Thomas Rhett Life Changes Album Review #LifeChanges

Thomas Rhett Life Changes Album Review #LifeChanges

Over the past year or so, I learned of Thomas Rhett’s music. I was such a fan of his dad’s back in the day and have found it really cool watching Rhett Akin’s son carving out his own piece of music history. I don’t think he has had a radio single that I did not like and most I have really loved. So, I bought my first Thomas Rhett CD a few weeks ago: Life Changes. Check out my Thomas Rhett Life Changes album review and let me know if you agree with my assessment.

Thomas Rhett’s Life Changes Track List

1. Craving You [featuring Maren Morris]
2. Unforgettable
3. Sixteen
4. Drink A Little Beer [featuring Rhett Akins]
5. Marry Me
6. Leave Right Now
7. Smooth Like The Summer
8. Life Changes
9. When You Look Like That
10. Sweetheart
11. Kiss Me Like A Stranger
12. Renegades
13. Gateway Love
14. Grave

Thomas Rhett Life Changes Album Review #LifeChanges

Thomas Rhett Life Changes Album Review

My way of listening to CDs is to first listen to the songs I know and love over and over a few times and get that out of my system. Then I play the whole CD through a few times to hear everything else. Finally, I choose my favorites and skip the ones that I like least. Some CDs have less “skippers” than others but, typically for me, about half end up in the skip pile. This CD has 14 songs on it and 7 are “skippers” for me, so I consider this album a great purchase. Here are my favorites that I am currently playing on repeat from this album: Craving You, Unforgettable, Marry Me, Leave Right Now, Smooth Like The Summer, Renegades and Gateway Love.

I will say that for fans of traditional country and only traditional country: this isn’t the album for you. There are a lot of songs on here that I feel could be played in clubs or on Top 40 stations. You won’t like these songs. It’s not because these songs aren’t good – quite the opposite actually. It’s because you only like one style of music and this is not that. Smooth Like The Summer and Leave Right Now might be my absolute favorite songs on this album. I still can’t stop listening to Marry Me, though, either. Oh, how that song tugs at the heartstrings. The heartwrenching video came out on my birthday, too. Coincidence? 😉 And Renegades is perfect for listening to in my car. It’s got a really cool, upbeat, summer kind of vibe. The song Grave is starting to grow on me as well and may be added to the keeper pile soon. I am still undecided on that one. Essentially, I love all kinds of music and this album is basically a smorgasbord. A really good smorgasbord. If you are down for a variety of genres of music, I think you will really dig this album.

I want to add this. I saw someone on a message board whining about how Thomas Rhett’s dad, Rhett Akins, would not like this album. 1. You don’t speak for Rhett Akins and 2. Rhett Akins makes a guest appearance on one of the songs on this album. I seriously doubt he would want to be a guest on this album if he hated it. You do you, boo. *Steps off my soapbox*

Thomas Rhett will be on tour this year. You can check out those dates here.

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