Justin Bieber Meet And Greets Canceled: He Offers Refund, But It Will Cost You

Justin Bieber Meet And Greets Canceled: He Offers Refund, But It Will Cost You

If you are a Justin Bieber super fan and you haven’t heard the news, brace yourselves. This one’s gonna hurt. Fans paid up to an astronomical $2,000 each for a special package to his concerts that includes a meet and greet. Now, he has decided to cancel the meet and greet portion of the “I’ll Show You” package and, instead offer a VIP Lounge with a cameo by him – no pictures with him. Even though this is not what fans purchased, he is only offering refunds if fans also give back their tickets. So no concert, either.

Love u guys.. I'm going to be canceling my meet and greets. I enjoy meeting such incredible people but I end up feeling so drained and filled with so much of other people's spiritual energy that I end up so drained and unhappy.. Want to make people smile and happy but not at my expense and I always leave feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression .. The pressure of meeting people's expectations of what I'm supposed to be is so much for me to handle and a lot on my shoulders. Never want to disappoint but I feel I would rather give you guys the show and my albums as promised. Can't tell you how sorry I am, and wish it wasn't so hard on me.. And I want to stay in the healthy mindset I'm in to give you the best show you have ever seen 😉

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Justin Bieber Meet And Greets Canceled: Here’s Why

Justin Bieber meet and greets for his Purpose tour have been canceled because he feels its too difficult to try to live up to other people’s expectations and he finds the meets and greets “depressing.” They are also reporting that there was a security scare.

I get it. Well, at least the depression part. You need to take care of yourself first. Mental health issues are no joke, so definitely take “me time” when you need it. If things are getting to you and life is becoming hard, you can’t just let it pile up. If you are in a position where you can take time off when you need it, I am totally advocating for that.

I would also be scared if I was trapped in a room with a pack of crazed pre-teens, too. But that is a different story.

Here’s Where That “Refund” Will Cost You

But here is where it gets sketchy. Concerts only have so many seats available and once those sell out, that is that. Justin Bieber is offering a refund of the $900-$2,000 {yes, you read that right} that fans spent on these meet and greet packages – if you also return your concert ticket. That’s messed up.

Fans who purchased the Ultimate #Purpose Experience package still get their meet and greet. Fans who bought the “I’ll Show You” package {the ones who are losing their meet and greet} can not upgrade. So, what I am taking from that is that he isn’t too depressed to meet the fans who paid the most. Or is it that people who paid more are less of a security threat? I am confused. I guess he “showed them” alright.

Do you want to be the mom who promised your child a ticket to see Justin Bieber, a ticket that you saved up months for. You promised your child meet and greets and a concert, but now you are left deciding between 1} telling your kid that there will be no concert or meet and greet {so you can get your refund} or 2} taking your child to the concert and it costing you $900-$2,000?

I am all about getting your life together, but don’t do it at other people’s expense. Not all of us have a multi million dollar fortune. This $900-$2,000 is a lot of money to me {not that I bought a ticket, but still} and I definitely wouldn’t want to waste it like that.

Would You Pay $2,000 For A Justin Bieber Meet And Greet?

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  1. Patricia says:

    I can understand the trials and tribulations that go into being on tour. It’s hard stuff. Having to perform for 2 hours, before that rehearsals, and couple nights before that being on a bus or plane going to the next city. You know what? I get it. I really do.

    What I DON’T get is him cancelling his M&G’s for only ONE of the VIP packages. It seems like he’s saying the ones who payed $1500 aren’t good enough to meet him, let alone breath his space but the ones who paid $2500 are well worth the effort.

    I say be fair to the adoring fans who dished out the thousands of dollars to stand next to him and cancel ALL M&G’s. Period. Why should one be preferred over the other? It’s like you prefer to be in the company of those white collars who can drop around $10k for his daughter and 3 of her friends than to ‘sully’ yourself to be near the lower working class people who struggle to buy your merchandise, and these VIP passes, for their kids to make them happy.

    Again, be fair and CANCEL ALL M&G’s for BOTH packages if your health is prohibiting you from being able to be social.

    • Dawn McAlexander

      I agree. I think they should also get to keep their tickets. Either give them a full refund and let them keep their tickets or prorate the refund amount to allot for a regular seat ticket. Otherwise, it’s just not cool – and it’s not the fans’ fault.

