The Secret Life Of Pets {Starring Kevin Hart} Movie Review + Movie Theater Etiquette Tips

The Secret Life Of Pets {Starring Kevin Hart} Movie Review #TheSecretLifeOfPets

I am such an animal lover. Every time I travel, I try to do something with animals – whether it be an excursion in another country to see capuchin monkeys or a zoo at home to see otters – animals are always a must see. As for my pets, I always try to imagine what they are thinking and how they interpret things going on around them in their everyday lives. I imagine my chihuahua, Puppy Mister, is a Latin Casanova who loves to say things like “Mi amore” and “Mi corazon, while he flirts with our other dog, Daisy Baby. Unimpressed by Puppy Mister’s flirtations, she mostly ignores him. But Puppy Mister thinks that deep down inside she really does find him adorable and is just trying to play hard to get. And perhaps he is right.

If you love pets the way I do then this is definitely the movie for you. If you don’t love pets the way that I do, this is still the movie for you. And there is something wrong with you. I kid. πŸ˜›

The Secret Life Of Pets Movie Review

The Secret Life Of Pets, starring Kevin Hart, Louis CK, Lake Bell, Jenny Slate and Eric Stonestreet, shares what it’s like for pets from their perspective. They sit at home all day while their humans go to work, quietly minding their own business. Not. While the humans are away, the cats will play. And the dogs. And the iguanas, And the bunnies. And the birds. And on and on…

These animals have experiences and full lives, much like their humans, in an apartment full of different species of animal friends. They usually get into a little bit of mischief when their humans are away but nothing major. The Secret Life Of Pets catches the pets on an off day though, with the introduction of a new, huge dog {Duke} to a household with only a small dog {Max} and his human.

Unfortunately, Max and Duke do not get along well at all. Because of this, they find themselves in dangerous situations outside of the apartment and this is where their story of friendship begins.

Stop staring and head to the theater to see #TheSecretLifeofPets now!

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My Thoughts

This is a really cute movie. I saw it on the same day as I watched The Shallows, so that was an interesting day. Naturally, I loved that The Secret Life Of Pets had a chihuahua in it. He was shaky just like mine and looked a lot like Puppy Mister, too, so that was pretty funny. I do wish the chihuahua was featured more, though. *Sniff*

I love Duke. What kind of dog is that? Wow! He is huge! My favorite pet was Max though. He was a little sweetie and I felt so sorry for him when Duke showed up. We had Puppy Mister before we had Daisy Baby and I wonder if he felt the same way when she was introduced. Animals have to adjust to so much and we just have no idea what they are going through sometimes.

I also loved the headbanging poodle. Ha! Rock on, you cute, white ball of fluff, you. Rock on!

This is a great movie for the whole family. We didn’t take any small children but there were tons of them in the movie theater. They all seemed to enjoy it. Also, there will be something else going on during the credits. We didn’t think there would be and heard a small piece of it as we were leaving the theater. So, you might want to stick around for that.

Now For The Soapbox On Movie Theater Etiquette

Please stop reading if you do not like soapboxes. If you do like soapboxes and would like to either comment on mine or get on your own, please read on and then share in the comments below.

*Gets On Soapbox*

I don’t often give advice about how to behave in public on the blog but I just wanted to share this. Jay and I got into the theater before the previews so that we could pick where we wanted to sit. This family of 3 came in as the movie was starting and asked us to move over one seat so that they could sit together. That put us right next to another couple, which wasn’t necessary. There were plenty of other places where this family of 3 could have sat together. We went ahead and moved to be nice. And, almost instantly, we regretted it. These parents let their kid run around the movie theater the entire time – totally disrupting our experience, as well as others’ I am sure.

1. If you want to sit in a certain spot, get there early enough so that you can. Then others can decide whether they want to sit beside you or not.

2. Don’t feel that you are entitled to a certain place to sit just because you breathe. Or that you bought a movie ticket. I also breathe, I also bought a ticket AND I got there early.

3. And, finally, please watch your kids. I am not a babysitter and neither are the theater staff. Don’t let your child throw popcorn on the floor and leave it. That is rude. Don’t let your child run in and out of the theater. Who will you blame if your child gets abducted? Me? What if your child falls and gets hurt? Will you sue the theater?

