Marshall Tucker Band’s Doug Gray Talks 45th Live In Concert Tour {Part 1} #MTB45

Marshall Tucker Band's Doug Gray Talks 45th Live In Concert Tour {Part 1} #MTB45

So, I just off the phone with Doug Gray of the Marshall Tucker Band. It’s a little after 10am here and you might not think that a lead singer of a popular touring music group would be up at that time of the morning. But you would be wrong. Read our interview with Doug Gray {this is Part 1, come back tomorrow for Part 2} and learn all about the current tour, where you can see them locally and lots of other cool Marshall Tucker Band stuff.

Marshall Tucker Band’s Doug Gray Talks 45th Live In Concert Tour {Part 1}

Doug Gray: Hey Dawn! This is Doug Gray with the Marshall Tucker Band. How are you doing?

Rock: I am great! How are you doing?

Doug Gray: I don’t know yet. Was I supposed to call at this time of the morning?

Rock: You were. That’s the time they said that you wanted to call at. I thought that might be early for you.

Doug Gray: No! Are you kidding? I have been up since, let’s see, 6:30.

Rock: See, that’s me, too. I like to get up early.

Doug Gray: Well, you miss a lot of the real day. I like to get most of my work done by 10 or 11 o’clock. And then I start doing other people’s work, the assignments and things I have to do, approvals. You know, we’ve changed companies and management companies, as well. So, people just don’t have any idea what an improvement it is for the Marshall Tucker Band, but not only that, it’s very very exciting to be in one place for 30 years and then all of a sudden… plus we do a lot of stuff. We play the CMA and the Grand Ole Opry and stuff like that. But these people want to take us a little bit further again so in 45 years of being in this one band and here they are wanting to take us further because we blew away a bunch of people at the Stage Coach Festival in California. We had 20,000-30,000 people out there watching the band and they just happened to be there. So, it’s good.

The Marshall Tucker Band Announces "45th Live In Concert" Tour #MTB45

Rock: That’s awesome. So when did you switch companies that you are working with then?

Doug Gray: Two months ago, I went to APA which is American Performing Arts which is the 2nd largest in the world, as you know. And then we went to Red Light Management which handles Dave Matthews and hundreds of other people which are young and new now. So, I mean we were there with some of the “cooler” people. Which I mean, I am 69 years old, but I don’t act like it. I’m out and running and doing this and doing that…I just can not sit still and I love working. You can tell I love talking {laugh}. You don’t even have to do an interview, we are just going to talk, ok?

Rock: That works for me {laughs}.

Doug Gray: I like doing things and, honestly, right now I am in Myrtle Beach, SC because that’s where I live..

Rock: That’s a great place to live!

Doug Gray: Oh yeah! I live on the south end, too, so I am not up there with all the businesses and all that other stuff. And I still have a home in Spartanburg, SC. And I have grandkids there and 2 wonderful daughters that are out of college already.

Rock: So, do you get to visit them a lot?

Doug Gray: Oh yeah, I mean, I am gone about 170 days of the year so we don’t really have an existing office for the Marshall Tucker Band because you can do most things on your telephone and computer right now. And these bigger companies are so much more efficient than any other companies that we have ever been with. Even though I was with the other one for a long time and I was satisfied and everything was good but to go out like we did last year and open for the Zac Brown Band and open for Kid Rock and to open for these big acts, everybody’s finding it really strange. I can’t believe it and others want to know how we keep doing it. We keep doing it because people keep liking it.

Rock: Well, ya’ll have a sound that has remained popular for all of these years and has really resonated with people. Some types of music come and go but the Marshall Tucker Band has a great sound that just lasts.

Doug Gray: Explain to me how we get into all of these movies. We didn’t plan for this. Johnny Depp puts us in “Blow” and I did cocaine all my life. Well, not all my life. I quit on August 16, 1999. I changed my whole life and got married. Why in the world have we gotten to open for all of these acts this year? I think it’s because these songs touch people. We perform them in such a way, with energy and love and caring and still have a relationship with all these people. Being from the south, we are a bunch of rednecks that grew up. You know?

Rock: (laughs)

Doug Gray: Really. And we have had the ability to just go ahead and keep moving forward. This is the strangest thing in the world to me. I mean, I do probably 8-10 interviews a day but people are more interested in what we are doing today than what we did a long time ago. But there’s always somebody on the radio who says, “Hey man, tell me a story about you and Gregg {Allman}.” No! I can’t tell those kinds of stories! {laughs} But, I am happy where I am. I couldn’t ask for anything more – knowing that these people wanted to sign us. At 69 years old, when someone wants to sign you for another 5 years, knowing that you will do a good job, what else can you ask for in this business?

Rock: That’s right. Longevity – a lot of groups don’t have that.

Marshall Tucker Band's Doug Gray Talks 45th Live In Concert Tour {Part 1} #MTB45

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Doug Gray: Even better groups than us. Know what I mean? Even more talented groups than us. That’s hard to say, I guess, because I am proud of everybody that we got but the fact is that there are some people out there who have so much talent it’s kind of scary {laughs}. I watch “The Voice” and I get cold chills when I watch some of these people sing.

Rock: There are definitely some really talented people on that show.

Doug Gray: Gosh, that little 15 year old girl that, I don’t know where she comes from but, you know, that’s an outer space kind of thing. She has lived before so she reincarnated Whitney Houston or somebody like that. You just don’t know. Where do these people get that emotion from if they are only 15 years old?

Rock: Right. Like the soul? Like they can feel the song?

Doug Gray: Mmmhmm. And I tell people that all the time. “Where do they get this from? How do they know it?” Hell, I have been doing this since I was 7 years old and I still can’t do it that good {laughs}.

Rock: {laughs} So, we have your tour dates on our site for the first leg. Do you know when more dates might be announced?

Doug Gray: Go to and there will probably be another 45 shows added in the next month or month and a half.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to check out Part 2 of our interview With Doug Gray!

Marshall Tucker Band's Doug Gray Talks 45th Live In Concert Tour {Part 1} #MTB45

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