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I can remember back when I was a kid sitting and watching the original Poltergeist movie on HBO at Halloween. I remember being so scared that I couldn’t sleep with the light off in my room for days. It scared my friends so bad that they wouldn’t even walk home by themselves, they got my mom to walk with them. Of course, I stood on the porch the whole time, watching, too scared to stay in the house by myself. Yes, to me it was that scary. So, you could imagine my excitement when they released a reboot of the movie this year. I had to go check it out.

Poltergeist Movie Review {2015}

The Cast:
The new Poltergeist stars Sam Rockwell as Eric Bowen, an unemployed factory worker whose family is forced to move into a new home because they simply can’t afford the one they have been living in. Rosemarie DeWitt plays his wife, Amy, a struggling young mother who quit her job to become a writer. Saxon Sharbino plays their oldest daughter, Kendra, Kyle Catlett plays their only son, Griffin, and Kennedi Clements plays their youngest daughter, Madison (or Maddy). Poltergeist also features Jared Harris as Carrigan Burke, a spiritualist with the ability to “cleanse” houses of unclean spirits, or so he claims. Jane Adams plays Dr. Brooke Powell, the leader of a team of paranormal researchers that are called in to help the Burke family. Also on this team are Sophie (played by Susan Heyward) and Boyd (played by Nicholas Braun).

The Plot:
If you have seen the original Poltergeist, then you know the story line already. However, for those of you haven’t seen the original, here’s the plot: Poltergeist begins with the Bowen family looking at a new home. The father, Eric, was recently laid off and the mother, Amy, has quit her job to start writing, so how they can afford a new home is beyond me. Anyway, they find a home that suits them in a modest suburban development. The home seems nice enough, however, the realtor that sells them the home neglects to tell them that the home is built on the site of an old cemetery. Supposedly, the graves were moved to a new spot down the road, but the Bowens will soon find out differently.

Almost immediately, their youngest daughter, Madison, starts talking to unseen people that she claims are real. Their son, Griffin, says that there is something wrong with the house and refuses to sleep in his attic bedroom. Soon electronic equipment starts to short out and strange noises are heard from the walls. Griffin awakens one night to see Madison up close to the TV screen, talking to… something. Until then, the mom and dad refuse to believe there is anything wrong with the house, and go about their daily lives.

*Minor Spoilers*
One night, when the kids are left alone in the house in the care of the oldest daughter, Kendra, things take a turn for the worst. Griffin is dragged out of the house by a tree, Kendra is attacked in the garage, and Madison disappears. When Eric and Amy return home, they see Griffin stuck in the tree upside down and Kendra tells them she can’t find Madison. The very next day, the Bowens contact the Paranormal Research Institute, led by Dr. Brooke Powell, to help them find their baby girl. Along with her assistants, Sophie and Boyd, they discover that Madison is trapped inside the house but in another dimension. To get her out, they need more help. So, they call in Carrigan Burke, the host of a paranormal television show and a self-proclaimed psychic who can remove ghosts and spirits from a home. Burke immediately establishes a “life line” into the closet where Madison has supposedly disappeared and begins to work out a plan to free her. Of course, the spirits aren’t going to let her go peacefully.

My Thoughts

I felt that the movie was worth the price of admission. It had some scary parts that will definitely make you jump. The acting was kind of hit-or-miss. I really thought that the two younger kids, played by Kennedi Clements and Kyle Catlett, gave the best performances. I felt that Sam Rockwell did an awful job. He lacked emotion, and the times that he did show any emotion, you could tell that it was obviously coached. Rosemarie DeWitt was okay as Amy, but not overwhelmingly good either. But, for the sheer scare factor alone, it was good enough to see. I saw it at a cheaper 2nd run theater {$2.50 admission}, and Poltergeist was worth that price. But don’t pay more than $4 to see this film or you are just not getting your money’s worth.

Have You Seen This Poltergeist Or The Original? What Did You Think?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I remember seeing the original when I was probably way too young to be watching a movie like that and it scarred me for LIFE. I don’t know if I have what it takes to watch the remake.

  2. LOL I remember the same exact thing…watching it on HBO when I was probably 9 or 10 at a friend’s house…I did not watch the entire thing because I knew I’d be in big trouble. Watching the original now makes me laugh that I was scared at the time! It is good but not at all as scary as when I was little. IDK if I will see the remake. Maybe on DVD….
    Christy Maurer recently posted…Grant Writing CeremonyMy Profile

  3. I saw the original and so did my kids. I grew up watching scary movies and every Fri. night when my kids were growing up we had a scare fest it didn’t hurt them in the least. I’d love to see the new version

    • Dawn McAlexander

      My daughter always preferred scary movies when she was young, too. She would even ask me to scare her. For real. Like she wanted me to yell “Boo!” or something and scare her. Each kid is unique, lol.