I think next time I am asked to move when there are other seats available, I will either say, “I am not supposed to be out in public,” and give them the creepy face Bill Hader does on Saturday Night Live or I will start screaming, “NOOOOOOO! NOOOOOO! NOOOOOO!” like Michael Scott did when Toby returned to work on The Office. I think these are the only kinds of responses this entitled type of person will understand. What do you think?

*Gets Off Soapbox*

Back to our regularly scheduled blog, already in progress…

Have You Seen The Secret Life Of Pets? What Did You Think? Do You Have Any Tips On Movie Theater Etiquette That You Would Like To Share?

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  1. We’re going to see Secret Life of Pets this weekend, and we’re all excited about it. Even my husband can’t wait to see it.
    Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle recently posted…Fried Ice Cream Recipe with John Wm. Macy’s Madagascar Vanilla SweetSticksMy Profile

  2. I really like Kevin Hart and this movie does look super cute. I think I’ll head to the theater today for some movie time with my daughter at something we both can enjoy.

  3. I can’t wait to see this movie with my kids! It looks fantastic!

  4. I would recommend expecting there to be children at a movie rated PG. Parents can’t always control their kids, but they can remove them when the behavior becomes disruptive to other movie goers. I was very disappointed in the way this movie was marketed. There was a lot of gang life references and characters punching each other to get their way. None of that was in any of the previews I watched. So I was disappointed taking my 5 year olds to see it as their very first theater movie. πŸ™ I want a do-over. LOL

  5. I have not seen this movie, but I really want to. I have a bearded dragon and a frilled dragon and I wonder what they’re thinking all of the time LOL!
    Heather @ Country Life, City Wife recently posted…Disabled American Veterans – Celebrating Victory for 96 YearsMy Profile

  6. I haven’t seen the movie but I am dying to! I love animals and I love kid’d movies. I recently watched Finding Dory and I died!! I love this kinds of movies and the trailer of The Secret Life of Pets made me laugh a lot. It is definitely in y “watch list”

  7. We saw the movie too! I was in love with it until the movie went in the sewer. Literally! I was hoping to see a bunch of different antics about pets at home. Anyway, I have to tell you, I had a similar experience at a ball game. My husband and I bought these great seats and we were sitting there so happy and a mom came over and said, I need you to trade seats with us so we can all sit together. My husband, the softy, said sure, and when we got to our seats, nope, they were not good. I wanted to go back and confront the mom but my husband said no. NEVER AGAIN.
    Terri Steffes recently posted…Help Us Name Our House!My Profile

  8. I haven’t gotten to see it yet but can’t wait to take the kids and make a movie night out of it. Great review!

  9. This looks SO cute. My kids have talked about it a few times so I can’t wait to get them out to see it. I think it will be so much fun for them, and myself! We just love animals and have so many pets. It will be great!

  10. My girls can’t wait to see this movie, and I’m pretty excited to see it too! It looks hilarious, and I love Kevin Hart!
    Amy @ Marvelous Mommy recently posted…Come Link Up Your DIY Projects!My Profile

  11. I love that the animal characters in this movie have full lives like people. It’s a great way to make them seem more lifelike and credible to the audience.
    Toughcookiemommy recently posted…DIY Pokemon Bookmark And PointerMy Profile

  12. The animals in this movie just look so funny. I must check this out when it’s released. I bet it has quite a few giggle worthy moments!
    Val recently posted…Perfect Pickle Pasta Salad #RecipeMy Profile

  13. I can’t wait to see this movie. We’re actually going tomorrow. My 11 year old and 8 year old can’t wait. Sounds so funny.

  14. I saw the trailer of this movie and I thought it’s really hilarious. I still need to see it.
    Jocelyn @ Hip Mama’s Place recently posted…7 Simple Hacks for Creating a More Efficient Home + Get A FREE Water AnalysisMy Profile

  15. I haven’t seen this but I thought the trailer was cute. It’s crazy that people don’t have some sort of common understanding of movie theater etiquette lol!

  16. I am so anxious to see this movie! We have seen the preview several times and each time I get more excited. Hopefully this weekend! I have always wondered what my pets do when I’m out! I agree with your soap box. Some people have no manners and are raising their children to be just as rude,

  17. That is so weird that they would ask you to move when there were other seats. Some people have no sense of personal space or manners. I have started avoiding movie theaters because of all the noise. I can’t wait to buy this move so we can all watch it at home as many times as we like. I think everyone in our family will love it.
    Carolyn recently posted…Is Your Child Scared of Public Restrooms? 3 Things That Help.My Profile

  18. I can’t wait for this movie! We love animated movies with a great lesson!

  19. We love animated movies with a great lesson! Kids and adults alike will surely love this! Can’t wait!

  20. I completely agree with your soapbox. People seem to think the movie theater is their living room, it’s not. This is why I usually wait for kid’s movies to come out on DVD or Netflix. Can’t wait to see The Secret Life of Pets. It looks so cute.

