Paper Towns Movie Review #PaperTowns

Paper Towns Movie Review #PaperTowns

Yesterday, my friend and I ventured out to see Paper Towns. Since I am a lover of all things John Green, and have read practically all of his books, I could not wait to see this. Starring Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne, Paper Towns is about a boy named Quentin who fell in love with a girl named Margo who moved across the road from him when they were little.

Paper Towns Plot: Mild Spoilers

They instantly became friends, but went their separate ways in high school. Years went by without communication between the two but Quentin still continued to have feelings for Margo. IN high school, Quentin became an academic achiever who abided by all the rules. Meanwhile, Margo became the most popular girl in school, rebellious, and ran away from home quite often. Quentin anticipated leaving for college and hopefully forgetting about Margo. That all changed when she entered his bedroom window one night in hopes of one last adventure. Little did he know, that adventure would change his outlook on life completely.

Paper Towns Movie Review

I really enjoyed the movie. I think all the actors did a great job portraying their characters. The movie went almost exactly how I imagined it would after reading the book. I love love love that they cast Nat Wolff to play Quentin. I love Nat Wolff, and I think he is a really good actor. Also, they threw in a character (no spoilers) from a previous John Green movie that I wasn’t expecting to see in this movie. So that was fun. I did hear some people complain about Nat Wolff playing in this John Green movie, because he played the blind friend Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars. I feel that he did great in both movies, and it didn’t bother me the least.

Like all good movies, this movie did have a few things I would like to complain about. First, although I adore Cara Delevingne, I do not think she should have played Margo. This has nothing to do with her as a person or actor, just simply on how Cara was described in the book. In the book, Cara was a CURVY brunette with a big butt and big bust – all of which Cara is not. Although I was bitter about that at first, she did do an amazing job playing Margo. Another thing, is that if you have read the book, you know about the SeaWorld scene. Well, that scene was not in the movie at all. They mention it in the movie, but never actually go to SeaWorld. The scene was cut because John Green stated that “my relationship with SeaWorld has changed a lot in the last eight years.” So there you have it.

Overall, I did love the movie. I think that The Fault in Our Stars was slightly better, but this one was great too. I love that John Green can write tons of “romantic” books that all have completely different story lines and outcomes and aren’t all happy. They seem to be more based in real life than a lot of movies I have seen and books I have read.

Have You Seen Paper Towns? What Did You Think?

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  1. Wow what a great review. I’ve been wanting to write movie reviews and I wasn’t sure how to go about it but this post inspired me. Thank You :)
    I haven’t seen Paper Towns but it sounds like a good movie, romance movies can be a lot of fun to watch.
    Chavonne recently posted…Free Blogger Opp – Get Moving GiveawayMy Profile

  2. I remember my daughter liking this book when she was younger. I wonder if she is going to see the movie.

  3. I have not heard of this movie but I’d have to assume that since it’s made by the director of Fault in our Stars it HAS to be good! I will watch it.
    Aimee recently posted…How to Make Baby FoodMy Profile

  4. Catherine S says:

    This looks like a great movie. I would like to read the book before I watch the movie.

  5. I really did like The Fault in Our Stars too. I’m looking forward to reading more books by this author. Hopefully there will be more movies too.
    Liz Mays recently posted…How to Save My Life – Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix #StreamTeamMy Profile

  6. My daughter really wants to see this one. I have not read the book yet.
    Amber recently posted…10 Great DIY Ideas Using Recycled DenimMy Profile

  7. This looks like a great movie and I will be watching it

  8. I can’t wait to see this movie. I loved The Fault in Our Stars.
    Lois Alter Mark recently posted…emma slater, “dancing with the stars” and me by jillian walshMy Profile

  9. This sounds like a great movie. I like watching feel good movies. I want to see this.
    Dogvills recently posted…Our Top Pitbull Puppy Training TipsMy Profile

  10. I haven’t seen it yet. You definitively made me curious and wanting to see it
    Coolchillmom recently posted…Easy And Fun Book Ends DIYMy Profile

  11. I’ve heard some great things about this movie. You have made a great case for making time to go out and see it.
    Toughcookiemommy recently posted…How Do You Inspire Your Family To Achieve? #ForTheDream #Giveaway #AdMy Profile

  12. I don’t know anything about this movie at all except what you wrote.
    Maureen@ADebtFreeStressFreeLife recently posted…Genius Pet Tips To Keep Them Happy and HealthyMy Profile

  13. I’ve seen so many commercials for this movie. Thanks for the great review.
    Amanda O. recently posted…Stock-Up for a Road Trip at Jewel-Osco #AHugeSaleMy Profile

  14. I have read so many reviews about the move and I think it is a great film to watch. I would want to read the book first them watch the movie. Thanks for your review. It did spark my interest in the film.

  15. I’ve been hearing a lot about this movie but it’s not my kind of movie. My daughter on the other hand would love this.
    Amanda Love recently posted…Back To College with a Little Help from ProtectiveMy Profile

  16. Thanks for the great review.
    I must read the book and then watch this movie.
    Akansha Gautam recently posted…Digha – The little beach townMy Profile

  17. This is actually the first time I have seen and heard about the movie – seems interesting though..
    Aisha Kristine Chong recently posted…How to Maintain your Silver RingsMy Profile

  18. I read the book for this and really want to go see the movie.
    Jessica recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: North Bay Shore County Park on Lake Michigan in Oconto, WisconsinMy Profile

  19. Elizabeth O. says:

    I’ve been planning to see this movie, thanks for the review! I haven’t read the book but it seems like an awesome read too.

  20. I so want to see this movie. I have heard only good things about it.
    Melissa Vera recently posted…Feel Invigorated with GladeMy Profile

  21. David K. Jackson says:

    I’d say Paper Towns is effective and a fun movie that mixes teen romance with a road trip that keeps things quirky and clever and cute and so on. It’s a warm crowd-pleaser, and the climax is probably the best part of it all, which is great.

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