Jurassic World Movie Review #JurassicWorld

Jurassic World Review #JurassicWorld

Starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, Jurassic World takes on the challenge of following the ever-so-popular Jurassic Park movies. I have to say, when going to see the movie my expectations weren’t very high. Usually, in my opinion, follow up movies such as this are mediocre to say the least. But, I’ll have you know that Jurassic World exceeded all of my expectations and turned out to be an amazing movie!

Jurassic World Review

Jurassic World is a new theme park located on Isla Nublar. After the horrid things that took place at Jurassic Park, a team of scientists have created a new theme park where genetically modified dinosaurs are held in captivity and used to create thrilling theme park rides. For twenty years, the park has sailed smoothly aside from a few unfortunate, but minor, events. The theme park directors are starting to see that people are getting bored with the traditional dinosaurs, so they genetically modify something quite different than normal. By combining the genetics of multiple different dinosaurs and animals, scientists create a dinosaur that is scarier, more thrilling, and hopefully more attractive to the theme park crowd. But early on they start seeing issues. This all leads, of course, to the climax of the movie.

– I was worried that Jurassic World was going to go on a completely different path than Jurassic Park and not even acknowledge it. That wasn’t the case. In Jurassic World they actually talk about Jurassic Park at several points in the movie.
– The Dinosaurs looked very real, so I was impressed with the special effects.
– The acting was good, and the movie kept me on edge.

– If taking kids to see this, you might want to be wary of the language (though not too bad).
– Also know that, as you can expect, there is violence and gore in this movie which might scare some children.

My Thoughts

I loved this movie. I may have even liked it better than the original. The fight scenes were great, the acting was impressive, and it didn’t look extremely fake either. Also, at one point in the movie I was shocked and on the edge of my seat due to a plot twist! I love a movie that can do that to me. Chris Pratt’s character was great and I found myself liking him from the beginning.

Mackenzie’s Thoughts

My friend, Mackenzie, liked the movie too. He thought it was a bit long, but that didn’t change his opinion of the movie. We went in at 7:30pm for the movie and got out at around 9:45, so make sure you allow a lot of time. He also loved that they went along with Jurassic Park and spoke about it a lot in the movie as a tragic accident at a park. He really liked that. He also loves action packed movies, and he said that the action scenes were very impressive.

Overall, we loved Jurassic World. If you are a Jurassic Park fan, we definitely suggest coughing up the money for a ticket and going to see this. You won’t be disappointed.

Have You Seen Jurassic World? What Did You Think?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I saw it over the weekend and loved it, too! My 10 year old loved it, too, but my 7 year old not so much.

  2. I am planning on seeing this tomorrow night with my sister. It looks really exciting too!
    Amy Desrosiers recently posted…Summer Travel Busy Bags for Toddlers & KidsMy Profile

  3. We haven’t seen this yet, but we are planning on seeing it. It looks fun. And we’ve seen all the other Jurassic movies together. We have to continue the tradition.
    Amber Edwards recently posted…Star Wars Breakfast Plus Coupon for Star Wars CerealMy Profile

  4. We saw Jurassic World, and we all loved it. Even my youngest. He thought the raptor pack was cool.
    Melissa Pezza recently posted…The GoPro Hero + LCD Launch at Best Buy! #GoProatBestBuy @GoPro @BestBuyMy Profile

  5. I am really looking forward to seeing this movie! I’ll wait til it comes to our cheaper theater though. I love Jurassic Park, so I’m sure I will like this one!
    Christy Maurer recently posted…Pirate’s Code DVD Giveaway US/CAN Ends 6/28My Profile

  6. Jurassic World was fantastic! It’s everything the other two horrible installments should have been. We loved it.
    Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle recently posted…Dickies® Catch with the Kids + Performance Cooling TeesMy Profile

  7. I tell you, I can’t wait to see this movie. My little man wants to, as well, but I told him that I have to see it first. I have a feeling I will wait for him to watch it at home, so he won’t be so scared. LOL

  8. I heard this was a really good movie. I can’t wait til comes out on DVD.
    Sandy recently posted…ABC Challenge : ParanoidMy Profile

  9. I loved this movie. I thought Chris Pratt was amazing, and amazing to look at. It was so cool!
    Christine recently posted…5 Easy Tricks to Reduce ClutterMy Profile

  10. This movie looks so cool! I can’t wait to go see it. It looks worth the price of the movie theatre tickets.
    Theresa recently posted…Takeya Iced Tea Maker ReviewMy Profile

  11. I absolutely loved it. It was even better than the first.
    Myrah Duque recently posted…*Just Released* $1.00 off any three CHOBANI FLIP Greek YogurtMy Profile

  12. The movie as far better than I expected! The ending was just insane and Chriss Pratt did an amazing job, he is such a lovable actor.

  13. I am so glad to hear you liked this as much (or more) than the original. I was wondering how it was going to stand compared to that one. I’m looking forward to seeing this!
    Valerie recently posted…Save Time And Money With The iRobot Mirra 530 Pool Cleaning RobotMy Profile

  14. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this movie. I am eager to see it.
    Lynsey Jones recently posted…How to Master the Use of Social Media in 5 Easy StepsMy Profile

  15. I’ve not see it and honestly it isn’t on my things to do list. I do recall the first one but I wasn’t exactly into that one either. My 10 year old son really wants to see it. I’m going to send him with his Dad. lol
    Michellette “MimiCuteLips” Green recently posted…Happy Father’s Day BabeMy Profile

  16. John Lopez says:

    I’m so excited to watch this movie with my family!! We’re going to have a date this coming Father’s Day and we will going to watch it.