      • Patricia says:

        Exactly. If he can’t do the M&G’s any longer due to ‘health issues’ (and I use it loosely based on he’s only cancelling ONE VIP package and not the other), then at least give a refund of, at least, the amount of what the 3rd package cost since the only reason why the price is high is due to the Meet & Greet. Otherwise, you’re only getting the “Where Are You Now’ treatment. Oh wait! You get to meet his back up dancers…well, I guess that still calls for the $1500 ticket price.

  2. Patricia says:

    Besides, I didn’t pay $1500×4 to meet his backup dancers. I can do that for FREE at the bar after the show!

  3. I would be ticked if I payed all this money. I would not go to the concert
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  4. That is an unbelievably amount of money for a Justin Bieber Meet and Greet! I can’t believe he expected people to be okay with this decision. It’s fine that he needs to focus on his mental & emotional health, but people deserve a refund for the service that they didn’t get!
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    • This is what you were supposed to get:

      The “I’ll Show You” VIP #Purpose Experience
      Package price: $1225 (service charges included)

      • 1 Premium ticket
      • #GetClosertoJustin Meet & Greet + Group Photo Op with him (photo taken in groups)**
      • 1 premium merch package created exclusively for VIP #Purpose fans
      • Access to the pre-show hospitality lounge immediately after your meet & greet
      • Early entry into the venue
      • On-Site VIP host
      • Exclusive #GetClosertoJustin Laminate
      • 1 digital download of Justin Bieber’s album “Purpose”
      **Minimum of 4-6 people per group

      This is what they are NOW offering due to the cancellation of the Meet & Greet:

      What exactly does the I’ll Show You #Purpose Experience include now?

      EACH PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 Premium ticket* Purpose VIP hangout with appearances by Justin, his dancers and his band in the hospitality lounge** 1 premium merch package created exclusively for VIP #Purpose fans Early entry into the venue On-Site VIP host Exclusive #GetClosertoJustin Laminate

      Instead of the Meet & Greet, they are now offering ‘appearances’ by Justin, his dancers and his band in the lounge. You get the same thing seeing him onstage and you are placed in the pit right NEXT TO THE STAGE. So basically, you SEE him BEFORE you see him…

      I have already spoken with other ticket buyers and they are seriously contemplating a lawsuit.

  5. I wouldn’t pay $2,000 to meet anybody… This is about the most awful customer service I’ve seen in a while. You can’t charge someone for A and B, only deliver A and not refund some of their money. Especially when other people who only paid for A in the beginning only paid half as much.

  6. OMG! I would be so upset…especially if I paid all of that money.

  7. Who on earth would pay $2000 in the first place? They should get a partial refund and be able to see the show!

  8. If I had the money, I would. lol That sucks how they had to cancel this. Although it makes sense! They’re just looking out for his security.

  9. Talk about having disposable income. That does sound like a rip off and very disappointing to his fans.
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  10. I think its horrible to do this to people who paid good money.
    Heather recently posted…$25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Ends 4-21My Profile

  11. Perhaps if people on social media call him out and I would say make it viral, this can be sorted out. It should be. It’s wrong.
    Kathy Kenny Ngo recently posted…Small GroupMy Profile

  12. i would never pay that much money to meet someone but that is just me personally. however, i think it is insane and unfair that you would have to give up your ticket in order to a refund. that is greedy on their part
    Michelle recently posted…Reasons to Take College ToursMy Profile

  13. This sounds so upsetting reality. Hope that they had a reasonable reasons for the cancellation of his M&G plan.

  14. It’s so awful! The fans spend so much money to meet and greet him but can’t get the service they paid for. He has no respect for fans.
    Eugenia recently posted…Best way to communicate joy!My Profile

  15. What a waste of money. i wouldn’t pay money to meet anyone, let along 2 grand. Some people need to get their priorities straight. People are dying every day but these idiots have 2 grand to waste on meeting some hyped up little prick? The world horrifies me.
    Bread recently posted…Money Makes The World Go Round (But Little Love)My Profile

  16. Elizabeth O. says:

    The boy is probably feeling too much pressure lately especially with the press so hard on covering everything about him. It is understandable, I just hope the people also gets compensated well.

    • Dawn McAlexander

      I am sure he is. I just think he should have canceled the meet and greets for everyone and not just a select number of people. I don’t think that part understandable.

  17. o wow, I am many was very upset…I guess the organizer and producers were having a hard time as well .

