Woman In Gold {Starring Helen Mirren & Ryan Reynolds} Movie Review

Woman In Gold Movie Review

If you would like to see a movie that isn’t one of the typical summer blockbuster variety, I offer to you the film Woman In Gold. Dawn and I recently went to see this film so that we could tell you all about it. This isn’t one that rolls off the tongue when you are talking about the typical summer movies, however it is more about the story than the special effects. If you are a huge fan of films like that, with more drama and acting potential than special effects and explosions, we think this is a film you may like to see.

Woman In Gold Movie Review

The Plot: Minimal Spoilers

Woman In Gold is based upon a true story and stars Helen Mirren as Maria Altmann, an Austrian born survivor of the Nazi invasion of Austria. During the invasion, Maria and her husband escape to the United States, where she lives in 1998, when the film takes place. While going through the belongings of her recently deceased sister, she discovers that a painting by famous artist Gustav Klimt, called the Woman In Gold, is actually of her aunt and belongs to her. However, when the Nazis invaded Austria, they came into her family’s home and stole the painting. she discovers that the painting is hanging in an Austrian museum and is considered a national treasure worth millions of dollars.

Altmann enlists the help of Randol Schoenberg, played by Ryan Reynolds, a young lawyer who is also the grandson of a famed Austrian composer himself, to help her recover the painting. Schoenberg discovers that the Austrian government is hearing cases of art restitution, in which artwork wrongfully taken by the Nazis is being returned to its rightful owners. Schoenberg sees this as the best way to have the painting returned, however he soon finds that the Austrian government is not interested in returning the painting to Altmann and is determined to keep it in Austria. What ensues is a stroke of genius from Schoenberg, who has to fight with Altmann to allow him to keep fighting the Austrian government for her painting. How does it turn out? You will have to see the movie for yourself.

My Thoughts

I thought this movie was fantastic really. Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren give outstanding and emotional performances. Also, Katie Holmes, who plays Schoenberg’s wife, gives a good performance in this movie. Woman In Gold is emotional and powerful and, most of all, real. It touches on the struggles of the Jewish people during the time of the Holocaust. It also touches on the struggles of the single, small individual person against the powers of big government. And, if you are a fan of the United States, then you will love this film. I will leave it at that. I gave this film on my 1 to 5 scale a solid 4 stars.

Dawn’s Thoughts

I had no idea this was a true story when watching the movie. I was really not that familiar with it at all to be honest. I remember feeling so disgusted with the Austrian government while watching the movie that I felt it must have been real. The story just felt like a wrong that would really happen to someone. It’s sad to think that all these years after the Nazis and these people are still being treated so poorly. This movie really makes you think about the plight of others and feel empathy. I loved this movie and think it is one of the best movies of the year of those that I have seen. Helen Mirren is one of the best actresses of our time and I found her portrayal of Altmann so sincere. I highly recommend Woman In Gold to anyone who understands what it is like to struggle, who has suffered great loss or who has ever had to face a great giant {in this example, government} to do what is right.

Have You Seen Woman In Gold? What Did You Think?

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  6. I must see this movie as I’m a movie fanatic and the Woman In Gold sounds like something I’d really get into. Thanks so much for sharing, now I’m anxious to see this.

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