dad picked me, held me really close and tight, and I remember everyone just being really tense and trying to get us all out of the restaurant and I remember my little brain being like, “Why is everybody trying to talk to him?” It confused me but that was my first moment of like, “Oh, he’s a big deal.”

And ever since then, it’s always been like, “Protect him!” You know what I mean? And one point of view is like he’s always working, and he is entertaining and he’s devoted his life to his music and the fans, and I don’t see him ever stopping. I think she will die on the road, you know, and that’s how I want to be. And I just want to play forever.

Editor’s Note: Willie Nelson, at 86, is still actively touring and performed a duet with Kacey Musgraves called “Rainbow Connection” on this years CMA Awards last week. Several media and podcast outlets made assumptions that Willie Nelson was sick after seeing his CMA performance last week. But it was in the teens that night [cold weather is notoriously rough on a voice] and he is, afterall, 86, and has smoked a LOT in his day. So, his granddaughter is quite protective of her grandpa and thinks perhaps we all should chill. 😉

Raelyn Nelson

EPR: Kacey [Musgraves] seemed pretty protective of Willie [Nelson] and like she really cared about him and I was wondering if there’s a chance they might actually rerecord “Rainbow Connection” together

Raelyn Nelson: Yes! It was really pretty. Sure. Yeah, sure. I will suggest that. And you’re right, she’s great. I almost kind of thought that maybe him and her had smoked before they went on, just the way they both kind of looked. You could tell that both of them were in the moment, too. I’ve met her before and I was like, I wonder if they had smells a little weed beforehand too and I think that she is one of the ones he would actually want to smoke with. He loves Kacey.

EPR: Yeah she seems sweet. So, with the Willie Nelson Family tour, would you ever be part of that? Do you ever tour with him at all?

Raelyn Nelson: He’s suggested it before, and I’m kind of…I just want them to suggest it. I don’t want to be like “Hey, put me on!” I want them to be like, “Let’s put Raelyn on.” So I’m just biding time and waiting and trying to build up as much as I can for my band and my music by myself so that is more likely to happen. Now we have done, I mean family shows with all our bands get together and play. But the Willie Nelson Family Tour, he’s always called his band “The Family,” so it’s super confusing, and my uncle Lucas goes with him and takes a little bit of the heat off of him vocals and guitar wise, too. So it’s a little confusing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re all going to be there but a lot of times family is there and everybody gets up for the Gospel set the end of the show and he always invites the family to sing in the gospels sets. But yeah, I’m hoping. I just don’t want to push it on my own. It’ll mean more if they are like, “Hey Raelyn, we want you.” I know he would make it happen if I ask. But I don’t want to ask someone to be asked.

Raelyn Nelson

EPR: Willie Nelson is going to be headlining Merlefest, that’s near me, next year. It would be really cool if you were there for Merlefest.

Raelyn Nelson: Okay, Merlefest! I will reach out to Merlefest and see about getting on that way.

EPR: Yeah, because that’s a big festival with a large, diverse crowd. It would be really cool if you could be on the stage at Merlefest. So definitely look into that.

Shop Raelyn Nelson Band’s store here and check out the band’s tour dates here.

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2020 Carolina Country Music Fest Lineup So Far + 2019 Recap

2020 Carolina Country Music Fest Lineup

This year was my 2nd attending Carolina Country Music Fest and the music was amazing this year just like it was last year. Last year the headliners were Toby Keith, Luke Bryan, Zac Brown Band and Cole Swindell. This year the headliners were Alabama, Thomas Rhett, Dierks Bentley and Florida Georgia Line. Read on to 2020 Carolina Country Music Fest Lineup so far!

2020 Carolina Country Music Fest Lineup So Far

2020 Carolina Country Music Fest Lineup

If I haven’t stressed it enough, if you missed the last five years of Carolina Country Music Fest in Myrtle Beach, SC, you lost out on seeing some of the hottest country shows around. And it looks like the lineup for the 6th annual music festival won’t disappoint either. The 2020 Carolina Country Music Fest lineup so far consists of headliners Eric Church, Luke Combs, Darius Rucker and Jake Owen, along with supporting acts Jon Pardi and, just announced, Chris Janson. You can learn about more acts as they are announced here.

Where To Stay For Carolina Country Music Fest

I camped out at KOA Myrtle Beach again this year. I can’t say enough about KOA. I love the whole camping/music festival experience, and this way you can still have that, while at the beach. KOA Myrtle Beach even has cabins if you aren’t the camping type, but I love camping so it’s totally my jam. KOA also offers free shuttles to the beach, so you can catch one of those and walk a few blocks to the festival or you can catch an Uber and be taken right to it. I tried both ways, depending on my mood, time of day, etc. I also love that KOA had free pancake breakfast every morning. I mean, who doesn’t love pancakes? One night after the festival I came back to the campsite and there was karaoke. I didn’t do it because people don’t need the punishment that is my screechy voice, but it’s cool that they offer fun activities for the campers who are talented and/or enjoy these things.