  17. I really want to see this movie! I love all the Jurassic Park movies and I can’t wait to check this one out.
    lisa recently posted…INSIDE OUT – In Theatres Everywhere TodayMy Profile

  18. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I am so excited to go see this movie this weekend. I am going with a bunch of friends. I have heard a lot of great reviews.

  19. My son loves dinosaurs, and really enjoys the beginning of the movie. Once things get a little scary though, he is ready to turn the movie off.

  20. My whole family is excited about this movie. I can’t wait to see it.
    Marina John recently posted…Potty Training 101 : Tips from Moms {#PampersEasyUps}My Profile

  21. My kids love dinosaurs! We’ve been doing some pretty awesome fossil and dinosaur egg projects lately!
    Sarah @ Must Have Mom recently posted…Celebrate #SundaeSundays With This DIY Family Sundae Kit Idea!My Profile

  22. I’ll have to wait to see it as this weekend is all about INSIDE OUT since it’s Father’s Day and all, but I am excited that you like it as much as the original…..which was GREAT. I was always disappointed in the ones that followed, so fingers crossed!! I’m a huge Chris Pratt fan, ever since meeting him last summer for Guardians of the Galaxy event. He is on fire!
    Debra recently posted…For Parents – Disney*Pixar INSIDE OUT Movie Review! #InsideOutEventMy Profile

  23. I can’t wait to see this movie! My husband and I are huge fans of Jurassic Park for sure.
    Nancy (@spiffykerms) recently posted…POM FRIDAY . MITCHELL’S COVE BEACHMy Profile

  24. I was kind of wary about another movie in that world after the third one, but the reviews for this one have been great!
    Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert recently posted…Chick-Fil-A Inspired Crispy Chicken Sandwich and LemonadeMy Profile

  25. I am so excited to see this movie! I love that it sounds like the connected it to the first one so much!
    Vera Sweeney recently posted…5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day (sponsored)My Profile

  26. I love all the Jurassic movies. My kids are excited about this and we’re all looking forward to watching this.
    Ourfamilyworld recently posted…Canada Day Recipe: Cherry Vanilla CupcakesMy Profile

  27. I haven’t seen it yet but I’ve heard such mixed reviews. I won’t lie I loved the other 3 and have high hopes for this one. I’m looking forward to it!

  28. It’s great to hear that you both thing the movie is worth it. So many times you go to these sequels and they are a huge let down.
    SHELLEY R ZUREK recently posted…Choosing Jewelry for Daughter on Wedding DayMy Profile

  29. Chasity Boatman says:

    Usually sequels are never any good so it’s reassuring that you and your friend both liked the movie. Maybe my husband and I will go check it out.

  30. We are waiting for this to be shown here. It has great reviews so now everyone in my family wants to watch it in big screen.
    Chubskulit Rose recently posted…Personalized Lunch BagsMy Profile

  31. We haven’t went to see this yet, but its on the list to do! My 8 year old is so stinking excited!
    desirae young recently posted…Life is Fantastic // Summer BreakMy Profile

  32. Bonnie @ wemake7 says:

    We haven’t seen this movie yet and hadn’t heard of it until now. Sounds like a really great film. We will have to watch it soon.

  33. We just saw Jurassic World a few days ago. The only issue I had was the woman running all over in heels…really?! LOL. Otherwise I LOVED the movie and can’t wait till the next ones!

  34. Thanks for the review! I just bought ticketts for my kids and husband to go tomorrow for Fathers Day! I am so excited to see it!!

  35. We were hoping to see it last week – but hubby had to work – going tomorrow for Father’s Day with my family – at the IMAX – didn’t think about checking out how long it was – thanks for that also! 🙂
    Donna Ward recently posted…3 How-To Tips That Focus on Valuable Content MarketingMy Profile

  36. Glad to hear you liked the movie – it’s so hard to tell if a movie is good or bad these days since critics sometimes pan movies that are “fun to watch” even if they aren’t “amazing works of art”.

  37. I really can;t wait to see this with my son! I loved Jurassic park when I was a kid so I know I’ll love this!
    Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies recently posted…Homemade Meaty Spaghetti BologneseMy Profile

  38. My husband and I are still a little iffy on this since we loved the originals so much, but I’m going to share this with him. Maybe we should give it a try
    Sharon recently posted…How To Survive A Marriage Crisis Or…”Hey! That’s My Toothpaste!”My Profile

  39. My kids are begging me to take them to this movie, I’m glad you pointed out the language in the movie since I was worried their might be some. I think this is still a great summer blockbuster that we have to see before it’s to late.

  40. We watched the movie yesterday and we definitely loved it. Well, we’ve always been fans of Jurassic movies. Actually after watching it once, I want to watch it again. 🙂
    Lynndee recently posted…Sauteed Mixed Vegetables with Oyster SauceMy Profile

  41. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg I want to see this so bad!! Unfortunately I never have a babysitter so I will most likely be waiting for it to come out on dvd

  42. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I am so excited to go and see Jurassic World this weekend. It looks like it is a fantastic movie. A bunch of us are going to go and see it together.

  43. We haven’t seen Jurassic World yet, but planning to watch it this weekend too. Looks like you guys really enjoyed yourselves.
    Yolanda Wiliams recently posted…3 Things Not To Say To A Woman On Your First DateMy Profile

  44. Hubby saw this movie and said it was awesome! He was surprised that it was so scary, or it would be for kids. Glad he didn’t take our little ones!!
    Gena recently posted…“I’m The Daddy”My Profile

  45. We haven’t seen this, yet. I hope this is as good as the first Jurassic movie.
    Mykidsguide recently posted…Scare Yourselves Silly With Our Horror Movie Marathon Party Games!My Profile

  46. Elizabeth O. says:

    We’ve seen the trailer and my kids are excited about this. It sounds like a great movie.

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