Rockie Lynne On Supporting The Troops & Offering Aid To Gold Star Families

Rockie Lynne On Supporting The Troops & Aid To Gold Star Families

I remember playing “Lipstick” and “Do We Still” by Rockie Lynne when I worked in radio. I loved both of those songs and was super excited to get to see him in concert back in the day with Carrie Underwood. Rockie Lynne is so much more than a talented musician though. He does so much for the troops and those less fortunate that I really think it was an honor to get to talk to him and write this piece on him today. Check out this Rockie Lynne interview and let me know what you think about this super cool North Carolina native.

Rockie Lynne Interview: Supporting The Troops & Offering Aid To Gold Star Families

EPR: So you are in the studio today. Do you want to tell us a little bit about what you are doing or what you are working on today?

Rockie Lynne: Well, primarily what I do when I am not on the road is I go in the recording studio and I write songs and I pitch them to other people. Over the years I have been lucky enough to write songs for the Oak Ridge Boys, Steve Wariner and Criminal Minds, the television show, and FOX Sports and things like that.

EPR: That is really cool. So what’s it like to hear your music on shows like “Criminal Minds?”

Rockie Lynne: Oh it’s an honor. It’s just a true pleasure. I don’t think it ever gets old and when you hear your song on the radio or someone else sing it, to me it’s a rush. I don’t ever get tired of it either. It could be the same song a million times and it’s cool.

EPR: You have a radio show called “Uprising.” Can you tell us a little about that?

Rockie Lynne: Uprising. It started, I guess, about 6 years ago. It’s half music and half talk. Because of all my relationships in Nashville, because we lived there for so long, I go and talk to someone who has made a significant mark in the music industry as a writer, as a performer, as a producer. And sometimes the artist. Like we have had the Oak Ridge Boys on and Steve Wariner. But usually we ask people who work behind the scenes like songwriters and musicians. We have conversations about the songs and then we segue into the music. It’s a great way for people to find out about music and how it’s made.

EPR: Tell us about your involvement with “Operation Build?” [Editor’s Note: Watch past episodes of “Operation Build” here]

Rockie Lynne: I just started and have done 2 episodes and have the rest of the season to do. It’s a real blast to get to do it because they always help people who are in a dire circumstance, someone who really needs the help or the renovation to their home. The woman’s house that we just did in Concord, NC is a Gold Star mother who has lots and lots of health issues since her son lost his life in Iraq. I think it’s just a broken heart you know, and it’s hard for her to live. Her body has just basically shut down but we were able to move her bedroom from upstairs to downstairs and make a nice bathroom for her and her husband. It’s just to make her life a little bit easier. And really, it feels so much better to do something for someone, I think, than to have someone do things for you. I’m not really in it for the income. I’m in it for the outcome, if that makes any sense.

Rockie Lynne On Supporting The Troops & Aid To Gold Star Families

EPR: That’s beautiful. I love that. So, when you help these families, are they all in North Carolina or do you go all over the place?

Rockie Lynne: They are all over the country.

EPR: That is really good! And what exactly is “Tribute To The Troops?” Can you tell us more about that as well?

Rockie Lynne: Beginning in January will be our 15th year of “Tribute To The Troops.” We are a 501c3 registered charity. It’s an all volunteer organization. No one gets paid. No one draws a salary. What happens is that each state that we are in, all across the nation from North Carolina to Oregon, they have a weekend. In North Carolina, for instance, in October, people come from all across the country and they bring their motorcycles or they can rent motorcycles here and then we go to homes of people who have lost heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan. So, where do you live? In Statesville?

EPR: I live in Mount Airy. So I’m not very far from Statesville.

Rockie Lynne: So if you lived in Mount Airy, you would have Cathy Goodman. She is from Elkin. Her son died in Afghanistan. His job was to guard the dignitaries when they would come in. He was killed by someone that we thought was our friend. We go and we stand in the yard where that guy played baseball. We say to those families that we will not forget their sacrifice. And, typically, we visit a family 5 or 6 years after it happens. And when something like that happens, they get a lot of attention right off the bat, but after a while it can feel like the world has left them behind. And “Tribute To The Troops” is a reminder that we have not forgotten. And we also raise money. We take the money and put it in the 529 Education Fund, college scholarships and educational scholarships. They can use it for technical school or anything they want. The past 15 years we’ve been fortunate enough, because of the good hearted people that help us, to provide college scholarships for 48 children.

EPR: Oh wow. That’s pretty amazing!

Rockie Lynne: It’s the best thing I have ever done in my life. I can’t even believe that I am the founder. I can’t believe that I get to take any credit for it because it’s such a good thing and it involves the nicest people ever. We do a fun ride on the day before the ride starts and this year I took everyone on the fun ride to Mount Airy.

EPR: [laughs!} That is so cool!

Rockie Lynne: We went the backway to Mount Airy and we ate at Snappy Lunch. We walked through Mayberry and I think we took like 60 people in the police car. You know, we rode around town. It was cool.

EPR: Wow! That is cool! I did want to ask you one random question, too, before you go. I think you used to live in Myrtle Beach, right?

Rockie Lynne: I actually lived in North Myrtle Beach, so in that area. I used to play in Myrtle Beach, a lot.

EPR: Myrtle Beach is one of my favorite places. So what are some of your favorite things to do in Myrtle Beach?

Rockie Lynne: When I was there, there were a lot of great music clubs like the Dixie Electric Company, Castaways, the Magic Attic, the Bowery [where Alabama got their start]. Of course, I don’t know if that old wooden roller coaster is still there but they used to have a really old wooden roller coaster that felt like it was going to fall apart every time that you got on it and I used to love to go there to the Pavilion. [Editor’s note: The Pavilion is closed but you can ride some of the rides at the Pavilion Nostalgia Park now located at Broadway at the Beach] But for me the most magic thing is watching the sun either come up or come down around the ocean. You know, when it’s quiet and peaceful and there’s nobody there. It’s a great reminder that we are just a small part of a really big wheel.

You can see Rockie Lynne locally Saturday night at The Twisted Oak and you can get the rest of his tour schedule here.

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