  18. I think it’s tacky to cancel the show ticket. Partial refunds if you go to the show would have been nicer.

  19. I like him as an artist and respect him as a person but he should have cancelled both meet and greets! That is a lot of money.

  20. That kid annoys me-just saying! That is nothing but rude.

  21. No i wouldnt pay , this is just how companies always try to get the big bucks out of you, i like Justin Bieber but not THAT much.
    Amy Jones recently posted…Brown Sugar Scrub TutorialMy Profile

  22. First of all why are people spending $2000 to see JB??? seriously…omg this is nuts! I dont know what its like to be a superstar celebrity like Justin but he did know this came with the territory. You meeting people and hugging those that love you. He needs to learn how to mediate or something he shouldn’t have to dismiss his fans because he is developing people anxiety.
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  23. Well.. Sounds reasonabl not to try to live up at everybody else expectations. Good for him. Looks like he has grown up
    Melanie Smith recently posted…Super Easy Strawberry Cheesecake DipMy Profile

  24. I understand to an extent what he is saying but also how disappointing it would be for fans.
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  25. Well since there is not one person on this earth that I would pay $2000 to see then I am not one of those seeking refunds. The sad thing is some of those persons will do it again next year so go figure
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  26. Wow, I feel bad for people who forked over so much money and aren’t getting what they paid for.
    doran poma recently posted…Holidays…My Profile

  27. See that is so not cool. Fans should not have to give up their tickets just because Justin feel up to a M&G. I get that he doesn’t want to do the M&G and that’s ok but his people should refund the M&G money and let fans keep their tickets. Totally not cool. I’ve done many M&G and if an artist gets sick or is over booked I’ve been refunded my M&G money but able to keep my VIP ticket. this is just totally not okay.
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    • Patricia says:

      We get to keep our tickets and it is pro-rated as well. But whatever else that was included within the package has been removed … i.e: 1 premium merch package created exclusively for VIP #Purpose fans
      • Dedicated VIP entrance
      • Exclusive #GetClosertoJustin Laminate
      • 1 digital download of Justin Bieber’s album “Purpose”

      The ‘Where Are You Now’ VIP package DO receive this though. They keep their VIP package intact.

      • Dawn McAlexander

        So have you been to the concert yet? How did it finally turn out?

        • Patricia Isabel says:

          I sent my two eldest daughters with my youngest and her friend. And, to my surprise, they ACTUALLY got merchandise! And they enjoyed themselves. The younger ones cried when he appeared on stage and one of the oldest ones screamed like a little girl when JB looked and pointed at her. So, I’m guessing all in all, they had a great time…lol

  28. My mouth hangs open that this is how much money is being spent to see a person.
    Hope he works it out for his fans and wont chose greed.
    Colette S recently posted…Neptune Cheesecake – No Sodium Recipes For National Nutrition MonthMy Profile

  29. Patricia says:

    Well they cancelled BOTH “Ultimate” and “I’ll Show You” VIP packages. BUT! For a reduced price you get to keep your ticket. And ONLY the ticket. The merch they said you would receive is no longer valid as well. Just a $750 plastic coated piece of paper on a lanyard to say you were there. Nothing more. While the 3rd VIP package gets to keep all they were promised…. they get:

    1 Premium ticket (We get the same so no bitching here)
    • 1 premium merch package created exclusively for VIP #Purpose fans (They lie, it’s only available for THIS package alone)
    • Dedicated VIP entrance (Yea. SUPPOSED to get this as well but not holding my breath)
    • Exclusive #GetClosertoJustin Laminate (It’s been nixed)
    • 1 digital download of Justin Bieber’s album “Purpose” (Been nixed as well)

    My daughter who was disappointed in NOT getting the m&g but was consoled by the fact she was, at least, getting the rest of the package that was offered with the “I’ll Show You’ pass. Not anymore. Happy Birthday my dear!! I tried to give you an amazing experience to share with your bff but, unfortunately, Bieber’s camp had other plans.

  30. I will always be a Justin Bieber fan no matter what. I think it’s really disappointing to us fans knowing he cancelled an important event like this, but as teue fans we should also understand him as a person. His songs in his album are great examples of how his life is. We should show empathy and not criticize him and I believe he made an arrangement that is good enough given his depression condition. Do you agree?
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  31. Sometimes fame really takes a toll in celebrities. Justin is still a human like us. We just have to understand him. He will always be a good singer and performer. Something like this should be forgiven and just let it go. Do you think Justin needs some time off from the Hollywood life?

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