  21. We saw this movie and loved the pets and the humor, but we thought some parts were just a bit too serious for little kids and to be in an animation. Just our opinion that they kind of dragged the movie out. I completely am with you on the etiquette!

  22. My animal loving children are going to absolutely love this movie. We can’t wait to go see it as a family!

  23. I really enjoyed Secret life of pets. I agree that it was great for the whole family/anyone and if you haven’t seen it, you should!
    Melisasource recently posted…Interview: Frances Davis and Emmy Corinealdi of Miles Davis Bio-pic MILES AHEADMy Profile

  24. Nikki Wayne says

    I am an animal lover but I don’t own any due to allergic reasons. I like to see this movie with my hubby and son.

  25. If the child was being disruptive and disturbing others I would have said something to the manager or to the parents directly.
    jill conyers recently posted…3 Ways Yoga Has Balanced My FitnessMy Profile

    • Dawn McAlexander

      Yeah, I thought about it. I did that once, years ago, and the manager didn’t do anything, and I had to miss part of the movie to do it. So, I just try my best to ignore it now.

  26. It’s one of the most awaited film this summer because, well, the concept is really interesting. It’s awesome that you enjoyed the movie and it’s really something worth watching with the kids during this summer. It’s the perfect movie for a day or night out with the family!
    Amanda Love recently posted…How To Start Saving For Your Next TripMy Profile

  27. Ann Bacciaglia says

    We are so excited to go see this movie. The kids have been watching the trailer over and over.

  28. You got asked to move?!?! What? That’s craziness. People can be annoying, but with a movie this cute it’s worth dealing with them. The kids & I really enjoyed it.
    Crystal recently posted…20 Teacher Appreciation GiftsMy Profile

    • Dawn McAlexander

      Yep. I was shocked. Especially when I looked around and saw all these other places to sit. I think we just agreed to move because we were so shocked they asked that we didn’t have time to think about saying no, lol.

  29. Reesa Lewandowski says

    I really have been wanting to see this movie with the kids, but this is not the 1st review where I heard ppl saying it had a lot of darkness to it!

  30. Krystle Cook says

    We have seriously been waiting on this movie since we heard it was coming out. It looks so adorable.

  31. My girls really want to see this movie, it looks super cute/ Great post!

  32. This post is so ironic for my family. My husband took my kids to see the movie and they said a baby cried through almost the whole movie. It was so distracting, they almost left before the movie was over.
    Kelly Hutchinson recently posted…Tips For Prepping For A Knockout WorkoutMy Profile

    • Dawn McAlexander

      That is awful. What is wrong with people? I saw a movie recently where a baby started crying, too. Fortunately, they got the baby quiet down pretty quickly, though.

  33. This is the most anticipated movie in my house! Well for me at least. Haha! Cannot wait to go watch it this weekend!

    | |
    Yvonne Sowell recently posted…Home Printables About Contact SponsorshipsMy Profile

  34. This movie seems like funny and I bet this movie for my son, because he laugh so hard when he watched the movie trailer and I’m just amazed. Can’t wait to watch this movie this coming weekend.
    Nicole Escat recently posted…Fabulous Shopping with Beauty MNLMy Profile

  35. Jennifer Henry-Novich says

    This is such a cute movie! We loved it and will definitely be rewatching in the future.

  36. I actually saw this movie with my mom and sister and LOVED it. Seriously. So so good. I’m taking the kids to see it tomorrow and will definitely be following the etiquette tips!
    Erin recently posted…What I Wish I Knew When I Started My BusinessMy Profile

  37. parpar de real says

    Such an interesting movies for my kids. Glad you share this I bet this is so fun.

  38. I want to see this movie soooo bad and your review just confirmed it! We saw the preview when we took the kids to Finding Dory and I think they are going to love it and also naturally love the chihuahua in it as their Grammy has one they love to snuggle
    Codi Lynn recently posted…Top 5 Most Liked Bump Photos on InstagramMy Profile

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