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In a world full of tan, be orange. ❤ . I'm kidding. 😂 All camping is great. But how hot 🔥 is my easy up tent from @bassproshops? I used it at @epicenterfest but didn't really get to experience it all that much [except for how durable it is] due to weather issues. So I'm trying it out again, this time for @ccmflive! Check out my home for the weekend @myrtlebeachkoa. 🐿🐿🐿 . #KOA #MBKOA #solotravel #camping #nature #travel #adventure #outdoors #outdoor #camp #campinglife #explore #roadtrip #camper #photography #wanderlust #photooftheday #beach #naturephotography #instagood #tent #getoutside #summer #wilderness #campinggear #campingadventures #campinglove #trip #naturelovers #campingfun

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Another Year Of Top Notch Music At Carolina Country Music Fest

My favorite acts of the whole festival were Morgan Evans and Dan + Shay. I really liked “Tequila” and “How Not To” by Dan + Shay but I really wasn’t aware of much else by them. But when I saw them in concert, they sounded so great, their songs were fun and Shay’s voice is ridiculously good. So now I am a huge fan and have downloaded tons of their songs.

All I knew about Morgan Evans before CCMF was that he sang “Kiss Somebody,” he is married to Kelsea Ballerini and that he is from Australia. But he really did amaze me. He had some kind of foot pedal machine that allowed him to “play” all the instruments. It was only him on the stage and I seriously think it was all him as far as instrumentation was concerned. In all of the concerts I have ever been to, I have seen some things, but that’s not one of them. I was mesmerized.

On Thursday night, I got to see one of my all time favorite bands, Alabama! I have never seen Alabama until this year and now I have seen them TWICE! That’s the same night that Morgan Evans hit the stage, too, so it was, overall, a pretty amazing night.

On Friday night, I got to see Dierks Bentley and Brothers Osbourne do “Burning Man” together! Yes! That is one of my favorite songs by Dierks and the live performance did not disappoint. I also saw Randy Houser, Gabby Barrett, Sweet Tea Trio [their version of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” is fabulous], Jimmie Allen and I got to meet Danny Kensy.

On Saturday, we were evacuated due to bad weather for a short period. Florida Georgia line was set to perform that night, so I wasn’t too worried about it. I know I will get some hate for that but I just don’t love them. Their newer music is endearing them to me, though, I will give you that. “Simple” is a wonderful song. I really didn’t want to miss Dan + Shay that night though. But you guys already know I didn’t. I also saw Cam [so good!] and Gone West that night.

On Sunday, I saw Midland, Dustin Lynch, Rhett Akins [I have loved him for years!] and Thomas Rhett. Thomas Rhett rose from a lift within the stage and jumped really high when he came onstage. You could literally feel the excitement in the crowd. What a fun, energetic way to end the music festival.

Incidentally, this year is Alabama’s 50th and CCMF’s 5th anniversary. I thought that seemed like a great pairing. And, of course, I made a trip to The Bowery. I mean, how can you go to a music festival at Myrtle Beach, the home of Alabama, where Alabama is also playing, and not go to where it all got started? Come on, people!

2020 Carolina Country Music Fest Lineup

What Can Carolina Country Music Fest Improve On?

After my 2nd year of attending Carolina Country Music Fest, I see there are a few things they can improve on. I am hoping that they will start offering free water as I saw several people pass out [including myself on Thursday night] due to the heat and/or various health conditions. Since free water stations and/or sponsors offering free drinks is standard at most music festivals I have been to, I am hoping that Carolina Country Music Fest will join in.

I would also like to see more seating, that is easily accessible, and made ready available, especially to those with disabilities. I was told that to sit in the accessible section a doctor’s note is required. Since I attend music festivals and concerts all the time and have never been asked for a doctor’s note before, I did not have one. However, I have a heart condition and, given that experience, I now have a doctor’s note that I take everywhere with me. The accessibility section in the main stage area is also view obstructed so if you don’t get there and secure a good seat early, you can see very little, if any, of the concert, depending on where you sit. I am also unsure if any of the other stages even have disability seating. I do know that every time I tried to sit at the Blue Moon area I was turned down, so I stopped going to that stage.

Overall I Highly Recommend Carolina Country Music Fest

Having said all this, Carolina Country Music Fest does have a lot going for it. It’s a pretty new festival, so I am hoping that these kinks I did mention can be worked out soon. But that musical lineup though! It is absolutely amazing, probably THE BEST [in my opinion] of any music festival that I have ever attended. And it’s consistent. The talent is always great, with major names that people can easily recognize and fabulous up and comers that are so worth your time to see.

They also keep the party going nonstop on the mainstage between sets with a deejay. I enjoy this because once I was able to secure a seat, I did not leave to go to other stages as I was worried I would lose it. I definitely recommend Carolina Country Music Fest, especially to those who are young and in great health. If you are in need of certain accommodations, just consider everything I said and decide or make accommodations according to your particular needs.

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