Jackie Collins Talks Cooking, Hollywood and Lucky Santangelo

Jackie Collins talks her new cookbook and Hollywood

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Jackie Collins. After selling 500 million {yes, that’s 500 million} books, she decided to journey into cookbook territory with “The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook.” Jackie Collins’ fans should recognize the name, as Lucky is the heroine of 7 of Jackie Collins’ 30 best selling novels.

Jackie Collins: You have a fabulous accent!

Rock: So do you! {seriously, she sounds fabulous!} So, I am reviewing your new cookbook and I wanted to ask if there were any recipes in particular that are personal favorites?

Jackie Collins: I love the Santangelo Salmon {pg. 101}. It’s easy. You just grill it for 7-8 minutes and there is a rich red miso sauce that’s made with brown sugar that you add to it. And my godson loves the English Roast Potatoes. I served them to him and he ate almost all of them, leaving none for anyone else! And the Potato Balls sauteed in Butter. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Kids really love them.

Rock: My husband loved the sound of the Potato Balls, too. And they are easy. I like how many of these recipes are really fast and simple – great for working moms.

Jackie Collins: You won’t find any ingredients in here that you think “Where in the h*ll will I find that?” These recipes are real and understated. For instance, the red miso, you can buy that at Whole Foods.

Rock: And like everyone I know shops at Whole Foods, so it’s not an extra trip anywhere. Where did you come up with these recipes? Are they family recipes?

Jackie Collins: Some are from my family and some are from friends. I made many of them up myself. I have always been a real natural cook. I just like to make recipes up as I go along. I make mashed potatoes that are to die for. They have a lot of sour cream and butter. I like to say that my recipes are “decadent and delicious.” If you are on a diet, don’t bother.

Jackie Collins talks about the Lucky Santangelo Cookbook

Rock: Haha! What made you decide to write a cookbook?

Jackie Collins: I wanted to give something back to my fans. I have featured Lucky Santangelo in 7 books and 2 mini-series, and she is a fan favorite, so I knew my fans would love it. I love cooking and this is a book you can keep in your kitchen instead of reading once and putting on a shelf.


Jackie Collins On Favorite Books And Actors

Rock: I assume since you like to write that you like to read. So, who are some of your favorite authors and books?

Jackie Collins: I really love F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby. And I think my favorite book and movie of all time is The Godfather.

Rock: Nice choices. You have had several of your books made into movies and many of your characters have been portrayed by actors such as Sandra Bullock, Anthony Hopkins and Farrah Fawcett. Any that really stand out as your favorites?

Jackie Collins: Farrah Fawcett did Hollywood Wives: The New Generation and it was actually her last movie before she died, so that stands out. We filmed on location in Canada. And Anthony Hopkins had a heart attack on one of my characters!

Rock: Wow! That is dramatic. Are you onset for many of your movies?

Jackie Collins: Yes, I usually write the screenplays and produce them so I am there a lot.

Rock: That is a lot of work. It doesn’t seem like many people write the novels and then also the screenplay.

Jackie Collins: I like to do it because I can maintain more control over my characters and how they are portrayed.

Rock: I understand that. Speaking of how your characters are portrayed, is there any actor that stands out as portraying a character you created most like you originally envisioned the character?

Jackie Collins: Yes, for Lucky Santangelo, as far as looks go, Kim Delaney looked the most like how I saw her. And, also for Lucky, Nicolette Sheridan really captured her soul. I also wrote a prequel to the Lucky Santangelo story line called Confessions Of A Wild Child.

Rock: Will you be making a movie of that book as well?

Jackie Collins: Yes, we are working on the movie script now and then we will look for an actress to portray her.

Rock: Can we expect to see this movie on TV or in theaters?

Jackie Collins: This movie will be in theaters.


Jackie Collins Shares Her Favorite Books Written by Her

Rock: Which of your books is your personal favorite?

Jackie Collins: I really love “Power Trip.” It’s about famous people who were pirated by Somali pirates. I am sure you will recognize the characters.

Rock: Do you generally base characters on celebrities that you know?

Jackie Collins: I do. I like to keep people guessing and I think it’s fun.


Jackie Collins On TV

Rock: You used to have your own show and interviewed a lot of people yourself. Did you like being the interviewer instead of the interviewee? Also, who were some of your favorite interviews with?

Jackie Collins: Yes. I liked it a lot. One of my favorite interviews was with Shirley Maclaine. We did the interview at my home and she went straight to my freezer and ate a ton of ice cream. Also, Sylvester Stallone showed me the tattoo all over his chest. I also found Anna Nicole Smith interesting. She told me that the first thing she did when she got up in the morning was to turn on the TV to Jerry Springer.

Rock: That’s probably the truth with a lot of people but they will lie about it later, haha.

Jackie Collins: I know! That is why I found it so interesting that she said it.


Jackie Collins On Days Off

Rock: What do you like to do on a day off?

Jackie Collins: I have a Jaguar and I like to make mixed CDs. I just buy what I want online and then make a CD. Then I like to put the CD in my car and play it really loud because you can really hear it well in the car and I like to drive along the beach. I really enjoy Drake, Usher, Marvin Gaye, Pharrell Williams and music like that. Then I like to go to Ivy at the Shore and order the Crab Cakes. They are wonderful. I also like to meet friends and go to the movies. And I am a TV addict! I love Blacklist and Shameless.

Rock: How do you ever go to the movies without a mob attacking you?

Jackie Collins: Well, I am a writer so I try to keep it pretty low-key. I am not glammed up. I pull my hair into a pony tail and put on my sunglasses and baseball hat and no one ever recognizes me.

Rock: Have you have had a crazed-fan experience?

Jackie Collins: Not really. I have one lovely fan who follows me wherever I go, but he doesn’t bother me. He is delightful and sometimes he brings his mom. I think that most people won’t mess with me. I write about the mob and gangs and stuff.


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