A Tour Of Walt Disney’s Office In Burbank, California

A Tour Of Walt Disney's Office In Burbank, California

On my recent trip to California, I got the opportunity to do something that not a lot of people have gotten to do. I got to tour Walt Disney’s Office. This is the actual office suite that Walt Disney occupied during his lifetime. When you see him sitting behind a desk on TV…that’s the desk I saw. 😀 Pretty cool, right? Walt Disney’s office includes many cherished Disney items, memorabilia and awards that he won during his time as the supervisor over Disney and all it’s properties. You can just imagine the work and time that Walt Disney himself put into making the company one of the best entertainment businesses in the world. I left feeling a little more connected to Walt Disney and his dream.

A Tour Of Walt Disney’s Office

Walt Disney’s office was number 3H from 1940 until his death in 1966. He would arrive to work at 8:30 a.m. daily and he left at approximately 7 p.m. each night. After his death, his personal secretary, Tammy Wilck, remained on with the company for two years. Walt Disney’s office was then closed. It was re-opened in 1970 when Dave Smith founded the Walt Disney Archives and inventoried everything in Walt Disney’s office. After the inventory was completed, the office was remodeled and then Disney President and CEO Ron Miller occupied the office. It was remodeled again in 1985, after which Frank Wells and Micheal Eisner occupied the office. In 1991, Roy E. Disney, Walt’s nephew, took over occupancy of his uncle’s office. The office has also been occupied by other Disney producers, such as Shaun Cassidy, Ned Nalle, Marc Cherry and Sabrina Wind. In 2015, it was again renovated and restored, but this time to the way it looked when Walt Disney occupied it. Walt Disney’s office is now a permanent exhibit that honors the man that made Disney famous.

A Tour Of Walt Disney's Office In Burbank, California

Walt Disney’s Office is broken down into four segments. The first is the Secretary’s Office. No one got in to see Walt Disney without an appointment. His secretary and receptionist made sure of that. They were also responsible for making sure that he kept to his schedule and appointments. The second segment is the Formal Office, where Walt Disney spent time answering letters and auditioning composers at the grand piano. This is also where several auditions were held for the voice characterizations for several Disney films. In this part, there was a gold automaton bird. This bird once inspired Disney to develop what is now known as Audio-Animatronics® Technology. If you ride the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride at Disneyland or Disney World, you will see ample evidence of this! It would become one of Walt Disney’s more popular inventions. This room also houses several gifts from around the world that Disney cherished as well as Norman Rockwell sketches of his daughters as well as several books by well-know authors like C.S. Lewis. This was also where Disney would retreat to for some down time. I can definitely appreciate that.

A Tour Of Walt Disney's Office In Burbank, California

A Tour Of Walt Disney's Office In Burbank, California

The third segment is the Working Office. This is the office where Walt Disney held daily meetings with producers, directors and advisors. Some of these meetings were said to be so large that many people had to sit on the floor. This is also the room where he met with his brother, Roy O. Disney, and began work on some of the concepts that would not get completed until after his death, such as a new theme park in Orlando, Florida based around the family of the future, known as EPCOT.

A Tour Of Walt Disney's Office In Burbank, California

The fourth and final segment is the Private Room and Gallery Space. Although it was designed to be like an apartment, Walt Disney rarely used this part. He took physical therapy here later in his life and would sometimes come here to relax. It is now used as a gallery space to showcase the timeless work that was done by Walt Disney.

Check out the rest of my pictures of Walt Disney’s office as well as my pictures from the Disney Archives on Flickr.

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  1. robin rue says

    I didn’t know his office was still in tact. I remember seeing it in that movie with Tom Hanks about Mary Poppins a few years ago.

  2. Really cool to see these photos! I’m a huge Disney fan, I think it’s great that his office is still in great shape. Great piece of history.

  3. Walt Disney was such a brilliant man. I think it would be so cool to be in his office where he created so much!
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  4. I have always wanted to take that tour. I think Walt Disney is a very interesting man. He did everything that he set out to do and I think that should be great motivation for people who are trying to make it.
    Valerie recently posted…Pirate Rice Krispies Treats #RecipeMy Profile

  5. That is so amazing! I would love to see Walt Disney’s office. He’s the genius behind so many beloved classics, it would be amazing to get a personal look like that.
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  6. That is the coolest. Just think of how many genius ideas were conceived in that office. Very awesome.
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  7. What an amazing tour! It’s awesome to see the work station of the one who brought the magical Disney (and Mickey!) to life.
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  8. I love all things Disney. This sounds like a really cool tour to see.

  9. Awesome thing to do! I think it’s really nice that you got to tour Walt Disney’s office and see how it all cam to be. It’s such an awesome opportunity.
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  10. Elizabeth O. says

    It would be nice to tour his office. He’s such an inspiration even until now. I’m sure he was pretty busy back then.

  11. What a fun place to tour. Would love to see that in person. A friend is going to CA this summer will share this with her, she LOVES Disney.

  12. Wow! What an opportunity to visit his office! So much creativity and history in that place!
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  13. This looks like it was a wonderful journey to visit. My husband and my family have backgrounds of going to WDW. My brother-in-law is still such an enthusiast. I bet he would love to visit the office.

  14. Wow, what a gem, that Walt Disney’s office is still intact and looks like he only just stepped out 🙂 Somewhere to go see #BucketlistItem

  15. That is a very nice look at how the master himself did business. I love old history spots like this.

  16. Great pics! I hope to get there one day.
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  17. So amazing this would be something I would love to visit and tour. What amazing history I’m sure is in this place!

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  19. It would definitely be interesting to see Walt Disney’s office! I’m sure you can glean a lot about his personality by the things he kept closest to him.
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  20. That is a really cool visit! This is something I would have enjoyed too. Thanks for the inside peek!

  21. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    Oh wow. Amazing to see the great Walt Disney’s office. It is obvious how much he loves his family, with all those sketches of his children on the walls of the office!

  22. Wow! I would love to tour his office, too! What an amazing experience!
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  33. We are Disney passholders so I am loving this behind the scenes look! I haven’t been to Disneyland though!

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