Ricky Skaggs On Bill Monroe, His Musical Roots & New Country

Ricky Skaggs on Bill Monroe and his Musical Influences

With 12 #1 hit country singles, 14 GRAMMY Awards and tons of other accolades, Ricky Skaggs is a country and bluegrass legend. He will be receiving some other well deserved honors this month as well. On October 26th, he will be inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame {along with Garth Brooks and the late Jerry Reed} and then on October 31st, Skaggs will be honored with the prestigious ASCAP Founders Award {previous recipients include George Strait, Alan Jackson, Emmylou Harris, Tom Petty and more}. Locally, you can also catch him in concert at the Carolina Theatre, in Greensboro, NC on October 14th. We got the chance to talk with Skaggs about these honors, his upcoming events and what he has in store for the near future.

Eat Play Rock: Congratulations on your busy month! After all your hard work, it’s well deserved.

Ricky Skaggs: Thank you. I have always worked hard but I never did it for the awards. I have been in the music scene since age 5 and I am lucky that I haven’t become jaded. If I sell out a show or it’s half full, it doesn’t affect me. I do it for the fans.

Eat Play Rock: That’s a great way to look at things. So many people are consumed with being number one. But there are so many ways to be successful and also be happy. You have seen a lot of success in both the country and bluegrass genres. Is there one that is more fulfilling to you?

Ricky Skaggs: Well, country music was very rewarding financially. And I was also able to bring a style of music that I think filled a void. It was raw, traditional music during the “Urban Cowboy” craze – country songs with bluegrass fire. It was country music with bluegrass harmonies. I liked to bring in the mandolin, fiddle and banjo and we also had the guitar and piano. In ’96, Bill Monroe and my father passed away and I felt like I needed to go back to bluegrass. I wanted to go back to the music of my youth. Of course, there will never be another Bill Monroe. You get one of those maybe once every century. He started an entire genre of music. With the addition of Flatt and Scruggs in 1945, bluegrass was birthed in America. And country music was a lot of backporch pickin’ at that time with people like the Carter Family, Pop Stoneman and Jimmy Rodgers. I have been very rewarded in my career and have a great sense of peace and joy.

Eat Play Rock: What did you listen to growing up?

Ricky Skaggs: Bluegrass was my staple and my foundation. We listened to Bill Monroe, the Stanley Brothers, Flatt & Scruggs and my mother was a fan of country music. She loved Buck Owens, George Jones, Ray Price, Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. We didn’t have a turntable until I went to work. My cousin had some 78 records and I learned that I could slow them down to 45s. That way I could learn note for note how to play the songs and it was easy to learn. I went on tour with Emmylou Harris in ’78. She introduced me to the Whites, Sharon White, who is now my wife, as well as Linda Ronstadt at a pickin’ party.

Ricky Skaggs on Bill Monroe and his Musical Influences

Eat Play Rock: Are you touring with your wife soon?

Ricky Skaggs: We did in 2014. We did a duet record, “Hearts Like Ours,” that was more country than bluegrass. In ’86 or ’87 we got CMA Duo of the Year for our song, “Love Can’t Ever Get Better Than This,” and we always wanted to do an album together at some point.

Ricky Skaggs on Bill Monroe and his Musical Influences

Eat Play Rock: We have talked about your musical influences. Are there any newer artists that you especially like?

Ricky Skaggs: Sure. I like Sturgill Simpson and a couple of guys out of Austin. I also really like Mo Pitney out of Knoxville. And he has a sister that sings like a bird. I also really like Chris Stapleton. He is a Kentucky boy and though he doesn’t sound traditional like George Jones, he is very unique. There is just something that touches you about his music. It’s raw, real and honest.

I really have a heart for these young kids. Today, they have maybe one album to get it right. I never felt that pressure of going in the studio with fear in my heart. Today, they have to sound and dress a certain way. Don’t sell that part of yourself. What’s most important is that you keep your dignity, your honesty and integrity.

Eat Play Rock: You have been in music for over 50 years. Any favorite cities or states you like to visit?

Ricky Skaggs: Yes. I have been in music for 57 years – I started at age 5. I started touring with Bill Monroe at the age of 15. I finished high school and then went back out again. I have to say that I love coming to Carolina and look forward to being back there next week.

Eat Play Rock: Your daughter is also in music, right?

Ricky Skaggs: Yes, Molly Skaggs. Her album will be self-published in January and it’s called, “A Place For The Heart.” She also is a part of Cageless Birds with Jonathan and Melissa Helser. Their song, “No Longer Slaves” has been nominated for a Dove Award this year.

Where To Catch Ricky Skaggs

Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder will be at the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro NC on October 14th at the PLC Land Jam 2016. This show will benefit the Piedmont Land Conservancy and all proceeds directly support local land conservation activities and programs. You can get the rest of his tour info here.

Ricky Skaggs on Bill Monroe and his Musical Influences

Ricky Skaggs also has a new book out. You can order an autographed copy of Kentucky Traveler here.

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