  4. Well thanks for giving me a huge dose of both the hebies and the geebies this morning. Although, I guess that’s what this movie is all about.
    Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle recently posted…Gifts for Grads through UpromiseMy Profile

  5. teresa mccluskey says

    I am terrified of clowns so I have not seen this. I do not watch horror movies either. But those of my friends said they want to see this!

  6. Is this a horror film? If so, how have I not heard of it? I love being creeped out and scared haha.
    Nancy (@spiffykerms) recently posted…YouTube video! 5 minute makeup challenge + mini giveawayMy Profile

  7. Oh man. I will not be seeing this. I’m a big scardy but my husband? Jumps and is so terrible to watch movies like this with. lol, Maybe I will watch it on my own!
    Jeanine recently posted…A Taste Bud Tantalizing Coffee Blend: From Coast To Coast CoffeeMy Profile

  8. I will not be seeing this. I’m a big scaredy-cat! I was terrified of The Wizard of Oz when I was a child – pathetic, I know! I have nightmares when I see something like this. But the rest of my family will be all over it.
    Alli recently posted…5 Tips On Doing Laundry Like a ProMy Profile

    • Dawn McAlexander

      The Wizard of Oz never scared me but I do recall being quite scared when I watched Sante’s Peak. When Pierce Brosnan was stuck in that car. Aaaagh. I can’t watch it still.

  9. I love creepy and horror themed movies and it’s been a while since I’ve seen a good one. I’m looking forward to this one!
    Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies recently posted…4th of July Free Printable Cupcake WrappersMy Profile

  10. I do remember seeing the original film and being pretty scared! It was a fun theater experience though. My daughter loves horror films so she might make me watch this with her on-demand.
    Liz Mays recently posted…Netflix Recommendations: Netflix Just Gets Me #StreamTeamMy Profile

  11. We saw the old Poltergeist m,movie and loved it. My kids would love to watch this. $2.50 is very cheap. Movie passes here is expensive.
    Chubskulit Rose recently posted…My Prince CharmingMy Profile

    • Dawn McAlexander

      They aren’t generally that cheap here either. It was because he saw it in a 2nd run theater. One of our theaters charges $10.50 per ticket. We generally watch matinees there, only.

  12. I have seen the old movie and I loved it. I would like to see this one, too.
    Dogvills recently posted…Tips for Bathing a Dog That is Afraid of WaterMy Profile

  13. Rebecca Swenor says

    Okay I do love scary movie like this one but don’t like watching the by myself for sure. I can wait to see this one because of the previews I have seen of it. We will be watching this as a family. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh goodness, I am terrified of Clowns. I got shivers just looking at that picture! Now my fiance, this is something he would love.
    Alyssa C recently posted…EZPZ Mixes Review/Giveaway♥My Profile

  15. This is a movie that I probably won’t see. I’m not big into horror movies.
    Uplifting Families recently posted…Check out the DealsMy Profile

  16. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I remember watching the original movie when i was a kid. It was so scary back then. I am looking forward to seeing the new version.

  17. Lisa Bristol says

    I was a big chicken when i was little so i never saw the Poltergeist movies. I am looking forward to seeing this one.

  18. I never saw the original The commercials for this one scare me. 😉

  19. I’ve never fully seen the first Poltergeist but I didn’t hear any really good reviews on it either. Glad to know its a skip!

  20. Elizabeth O. says

    I didn’t know there is a remake until I saw a poster. I would love to see this film.

  21. I like watching horror movies. I loved the original, I hope this one is as good if not better.
    Mykidsguide recently posted…Scare Yourselves Silly With Our Horror Movie Marathon Party Games!My Profile

  22. I love the original too and it made me scared for quite a while! Sounds like one to watch after it’s out of theaters as the cheapest is $10.00 here.
    Kathleen Bailey recently posted…Using a TENS Machine at Home for Pain ReliefMy Profile

  23. Jacqueline says

    I am all set with seeing this movie lol. I don’t understand why all you crazy people pay money to feel uncomfortable. My sister is into this slasher/creepy stuff and I just laugh when she posts on FB about how she can’t sleep after seeing some horror flick. This looks so scary!

    • Dawn McAlexander

      When I was younger, I used to do that, too. I loved paying money to get creeped out. Many nights I spent reading Stephen King books only to be freaked out later. Now I pass on most of this stuff. Jay and Amber still like to get scared at the movie theaters though. 😀

  24. It will be really interesting to see how this remake turns out. I remember the original Poltergeist, and that old man was pretty scary.
    Yona Williams recently posted…Congrats to the Winner of the Vera Bradley GiveawayMy Profile

  25. I loved the original – always wonder why they have to do remakes of such good films. I’ll probably wait for this one to come out on DVD.
    Maria recently posted…Must-See Things to Do in Prince Edward IslandMy Profile

  26. Like Insidious, make me can’t sleep after watching this movie with my friends haha

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