PF Chang’s China Bistro Review {Winston Salem, NC}

PF Chang's China Bistro Review {Winston Salem, NC}

Almost a year ago, Winston Salem, NC, got it’s very own PF Changs. Jay and I had never eaten at a PF Changs before, so we decided to try it out this past week. For those of you unfamiliar with PF Changs, they serve Asian food. When we walked in, it did not look like the typical Chinese and Asian restaurants that we had dined at, in the past. It felt more like a modern restaurant/bar that you would find in a city like downtown Charlotte. With candles on the tables and dark woods, it felt very contemporary.

PF Changs Review

Jay and I ordered two appetizers and 1 meal and shared it all.

PF Chang's China Bistro Review {Winston Salem, NC}

PF Changs Chicken Egg Rolls

The chicken egg rolls came out first. Jay and I agreed that these were far better than what we had gotten at other Asian restaurants in the past. The egg rolls were stuffed with a variety of ingredients. I am sure you have gotten egg rolls before that had very little filling or what seemed to be only cabbage or carrots or something. These were not like that at all. They were crispy and not greasy as is often the case with Chinese takeout. These were fabulous. I am unsure of what the sauce was that they were served with, but it was very tasty and a bit spicy. Yum. It’s hard for Jay and I to find a sauce that we both love, but we both really enjoyed this one.

Price: $5.25

PF Chang's China Bistro Review {Winston Salem, NC}

PF Changs Pork Wontons

The pork wontons were my personal favorite part of the meal. I generally add Soy Sauce to wontons when I order them via Chinese takeout. I have a favorite Chinese restaurant in town where I get these and really enjoy them, but I have to admit that we found the ones from PF Changs to be better. They came with a sauce already on them. It tasted like a less salty Soy Sauce and it was really good. Neither Jay nor I added anything to them and we both felt they were great as is.

Price: $5.95

PF Chang's China Bistro Review {Winston Salem, NC}

PF Changs Spicy Chicken

As great as the appetizers were, we were really looking forward to the main course. And, sadly, we were quite disappointed. Our dish was not spicy at all, as we hoped that it would be given it was called PF Changs Spicy Chicken. Though it was a nice sized portion, at a whopping $15.50, we can get a larger size portion of food at our local Chinese restaurant that would cost less and taste comparable. Also, the sauce that came on this dish tasted just like Duck Sauce to me or perhaps like a Sweet and Sour Sauce. It was not at all what I would call spicy. Perhaps we got the wrong meal? I don’t know. We didn’t ask for 2 reasons:

1) Though our server was very nice and took very good care of us, she was also visibly quite upset the entire time she waited on us. I asked her if she was OK one time and this actually brought tears to her eyes and she said “Yes,” and walked away rather quickly, so I didn’t want to bother her anymore. We all have bad days.

2) It also took FOOOOREEEEEVVEEEEEERRRRRR for our main course to get to the table. We had been finished with our appetizers, which came out at separate times and not very quickly either for probably a good 20 minutes before the main dish came out. We were starving so we ate it. We spent well over an hour total at PF Changs.

Price: $15.50

PF Chang's China Bistro Review {Winston Salem, NC}

Overall Thoughts On PF Changs

It was good, but not great. And for the price, it was bad. We often go to Genghis Grill in Winston Salem and will probably just go there next time. The two are probably comparable in price, but Genghis Grill is far better {at least given our one experience at PF Changs} and you get more food for your money. At $28.50 for only one meal, two appetizers and no drinks, PF Changs is also quite expensive for this area. From a quick Google search I see that they have 3 stars on Yelp in our area and 2 stars overall. I’d say that the 3 star rating is probably about right. It’s a shame. The appetizers were amazing.

Have You Ever Eaten At PF Changs?

Do you agree or disagree with our PF Changs review? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I have never eaten at the PF Changs here in Greensboro, and after reading this post, I don’t feel I’m missing anything! Thank you for the honest review!
    getfitchick recently posted…Healthy Habit Challenge โ€“ Week OneMy Profile

  2. Sorry you didn’t have a great experience at PF Changs. It is one of my favorite places to go on a date night. If you go back I would recommend the chicken lettuce wrap appetizer.
    Heather Seeley recently posted…Glamping PartyMy Profile

    • Dawn McAlexander

      Thanks! Maybe appetizers are their “thing” as the ones we got were great, too. It might be fun to go there again and just get drinks and apps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ok I am officially hungry now. Be right over for lunch you’r buying right.
    Rebecca Bryant recently posted…Disneyโ€™s QUEEN OF KATWE โ€“ New Featurette!!My Profile

  4. I actually don’t like PF Changs or really any “Asian” food. I don’t know why it’s never been my favorite. I know my boyfriend loves it though. I think it’s because you can get so much food for so little! Sorry to hear you didn’t like your experience as much! xx

  5. Absolutely LOVE P.F. Changs! My favorite thing to eat there are the lettuce wraps. We have one in Annapolis that we go eat at regularly. So fun you finally got to go!
    Mimi recently posted…A Day At ValleyfairMy Profile

    • Dawn McAlexander

      Someone else recommended them, too. If I go back, I think I will definitely have to order those and see what all the fuss is about. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I LOVE Asian food. Sorry to hear this one wasn’t great. It was a bit pricey for the amount you got.

    • Dawn McAlexander

      You are right. I think that it wouldn’t have bothered me as much not being stellar, had it been cheaper. For that pricepoint, I expected more.

  7. It’s always nice to try restaurants out, but it’s unfortunate when you end up trying the wrong one. Sorry for the experience that you had with PF Changs. I hope they improve their service!
    Amanda Love recently posted…The Benefits of Detaching From TechnologyMy Profile

  8. I’ve heard of this place. Not sure if there’s one in NYC, but the food looks great
    Shirley Martinez recently posted…Getting Ready for Back To School Season with Momtrends!My Profile

  9. I love PF Changs! You are making me crave it. The wontons are soon good.

  10. I enjoy PF Changs, although we haven’t been here in years. The food is tasty and they have a really good selection.
    Rachel recently posted…Anything You Can Do, I Can Do BetterMy Profile

  11. I’ve never eaten at a PF Chang’s but I’ve always wanted to go. Too bad the spicy chicken wasn’t very spicy! I love a good spicy dinner…
    Nikki recently posted…Easy After-School Snack Ideas and Printable Snack MenuMy Profile

  12. CourtneyLynne says

    Omg yum!!!! P.F changs will forever be a favorite of mine! Wish we had one locally.

  13. I have never had the pleasure of eating at P.F. Changs but we passed one while we were in Chicago. The food looked really good and the place was packed.
    Toughcookiemommy recently posted…The Very Hungry Paint Chip Caterpillar CraftMy Profile

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